04/05/20 Franck Bugnet Trick

Search and select multiple lines in one single operation

Probably our preferred ergonomic tool. 

Can be used to serach in any column of any table (categories, products...), all lines matching any filter (ex : contents "toto") and self select them.

Even works on the closed branches of the categories tree. It searches in the hidden lines and make them visibles in they match the criteria.

Takes two seconds, then you can apply a mass edit.

Example in three clicks.

  1. Right click in the column containing the data to filter on
  2. Click on "Filtered selection"
  3. Enter your filter condition and click OK


Search and find a selection of categories matching a criteria

It generates a recursive search and an automatic selection throughout the tree of categories containing the word "dress":

Automatic search and selection of categories

The same type of automatic filtered selection is also possible in the other tables, for example in the products table:

Automatic search and selection of products



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