Mass management of your Prestahop catalog with the best modules

Because you know a good job can only be done with good tools

Manage your PrestaShop catalog faster with our mass management, import and export modules. It's also the mass edition and the fast update by importing products, variations, categories, photos and all the Prestashop database.

Sitolog™ is specialized since 2010 in publishing bulk edit addons to replace the PrestaShop back office for all heavy or repetitive operations , to save you a lot of time in the administration of your store.

Here you'll find our most recommended Prestashop addons, like the new Merlin Backoffice ® solution which is the merging of the famous PrestaPricing™ and PrestaCategories™ into one rebuild ergonomic interface, or the so useful "Who has purchased this ?™" addon to export orders.

All these addons for Prestashop, are designed to assist the business managers and the webmasters to be more efficient in the administration of Prestashop.

___________Why using a fast replacement backoffice ___________

Administrative tools to quickly mass edit the catalog

Get bored waiting when navigating from one product page to the other ?,  tired to wait for uploading an image ?. Forget the time-out and the bugs of the combinations generator and PrestaShop admin's limitation when trying to import a few hundred products. Go to the next speed level with our mass editing and import solution

Discover our revolutionary addons which permit not only to create items faster than even, but also to import your categories, products, their variations and their attributes, images and other features, and also offer the possibility then bulk edit them or individually.

Super fast bulk edit of products and categories

Whether you need to manage one or more shops, daily or just from time to time (to set up sales for example), stop wasting your time and let the tools work for you. With Merlin Backoffice ®, everything will become easier and faster thanks to its mass editing tools.

Discover the thrill of working 10-1000 times faster than the back office. Some numbers:

  • Activating a hundred of products: 15 sec instead of one hour and a strong headache.
  • Association to products and upload of 50 photos: 1 minute then the software continues in the background so you can focus on other tasks. It would take again one hour or so with PrestaShop.
  • Establish a discount on 2,000 products prior the sales period: 90 sec instead of four days of work!
  • Duplication of 30 combinations from one product to another 50: 3 minutes with our cloning module. With the backoffice: it is simply impossible to do.

Import suppliers and dropshippers csv or Excel files and keep your catalog synchronized

You work with wholesalers or dropshipping companies ? : discover the flexibility of what is now probably the best integrator of categories, products and combinations for PrestaShop.

Works with text files (.txt or .csv) or Excel (.xls or .xlsx). Fits almost all file formats as far as it is organized in columns, thanks to its integrated mapping tool. It is fast (about 0.5 sec per product) and reliable.

It includes innovative and unique options such as the ability to calculate and import for you the sales price to reach a target margin rate.

Set the planner in a few clicks to automate your repetitive imports and let the update of your catalog being done with confidence every night while you sleep.

Clients and business management

We also provide customers and orders administration tools.

Such as AutoPresta™, today the single module developed exclusively for the French Auto Entrepreneur using PrestaShop. With ease and at a very attractive price, it will provide you the thankless task of creating and maintaining an accounting book and calculate your rights and your loads. We also have a module to export orders in various formats and even a mobile version of our orders management software.

___________Why to choose Sitolog solutions___________

Free and very professionnal support

You are afraid it is too complicated for you and are fear of not succeeding? check out our many self-service videos and tutorials to see how easy to use it is.

You can also try at no risk our solutions, you'll be refunded if not fully convinced.

And because coaching is essential, the support is 100% free and unlimited at Sitolog, provided by the developer himself, by phone with screen sharing. The quality of this support, our responsiveness and availability, are in the opinion of our customers, probably what characterizes us the most.

Innovation to serve e-shoppers needs.

Saving time is important, but innovation allows more feats, like making a "search replace" on any text-entry in the database (such as descriptions, names, SEO fields etc) to mass correct your  expressions, inserting phrases on thousands of products in one operation, replace strings to enrich your text and get your site better indexed (even in several languages ​​at the same time if you wish).

Hundreds of possible operations in a single module

You can also, with the same module costing only € 85, do more than 200 operations normally requiring the purchase of dozens of modules. Just a few examples :

  • Generate PDF or paper catalogs
  • Print labels and stickers
  • Generate your own ean13 barcode or UPC
  • Generat self indexed sets of references
  • Export your catalog to PDF or print it
  • Re-arrange your categories
  • Produce thousands of variations (on several products at once) while maintaining or updating existing ones
  • Define discounts by customers groups and categories
  • Associate products to shops
  • Round automatically sales prices
  • Remove orphan image files
  • Bulk duplicate in seconds products or categories (and their subcategories)
  • Move or duplicate instantly categories branches
  • Assign with one click multiple feature values to mulitple products
  • Make custom export for market places and price comparators
  • Mass update stock (quantities), prices, weight or any of 90 other fields
  • link several accessories to several products in one click
  • Associate in one operation x products to x carriers, attachments, tags, ...

There is simply no limit...

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Willing to give it a try ? go to the page of Merlin Backoffice ® first, watch the first to discover all the power and ergonomic of this alternative back office.

You still hesitate, have a point to check before you start?  Just call us. It's always a great pleasure to help you to find simple and effective solutions to complex e-commerce challenges.

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  • Free unlimited training

    More than 20 hours of video tutorials. Internal navigation menu to go directly to the point of interest.

  • Money back guaranteed !

    Test the full versions of Merlin Backoffice ™ and AutoPresta during 15 days. If you are not fully convinced, we refund you.

  • Life time licences, with no fee.

    No recurrent royalty fees, you pay only once for ever.

  • All new versions included for free for 6 months

    After this grace period, no need to re-purchase the software, we offer optional annual subscriptions to get free acces to all new releases.