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Mass management of PrestaShop products

Grouped actions PrestaShop

This is pretty much the only way to do quick product editing in this back office.
It allows you to perform some very basic operations, such as

  • Activate product selection.
  • Deactivate them.
  • Duplicate selection.
  • Delete selection.

How to perform a grouped action in PS.

  1. Go to the "Products" section. Navigate through the categories to display those to be modified en masse.
  2. Select them (page by page, which prevents working on large bases).
  3. Click on the "Grouped actions" button.
  4. Choose the action to be performed, then confirm.

Grouped product actions in PrestaShop

PrestaShop also offers some grouped actions on declinations.

Nothing mind-blowing, but it does make it possible to capture a common value, such as stock, across a set of variants.

  1. Go to the "Declinations" tab.
  2. Unroll the "Grouped actions" block.
  3. Select the declinations to be modified.

  4. Don't get the wrong button, the one on the left deletes combinations.

    Grouped actions declinations

    Grouped actions on brands and suppliers

    Still very poor, this tool just allows you to activate or not and delete them in a grouped way:

    Grouped actions brands and suppliers PrestaShop

    Quick product stock modification

    To be complete with the PS admin, let's mention again this last possibility of mass modification of quantities on non-declined products. But you won't be able to increment, decrement, just set the same value to your batch:

    Grouped actions quantities non-declined products

    The Merlin Backoffice ® mass product modification module: the advantages?

    Bearing in mind that a product sheet has over 70 possible parameters, not to mention photos, it's clear that the features natively included in PrestaShop don't allow you to work quickly on a large catalog. Even so, it's worth noting the recent appearance of advanced filters (at the top of the screenshot above), which enable faster selection of products to be impacted.

    With Sitolog we change category and approach. Merlin and our other modules have been designed and developed from the outset to enable merchants to work 100 to 1000 times faster, or even more. The bigger the store, the more products you have, the greater the time savings.

    Merlin is:

    -More than 450 functions. It's by far the richest of PrestaShop's mass product editing modules.
    -The various grouped action tools work on over 150 headings, basically on almost everything that defines a product catalog.
    -Hyper-optimized and fast scripts, capable of supporting all store sizes without flinching.
    -Ongoing innovation that listens to your needs and suggestions.
    -Ergonomics and ease of use to put it in the hands of every "store manager".
    -A hyper-professional free support and accompaniment (our historic profession).
    -An unbeatable price with a license valid for life without subscription.
    -It's also the richest and most flexible csv or Excel file import software for PrestaShop to populate your store in minutes.

    To sum up, it's thousands of working days saved, tons of products imported and modified every day en masse. Thousands of loyal and delighted users. Read their testimonials on the forums, they are our best ambassadors.

    Mass product management with the Merlin module, better than doing imports?

    We won't be able to describe everything in a single article, so powerful is this module, but here's an overview of the main mass processing tools included under a single interface (non-exhaustive list for products, as there are others for categories, declinations)...

    Fast editing in table rows and cells.

    Imagine editing tables in Excel but synchronized in real time with your database.

    Copy and paste multiple rows.

    To apply, for example, the same group of tax rules to a set of products.

    Multi-line calculations.

    To change prices, quantities, and other numerical values en masse with a calculation like "Increase prices by 10%".

    With one click, a selection of products is modified.

    Select multiple lines, click in the checkbox of the first product, all then receive the same value.
    Used typically with true or false type parameters: enabled/disabled, virtual or not, associated or not,...

    Various cross-associations (secondary categories, features, accessories, tags, attachments, carriers, suppliers...)

    Each product can be associated with multiple categories or any other element with a click of the mouse.

    Create new pre-filled products en masse.

    Forget product-by-product creation. Ask for 20 or more at once, pre-filled with their common information (same supplier, same quantity, same category,...). Fill your store in just a few minutes.

    Various generators (declinations, bar codes, reference series, labels, alt tags, etc.).

    Each of these generators alone replaces a specialized module costing the price of Merlin.

    Mass rewriting of urls.

    To optimize SEO in the blink of an eye.

    Mass text editing (search replace, copy or concatenate one heading into another,...)

    You won't find an equivalent tool. Can even convert Word text into text enriched with HTML tags.

    Apply calculation formulas between several headings.

    Need to know the net margin for each product? Mass deactivation of out-of-stock products? It's all possible with conditional quick calculations and modifications.

    Price rounding tool.

    Round to the nearest euro or x.90 price, before or after discount, with one click it's done wherever you want.

    Automatic management, search and association, volume transfer of images.

    Did you know that this Module can single-handedly find the images to be associated with each product in a folder of files?

    Update in the background.

    Start duplicating a product in x copies move on to the next task while Merlin takes care of the duplication in the background.

    Move a product group into the tree structure.

    Do you want to be able to change the main category of 1000 products in 20 seconds instead of 5 days?

    Mass modification of product display order in the store (automatic calculation of positions according to the criteria of your choice).

    How about displaying products in this family in descending order of discount rate?

    Setting up or modifying discounts on a set of products.

    For stress-free entry of all crossed-out prices the night before the sales.

    Cleaning products in the database

    Removing duplicates, orphan images, cleaning up database tables.

    Grouping similar or duplicate feature and attribute values.

    10 shades of blue to group into one...

    Grouped translations.

    To correct several languages at once.

    Fast editing without displaying products.

    To mass-edit entire categories.

    Work on multiple stores of your choice at the same time or separately.

    No longer fear multi-shopping. With the Merlin module, it's easy and reliable.

    Multiple product transfers between stores.

    One selection, one click, boom, it's done.

    Multi-product stock movements (simple or advanced).

    One of the most common and time-consuming tasks when you have to do it product by product.

    Automatic calculation of sales prices and margin conservation.

    Modifying purchase prices recalculates and modifies new sales prices for you.

    A host of filters and search tools, for quick selection of products to edit.

    Because to mass-manage a batch of products, you first have to find and select them. So we've invented a "Find and Select" tool that does it for you.

    Create or update by importing and exporting csv or Excel files.

    For dropshipping and selling on marketplaces.

    Plus many other lesser-known features, but which replace dozens of dedicated modules. We can't mention them all. Examples include the ability to mass-copy characteristic or attribute values from one group to another, to quickly create inventories, to automatically fill in SEO meta fields, to produce pdf price catalogs for a particular customer group and at a specific date (e.g.: sales catalog before the sales)...

    Some of the tools integrated into Merlin extend the possibilities ad infinitum. For example, "MagicFormula", combined with "Calculated Columns", can be used to carry out mass editing operations specifically adapted to your own needs, for which no other module exists.

    Once you've tasted such power and flexibility, and realized how much time you've saved, you can't do without this management interface. Day-to-day catalog administration even becomes fun.

    Not yet convinced? Need to test and judge for yourself? It's possible, because although there's no limited demo version, every purchase of a Merlin license is covered by an automatic 15-day "Money Back Guarantee".

    Test Merlin Backoffice ® Flex risk-free for 15 days with the free trial":

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