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How to lock, detach and anchor the control panel?

This simple trick allows you to lock the PrestaPricing control panel, anchor it or detach it.

Applicable to : Merlin Backoffice ™PrestaPricing and PrestaCategories addons (screen shop made with PrestaPricing)

How to lock the control panel?

You probably noticed that the control panel is by default masking the other tables.

To lock the control panel

It is fine temporarily but there is a very simple and very handy trick to shift what is hidden under the control panel to the right of the screen. Caution this is only possible if you have enough space on the screen .

If so, here's how:

  1. Click on the padlock at the top of the orange vertical bar:

padlock control panel

You will then see that what was below was shifted to the right. And the left panel remains constanlty visible. This is our preferred working mode:

To lock the control panel

Disabling the Control Panel Lock

  1. Click again on the padlock and the trick is played!

disable the control panel

It is up to you to choose the mode you prefer but be careful, I remind you that the locking of the control panel is only possible if you have enough place on the screen.

How do I detach the control panel?

You can also detach the control panel from the main window to place it where you want, for example on a second screen.

How to ?:

  1. Display your control panel.
  2. Put your cursor in any dark gray area, inside the left panel, then click at a point in that area, move the mouse to detach the control panel.

Detach control panel

Your control panel is detached and your main window has become independent:

Detach control panel

How to anchor the control panel?

To reattach or re-anchor the control panel, ie put it back in the main window, simply click on the trombone placed at the top left of the control panel:

detach the control panel

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