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Classical bulk change technic :

  1. Selecting a group of categories
  2. All their products are displayed and selected
  3. Click on the calculator to display the mass changerbelow the table

Steps 4. 5. 6. and 7. show one possible use of the bulk modifier: For example here we apply 10% on the selling price and we click the + button to apply the modification:

  Modification of all products of several categories        

This technique works fine, but has the great disadvantage of having to display all the products of the selected categories, which can sometimes take a long time.

How to apply in mass a change to all products of multiple categories without displaying them?

This much faster method does not require to display all products : 

  1. As before, select the categories
  2. Click on the calculator to the left of the category table: this will display the mass modifier on the products of the selected categories without needing to display any product.
  3. As previously, apply 10% on the sale price and click on the + button: 10% will then apply on the price of the products of the 3 selected categories.

Modification of all products of several categories without dipaying them

Next week, we'll show you how to change the display order of categories in the shop, using PrestaCategories.

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