Applicable to : Merlin Backoffice ™ and PrestaCategories addons (tuto and screen shots made with PrestaCategories)

If for instance you want to duplicate the Skirts in the category Dresses, Skirts respectively in select sources and dresses in the target (vosu can choose several souces and several targets). Do not select the child categories of the source categories chosen because by default they are duplicated as well (if you select them, they will be duplicated several times).

Then press the button "Clone categories in ...:

How to duplicate a category with all its products in PrestaCategories

The Duplicate Setup window appears.

You then have to check "cloning the associations (visibility) to the products" so that the products associated with the source categories are also associated with their clones. Beware, the products are not duplicated (this would create duplicates and duplicate content), only associations are duplicated.

If you do not want to duplicate the products in the source category, uncheck this function.

How to duplicate a category with all its products in PrestaCategories

Take the time to read and understand the other options, which work according to the same principle. For example, Vosu can retain the same discounts made to various groups of customers by category, or associations to customer groups.

Next week, much more technical article, we will review the best methods to accelerate the main operations of PrestaPricing and PrestaCategories.

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