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How to reduce the number of lines displayed?

When displaying products, for example, the number of products listed is limited by the 
paginator of the products table in the top left which contains the value of 5000 by default. 
You can of course reduce the number of lines by reducing the value from 5000 to 3 for example:

   Paginator's value by default   Paginator's value by default

How to go beyond the default limit of 5000 lines displayed?

If you don't want to limit the number of lines, you must set the value to 0. But you will find that when you replace the value of 5000 by 0, this value automatically returns to 5000 because the field is limited elsewhere.

The value of the super paginator must be changed:

For it:

Go to the control panel

  1. Click on the display button
  2. Change the "max number of lines per page" to 5000 by default: for example to 10,000
  3. You can now increase the number of lines, for example, up to 10,000 in the paginator of the product table
  4. Pay attention the super paginator acts on all paginators of all tables that contain a paginator. For example, the table of combinations with a paginator which can be increased up to a value less than or equal to the super paginator' value, for example here 8000

Super paginator

A tip: stay capped at 5000 if possible, really avoid exceeding 10 000. On some servers it will have to be patient and on others it will lack CPU power or memory to run the query.

If you need to see a large number of lines at the same time, then open few columns because the display time is proportional to the number of columns. Be aware that some columns are indicated "hyper slow" because they require very complex SQL queries, avoid checking more than two columns of this type at the same time.

Next week we will see how to change all products, even tens of thousands, without displaying them beforehand.

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