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What is important to do before exporting product variations with PrestaPricing?

The most important thing to understand is that the EXPORT function exports only what is displayed and selected on screen so:

  1. The first thing to do is display and select your products
  2. Next go to the declinations and images tab
  3. Then display the declinations by clicking on the gear
  4. Before exporting, look at the displayed columns, if they are convenient for you. Otherwise, customize the columns in "Display" (see below).
  5. Select the lines that interest you or all with the red rectangle button

Bouton pour tout sélectionner PrestaPricing? And only then it is possible to export the declensions of products

What is important to do before exporting product variations in PrestaPricing?

If the columns do not suit you, then:

  1. Go to the side panel and then "Display"
  2. Then in declinations
  3. Check the columns you want to export
  4. Finally do not forget to refresh to make them appear:

What is important to do before exporting product variations in PrestaPricing?

How to export declinations displayed?

After displaying and selecting the product versions you are ready for export:

  1. Go to the side panel, then click the Import / Export button
  2. Click the Excel Export button.
  3. Choose what you want to export, for example only products or products and declinations or specific prices and set the window
  4. Validate: a filename per export will be requested: for example 2 names if you have chosen to export the products and declinations.

How to export the variations in PrestaPricing?

Note: If your file is empty after the export, you have not displayed and selected before what you want to export, hence the importance of performing the first step of display and selection.

As previously mentioned, we can also export specific prices: the same rule as for declinations applies: you have to go in specific prices, display them and select them before exporting.

How to export specific prices in PrestaPricing?

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