Mass management of PrestaShop catalog with Merlin Backoffice ®.

Merlin Backoffice ® is an addon allowing the complete management of the PrestaShop catalog in an optimal way. It was born from the fusion of the famous PrestaPricing and PrestaCategories modules, which became indispensable for many e-traders. Integrates two working methods: bulk update and edit of products and categories or csv/xls importation of data.

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fast back office module for PrestaShop

It is first of all the fastest mass editing module for PrestaShop:

No other module allows such as fast catalog management. Whether for changing multiple products in bulk or just managing your store quickly, Merlin Backoffice ® offers a variety of simple, easy-to-use, and so fast tools.

Every day, working up to 100 times faster, save valuable time on the tasks of managing your products catalog.
module d'édition en masse pour boutique prestashop
import csv ou xls de produits et catégories et images dans PrestaShop.png

Is also a PrestaShop module for importing csv and xls. Fast, reliable, flexible, and compatible with all PrestaShop versions (1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7):

Be finally successfull to imports CSV of products and categories in PrestaShop, thanks to this module, whatever the source of the file, and its format. Allows unlimited imports of files of any size, without time-out.

And a PrestaShop addon to modify the prices in mass, create and maintain the specific and barred prices:

Merlin Backoffice ® is well born, its dad is PrestaPricing, a module that was originally specialized in the mass management of prices. It allows to do everything with a disconcerting rapidity

  • Set up 500 specific prices the day before the sales ? : 5 seconds!
  • Increase all catalog prices by 15 % ? : less than a minute on thousands of products.
  • Round to 0.99$ 2000 selling prices : 30 seconds!
addon Prestashop pour rentrer les prix dégressifs et barrés
Module de catalogues et étiquette Prestashop avec barres codes.png

Just like an CSV, XLS, PDF catalog export module and a label printer:

Whether it is to migrate the catalog from one version to another of PrestaShop, to export to market places or to print a PDF catalog for your customers or sellers, Merlin Backoffice ™ brings a simple and totally customizable solution.

Includes: Two free publishers for generating and printing PDF catalogs and labels with photos and barcodes.

As well as a planner module for fast and massive automatic updates:

With the cvs and xls import planner, this software will allow you to focus on the essentials, sell. Synchronize your products becomes easy and fast, almost playful.

You can automate almost everything, from the download of files provided online by your providers or dropshippers, to PrestaShop re-indexing after the importation.
Planification d'imports csv automatiques dans les base de données PrestaShop
Organiser les familles et catégories de produits dans PrestaShop

Without forgetting the mass management of the categories of your shop:

It has no equivalent to so quickly create new sub categories or manage them in blocks.

Allows both duplicate and move groups of categories and seconds. In a short period of time, you will be able to completely reorganize your catalog, batchly associate the products with the categories and choose the products of the home page very quickly

For others it is first and foremost an indispensable plugin for editing product sheets for their e-commerce shop:

It allows you to switch from one product sheet to another in less than a second, with automatic saving of changes, adding images by simply dragging and dropping, more than 90 editable items directly in the tables on the screen...

It is the only module in its category to offer free tools to optimize your texts in SEO fields in bulk. Like replacing one word by another in the description of hundreds of products, in one action.
Edition rapide des fiches de produits d'e-commerce construits à partir du CMS PrestaShop
Gestion du multiboutiques dans PrestaShop

Your PrestaShop is multi-shop? Manage it faster:

Forget about the hassle and bugs of PrestaShop's multi-store management. Merlin Backoffice ® will quickly become a must for the success of your multi-sites e-commerce business.

This is the only module that allows you to pass entire categories or a selection of products from one shop to another, in a single click, an to manage the cross-associations in batches.

All operations (over 450 features), are designed to allow you to work in one, or any selection of shops.

But also the best PrestaShop module for manual or advanced inventory management:

Whether it is for inventory updating by import, manually or by calculation, everything is so much simpler when using the right tool.

Increasing quantities by mass, carrying out inventory movements between warehouses, carrying out inventory, knowing the value of its stock or estimating the stock cover for each product, everything becomes possible and so simple
module de gestion des stocks prestashop gratuit
Générer et gérer des milliers de déclinaisons

It is also the best application to integrate and update in a few seconds thousands of product variations.

A unique generator and modifier of combinations: It can add or re-calculate without limit a very large number of combinations of attributes, on several products at the same time, while taking into account the declensions already present .

Or to filter and associate with one click, in whole batches, the products to the accessories, carriers, suppliers, tags, attachments...:

Filter the products by categories and or any other parameters. Filter and choose items to associate, such as a list of accessory products and click a button. You saved days of work.

module prestashop pour associer les produits
réparer une base de données prestashop endomagée

It can also be the module that will fix your site blocked on a blank page:

This addon integrates a palette of tools to repair the structure of the database. This has already saved the business of more than one e-merchant.

Repair the categories tree, the breadcrumb, recover orphaned products or lost categories, broken links, clean data in tables

And to bulk upload the photos or images of the products and categories:

With PrestaShop, it takes a minimum of 10 seconds per photo and as much to save the product page. With Merlin Backoffice ®, there is no waiting at all, everything is done in the background and leaves you free hands to continue working.

Better still, it is capable to search and find by itself in folders to the proper photos to associate to the good products. Yes it can
module de téléchargement des photos des fiches produits PrestaShop
Upload en masse des images dans les produits PrestaShop

And so much more, there are hundreds of other features to discover, to effectively manage your PrestaShop store and save working days

And ultimately use the saved time to something other than waiting for the pages to reload...

You are an happy owner of a license from PrestaPricing or PrestaCategories? Compare and get your free Merlin Backoffice ® license:

Try our solution safely for 15 days with our "satisfied or refunded" policy:

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