Merlin Backoffice ® addon for a faster bulk management of PrestaShop

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Application to administer much faster your online PrestaShop store.

Simple and reliable, a Windows back-office module to radically improve the management of the e-business catalogs.

Merlin Backoffice ® is the perfect merge of our best sellers PrestaShop modules : PrestaPricing for the bulk edit of products and CSV import, and PrestaCatégories for the fast creation and updates of categories.

Bulk manage your store 10x to 1000x faster with our innovative store management solution.


Discounts on features and options:
Products management + Combinations generator: -10%
Products management + Categories management: -15%
Products management + categories + generator: -20%

More details

Non-exhaustive list of features of the Merlin Backoffice ® PrestaShop addon:

Reminder: Merlin Backoffice ® is the perfect fusion and replacement of our two best sellers addons, PrestaPricing for mass product management and CSV import, and PrestaCategories for creating and updating categories quickly. It integrates all their features and adds new ones, with a more modern and easy to use interface.

Product management - an essential module to bulk manage and optimize your product sheets faster than PrestaShop admin panel:

Management by products in PrestaShop
  • Creation and mass modification of products.
  • Duplication of several products in 1 click.
  • Quick calculations and automatic rounding (ex increase by 10% the prices of these 100 products and round up to x, 99).
  • More than 90 editable fields.
  • Calculation and conservation of margins.
  • High-speed plug-in mode with HTML editors to quickly change your product records.
  • Inventory management and sales projections.
  • Creation and mass modification of declining and specific prices.
  • Mass editing of texts (search for replace, copy a column in another etc).
  • Series generator (for references) and barcode.
  • Automatically search and associate photo libraries with products.
  • Massive download of photos (and association to the variations).
  • Bulk supplier association (vendor by default, price and reference), manufacturers, attachments, carriers.
  • Rapid implementation of cross-links between products and their accessories.
  • Easy creation and management of tags.
  • Management of multiple shops.
  • Management of multiple languages ​​(translation management table).
  • Creating and associating features. Filtering products by characteristics
  • Cloning of characteristic values ​​(and attributes) between characteristics (and group of attributes).
  • Creation and association of combinations and attributes.
  • Copy paste data between products.
  • Large number of bundled actions (activation, URLs, price rounding, deletion ...) on products.
  • Advanced filtering.
  • Automatic hook execution and indexing.
Category management module for PrestaShop 1.2 to 1.6 or 1.7

Manage categories - Organize rapidly the PrestaShop catalog

  • Creating and bulk editing of categories and sub categories.
  • Duplication and moving.
  • More than 15 editable categories characteristics (name, description, SEO, url, ...).
  • Ultra fast plug-in mode with HTML editor to quickly change your category pages.
  • Automatically search and associate photo libraries with categories.
  • Bulk image download
  • Association and grouped products to categories .
  • Move by product group.
  • Quickly change the order of categories and product order in their associated categories.
  • Association of categories and products.
  • Bulk associations between categories and client groups.
  • Management of discounts by categories and customer groups.
  • Association of categories to shops.
  • Association of products to shops (transfer of articles between shops). Requires also the "Products management" base feature.
  • Multiple grouped actions (activation, URLs, deletion ...). Ex: activate with one click filtered products of x categories.
  • Advanced Filters.
  • Advanced multi-store management.
  • Managing multi-language.
  • Copy paste data between categories.
  • Automatic activation of hooks.

One hundred other features that it is impossible to present.

CSV or XLS import and update in the PrestaShop catalog from files:

Addon import csv and xls without size limit for PrestaShop
  • Import and update of products (and categories with the "Category management" function).
  • Creating and modifying combinations and attributes.
  • Import and modification of specific barred, decreasing, quantity, prices and discounts
  • Creating, modifying, and combining features.
  • Download background images.
  • More than 70 fields are importable.
  • Column mapping tool to adapt to almost any format.
  • Planning and automation to realize imports at night.
  • No file size limit.
  • Automatic calculation of selling prices.
  • Management (deactivate, hide ...) automatically obsolete or out of stock products.
  • Automatic download of csv / xls listings from wholesalers server.
  • Filtering rows to import or not.
  • Multi-store management.
  • Multi-language management.
  • Auto-dating files.
  • Stock update in absolute or incremental mode.
  • Automatic hook execution and indexing.
Addon prestashop of management in advanced mode of stocks in warehouses

Advanced inventory management - Module option to manage inventory of products in warehouses:

  • Automatic detection of PrestaShop's advanced or manual inventory management mode.
  • Lets you switch products in manual or advanced mode.
  • Allows you to change modes globally without losing the current quantities.
  • Allows, also on a selection of products, to define how their quantities are calculated.
  • Associate by batch products and declinations with warehouses and define their location.
  • Create inventory movements on hundreds of items in seconds.
  • View globally the physical, replenished or available quantities, on all the products of your choice.
  • Calculation of sales volumes over the period of your choice and the sales coverage of each product (time before being out of stock).
  • Ideal for inventory management.
  • Full support for multi shops.
  • Numerous options for defining purchase prices when adding quantities in warehouses.
  • Requires PrestaShop 1.5 or 1.6 (and 1.7 in futur when the advanced mode is supported by PrestaShop).
  • Current limit: Advanced mode is not supported by the csv and xls import addon.


Advanced generator of combinations - The only multi products PrestaShop addon generator:

Prestashop module to generate thousands of variations
  • Hyper-fast, up to 100 times faster than the PrestaShop back-office generator.
  • Can generate on a large number of products at once.
  • No problem with timeout or server blocking when creating several thousand combinations.
  • Is able to update the declinations already present and create only the missing news
  • Has a mode allowing to recalculate and modify the price impacts of the attributes and the declensions.
  • Can generate references and quantities.
  • Allows to duplicate all or part of the declinations of other products.
  • Many options and modes of operation to adapt to all needs. A must have for all sites containing products with variants.
Tools for repairing and recovering broken PrestaShop databases

Database Repair - Included in category management addon that has already saved many e-merchants:

  • The structure of the PrestaShop database is fragile. Everything seems loose? No recent backup? Do not panic ... In many cases, this free option from Merlin Backoffice will find the problem alone and repair it ...
  • Search and repair of ROOT category (hidden root). Removal of duplicate ROOT categories.
  • Search and retrieval of orphan categories.
  • Cleaning of tables that still contain deleted categories information.
  • Repair of category levels.
  • Rebuilding the breadcrumb.
  • Repair of links between categories and shops.
  • Repair missing critical information, such as name and re-written url of categories.
  • Remove holes and duplicates in the position (order) values ​​of the categories.
  • Cleaning of tables still containing obsolete data of missing products.
  • Repair of category orphan products.
  • Repair of missing links between products and shops.
  • Removal of incorrect associations between products and categories.
  • Cleaning of holes and duplicates in the position (order) values ​​of the products.


Other options included for free in the application - Some are worth the price of a module at PrestaAddon:

Module PrestaShop replacement of the back office, fast and multi functions

Export to CSV, xls or xml format :

  • Create CSV or Excel files of your products, declinations, categories (according to basic functions).
  • To re-import them to another database with the import module or to migrate PrestaShop from one version to another.
  • Customization of exports to adapt to the formats requested by the marketplaces.

Two addons for creating PrestaShop catalogs in PDF and print labels :

  • Pre-formatted and customizable catalog generator. Free choice of categories, products, combinations and columns.
  • All-sized label generator with customizable content.
  • With photos, barcodes, barred prices, color codes ...

View editor :

  • A major addition to Merlin Backoffice.
  • Allows to create an infinity of configurations of the tables, memorizable and re-usable.
  • Free choice of columns, their order, width, title ...
  • Simple management by drag and drop.

MagicEdit: Replaces allegedly any so-called SEO module

  • Modification of mass text fields (name, description, SEO, reference, ean, ...).
  • Works with a single click on a selection of products or categories (depending on the basic functions).
  • Find a string and delete it.
  • Look for a string, a sentence and replace it.
  • Look for a word and replace it with a synonym taken at random from a list.
  • Add text before or at the end of the existing text.
  • Copy (or concatenate) one column to another (eg short descriptions in meta description).
  • A dozen conversion options (ex: in capital letters, html to text etc ...).
  • Generate a series of barcodes ean13 or upc.

Compatibility with other most used PrestaShop modules

  • By definition, since Merlin Backoffice ® is an external application, there is no possibility of conflict with other modules
  • Detects the presence of the Cache Manager module of Presta Modules and allows to empty the cache.
  • Detects the presence of one of the many multi-value characteristics management modules (eg Multiple Features by Presta Modules) and then allows in a single operation to display and associate several values of the same feature with one or more products.


Data sheet

Requires to modify Prestashop core :No
Prestashop compatibility :1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
Languages :French, English
Application format :Windows application (Vista,7,8,10). On MAC, use Parallels Desktop or VMWare
file size :420mb
Multi-sites licence option :Yes
Requires to modify the template :No
Minimum screen definition :1024x768
Sitolog connector version :8.0.c
Latest public version :1.4.1.a.build1



Must have

My best module purchase so far.
Merlin is a must have, very rich, fast, it saves me days of work.
Support is amazing, Franck even integrated Teamviewer into Merlin.
Thanks for this time saving solution.

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    Merlin Backoffice ® addon for a faster bulk management of PrestaShop

    Merlin Backoffice ® addon for a faster bulk management of PrestaShop

    Application to administer much faster your online PrestaShop store.

    Simple and reliable, a Windows back-office module to radically improve the management of the e-business catalogs.

    Merlin Backoffice ® is the perfect merge of our best sellers PrestaShop modules : PrestaPricing for the bulk edit of products and CSV import, and PrestaCatégories for the fast creation and...

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