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How to define and modify the display order of products in the PrestaShop front office ?

The sorting parameter defining the display order of the products can be set in the PrestaShop> product preferences in the admin. For example, you can sort them by ascending or descending price order, date of creation, modification, alphabetical order ... etc

But what is particularly interesting is to ask for a display by increasing position values. This is the order that is used by default in the back office:

Réglage du paramètre de tri des produits dans l'admin

How to change the position value of each product in PrestaShop admin ?

To do this, go to the page listing the products, then

  1. Filter products by category
  2. Select only 1 category in the filter
  3. Move the products one by one by drag and drop

Modifier l'ordre des produits dans l'admin

Disadvantages of the method:

  • It is not possible to reorder all products automatically.
  • You can only work in one category at a time.
  • You can only move one product at a time.

It's really slow and long. Fortunately, Sitolog offers mass modification tools to automate this process.

A much faster method to change the display order of products in each of their associated categories?

Here is the method to change products order, either one by one, or a selection of, or all products at once, using PrestaCategories or more recently Merlin Backoffice.

  1. and 2 Select the categorie to display the products to be ordered
Click on the small button representing a double arrow, on the left side of the products table
  1. Follow the step-by-step guide, steps 1 to 5. Click on the "See guide" button to display a comprehensive Help for each step.

At step 2, you see that two methods are possible.

Method one is suitable to re-order a few products manually, by drag and drop.

Method 2 is faster. Simply click on any column title to order all products by increasing values found in this column (mulitple columns order is also possible using the Crtl key).

The "Apply" button at step 5 is applying to PrestaShop the current order used to display the products in this table .

Comment modifier l’ordre d’affichage des produits dans chacune de leurs catégories associées dans PrestaCatégories

Note : in Merlin Backoffice, the button to open this window is simply labelled "Position"

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