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Managing PrestaShop variations and attributes

Managing attributes and declinations in PrestaShop is an area often considered complex and dfficult.

This is especially true when using PrestaShop's backoffice exclusively, as it suffers from some major shortcomings:

  • It only lets you manage variations of one product at a time. This is a huge waste of time when you have many close or similar products.
  • His generator, until very recently, wasn't capable of preserving existing declinations to add new ones.
  • It has very few maintenance, modification, update functionalities.
  • It's import tool is too complicated and too inflexible (requested file format too complex).

Thankfully, Sitolog offers a much more pleasant and powerful bulk management alternative, integrated into Merlin Backoffice ™ and which bypasses all these shortcomings.

Terms to know

This is a property used to differentiate between two variants of the same product, such as "blue" versus "red", or "XLL" versus "XS"

This is the set of attributes in the same family, for example "Red" and "Blue" are probably two attributes in the same "Color" group.

"XL" and "XS" two attributes from the same "Size" group.

However, on a product composed of two colors, we could on the other hand have two distinct attribute groups, such as "Background color" and another "Pattern color", each with their own attributes. So there could very well be two "Red" attributes and two "Blue" attributes, belonging to distinct groups.

Note that PrestaShop now uses the term "Attribute" to talk about a group of attributes, and the term "Value" to talk about an attribute. On some pages, the term "Attribute Group" is still used. This doesn't simplify things.

This is a variant or version of a product, for example "blue" color pants in size "xs".

A declination is therefore characterized by several values:

  • the parent product, as a declination cannot be common to several products.
  • A list of at least one attribute. If this list contains several attributes, they must all belong to different attribute groups.

When a product has several variations, buyers will be able to choose the model that suits them, thanks to selectors that allow them to select one attribute (and only one) for each attribute group (e.g. a size and a color).

The type defines the way (the selector) allowing the buyer to choose between the various attributes of the group:

  • By checking a box.
  • Selecting a value from a list.
  • By selecting a drawing representing the attribute.

A group declared as a color group allows:

  • Associate a true RGB color with each of its attributes.
  • Associate a pattern with each of its attributes.
  • Allows the buyer to choose the color and pattern by clicking on drawings representing colored patterns.

The position (number) is used to order the attribute groups on the screen in the product page, and for each group, the order of the attributes or values.

Additional cost and weight added to the base selling price (excluding or including VAT) and to the weight of the product.

The weight impact modifying the total weight of the item, it can modify the shipping costs when they are defined according to the weight of the package.

Replaces the purchase price of the parent product. If the purchase price of a declination is not defined, its purchase price remains equal to the purchase price of the parent product.

Declinations can have their own:

  • Stock (quantity).
  • Reference.
  • Supplier reference.

  • But on the other hand they don't have:

    • Name.
    • Category.
    • Meta fields.
    • Description.
    • Status activated or not.
    • Condition (new, used...).
    • Features.
    • Specific suppliers, brands or carriers.
    • etc

This is the declination selected by default by PrestaShop when displaying the product page and also the one chosen by default in category pages (and which therefore determines the price displayed).

Prestashop and the management of attributes and declinations

In progress

Managing attributes and declinations with Merlin Backoffice ™. Video tutorial covering everything from their quick creation to mass modifications, with and without the advanced generator (in French)


Very detailed video of over an hour, in two parts, but which you can follow in stages thanks to its internal navigation menu:

Part 1, manual mass management:

  1. How to display attributes and declinations
  2. How to modify them in the table and en masse
  3. How to manually create attributes and declinations
  4. How to delete attributes and declinations
  5. How to duplicate attributes and declensions
  6. How to manage attributes and declinations in multi-shop and administer their properties, order, type
  7. How to batch replace attribute values, translate them...

Part 2, automated management with the advanced generator:

The advanced declination generator and price/weight impact modifier.
This is a tool for generating, modifying, replacing or cloning declinations on a large number of products at once, while taking into account already existing variants.

 Increase the resolution to 720p if the video is too blurry, replay it in Auto if it freezes.

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