Merlin Backoffice ® Flex for PrestaShop
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For the mass management of products on already structured shops

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Included :
  • Products management
  • Combinations management
  • Bulk edit tools
  • Exportation
  • Special prices
  • 5 stars support


Perfect for creating and maintaining a catalog like a pro

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All the Essential plan plus :
  • Categories management
  • Products to categories links
  • CSV/XLS import
  • Associations to shops
  • Database repair


Advanced features for all stores

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All the Pro plan plus :
  • Combinations generator
  • Advanced stock
  • Inventories
  • Custom fields
  • ChatGPT
Number of users max: 2 (1 + 1 free)
Number of shops max: 1
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Only letters and the dot (.) character, followed by a space, are allowed.




Correctives and major updates included in all plans

Free 15 days trial before cancellable 12 months billing

Additional 15-day money-back guarantee (on 12 months subscription only)

Free support by phone and screen sharing (plus chat, forum and email)

Free and unlimited access to tutorial videos

Free and unlimited access to knowledge base and tutorials

Software can be downloaded and used immediately after subscription

Archiving and reinstallation CD supplied (France and annual subscription only)

Second user workstation offered

Compatible with PrestaShop 1.3 to 8

Support available in French and English

Creation of new products in bulk


Mass duplication of multiple products


Mass modification of all items


Modification by calculations and formulas


Automatic price rounding


Margins management


HTML editors


Bulk inventory management


Bulk price management


Creating and modifying mass discounts


Mass editing of texts (e.g. descriptions and SEO)


Reference and barcode generator


Bulk addition of photos


Automated search of photos in local or remote folders


Parametric multi-language image caption generator


In the background downloads of photos


Mass association with suppliers


Mass associations to manufacturers


Mass associations of attachments


Mass associations to carriers


Bulk creation and association of keywords and tags


Mass cross-association between products (accessories)


Management of translations


Multilingual form mode


Mass creation and association of features


Multi-criteria filtering and advanced search


Quick search tool


Duplication of values between characteristics


Copy and paste between products


Mass activation/deactivation


Mass update of rewritten urls


Mass deletion


Custom columns filled by calculation


Mass association with shops


Execution of hooks (cache flushing, synchro modules marketplace...)


Searching for and cleaning orphan images


PDF Catalogue Generator


Price tag and barcode generator


PRO price tag and bar code generator

✘ (+49€)

✘ (+49€)

✘ (+49€)


Choice of customer group, country and date of price display


Sales volume per item. Stock coverage before shortage


Mass movement of products (change of main category)


Mass association of products to secondary categories


Editing the display order of products in the shop


Exclusive new feature: mass reading and modification of custom (non-native) tables and fields, including complex and multiple values joins

Creation of new (empty) declinations in bulk


Creating new attributes


Mass association of the attributes to the variants


Automatic price rounding


Margin management


Variations bulk editing


Mass stock management


Mass pricing


Creating and modifying bulk discounts


PDF Catalogue Generator


Choice of customer group, country and date of price display


Sales volume per item. Stock coverage before shortage


Mass editing of texts


Reference and barcode generator


Mass association of photos to combinations (manually or automatically)


Automated search of photos in local or remote folders (automatic association by colour)


Parametric multi-language image caption generator


Transparent upload of images


Multi-criteria filtering and advanced search


Quick search


Multi-criteria filtering and advanced search


Copy and paste between declensions


Bulk deletion


Free columns completed by calculation


Association of attributes to shops


Editing the order of attributes


Multi-product incremental generator of variations


Mass modifier of price and weight impacts of attributes


Bulk creation of categories


Mass editing of categories


Categories translations


Duplication of category branches (with or without their products)


Moving category branches


Multi-language HTML editor (description, SEO...)


Mass editing of all fields


Rapid mass association of products to categories


Mass modification of the default product category


Automated mass change of product order by category


Changing the order of the categories in their parent


Mass association with customer groups


Management of discount rates by customer group and category


Mass editing of texts (SEO)


Mass associations to shops (moving categories from one shop to another)


Setting up sales on an entire shop in a few minutes

Bulk creation of new specific prices on several products or variations

Mass modification of special prices (without having to delete them first)

Mass modification of all fields

Modification by calculation and formulas

Automatic rounding of discounted prices

Management of margins including discount

Free columns filled by calculation

Choice of customer group, country and date of price display

Saving of all import settings for each file for quick reuse and automation

Creation and updating of products


Creating and updating categories


Creation and updating of attributes and declinations

Automatic management of files containing products and variations

Importation of mutilated languages


Import into one or all shops


Import and modification of specific prices, discounts, etc.


Creating, modifying and combining features


Deleting and downloading images in the background (products, variations and categories)


Over 70 importable headings


Outil de mapping des colonnes permettant de s'adapter à presque tous les formats


Import of default values (absent from the file), such as language, tax, quantity, supplier, main category, name...

Planning and automation to achieve regular imports


Command line launch with automatic connection for planned imports

No file size limit


Support for TXT, CSV, XLS, XLSX


Support for UTF8 (unicode) or ANSI files

Automatic reading of local files or files placed on a server, via FTP and secure HTTP


Management of self-dated files


Adaptable to all CSV formats (choice of column and row separators)


Automatic cleaning of inverted commas or other superfluous characters

Management of multi-sheet Excel files

Managing files with headers

Synchronisation possible on identifiers, references, bar codes, names, attributes

Selective import (filtering and selection of rows, selection of columns)

By choosing whether or not to use the column to create and/or update articles

Preview of data before import

Validation test possible on a few lines

Possible modification of data before import (including with mass processing tool)

Exclusive: virtual columns (absent in the file) that can be filled in by formula and imported into any field

Automatic calculation of sales prices (retention or application of margins - also by purchase price bands)

Management (deactivate, hide, make unavailable) of obsolete products (absent from the supplier file)

Update of stocks by addition or subtraction

Change in conditional purchase price (if cheaper than current)

Executing hooks and re-indexing

Adjustment of the import speed according to the power of the server (no time out possible)

Choice of single or multiple feature mode

Automatic search and correction of duplicates (ref, ean, upc...)

Exclusive: automated creation of products, without a file, from a collection of photos

Product movement

Adding and removing products in their secondary categories

Possible import of attributes, characteristics, suppliers, brands, without creating or modifying products

Exclusive new feature: import to custom (non-native) tables and fields)

PDF/Word/Excel catalogue generator

Selective export of products in CSV/XLS/XLSX/XML

Selective export of declinations in CSV/XLS/XLSX/XML

Combined selective export of products and their breakdown in CSV/XLS/XLSX/XML

Selective export of categories in XLS/XLSX

Free choice of columns (headings), their order and title. Memorisable settings for each marketplace

Selective export of specific prices in CSV/XLS/XLSX/XML

Selective export of other tables in XLS/XLSX (attributes, characteristics, images...)

Cleaning of tables with category IDs at 0

Root category repair

Root category duplicate repair

Search and retrieval of orphan categories

Cleaning up tables that still contain information from deleted categories

Repair of category levels

Reconstruction of the breadcrumb trail (nleft and nright columns)

Repair of links between categories and shops

Repair of missing critical information

Removal of gaps and duplications in the position values (order) of categories

Clean up of tables that still contain obsolete data from defunct products

Repair of orphaned category products

Repair of orphaned category products

Removal of incorrect associations between products and categories

Cleaning up holes and duplications in the position values (order) of products

Hyper fast (up to 100x faster than the PrestaShop generator)

Generation in several products at the same time

No time outs or server crashes when generating thousands of variations per product

Update existing variants and add new ones

Management and memorisation of price and weight impacts by attribute (and not only by declination) for each product

Mass modifier of attribute impacts with recalculation of the impacts of declinations using them

Self-filling of references and quantities

Automatic association of photos (by colour)

Duplication of other product variations

Possible management of blank matrices (non-existent variations)

Compatible with Attributes Wizard Pro

Automatic detection of PS stock management mode

Multiple warehouse management

Compatible with WK Multiples Warehouses for PS 1.7

Switching products individually and in bulk from one mode to another

Allows you to change modes globally without losing the current quantities

Allows on a selection of products, to define how their quantities are calculated

Linking product batches and variations to warehouses

Mass selection of product locations and variations

Mass creation of stock movements on hundreds of items

View physical, available and restocking quantities...

Calculation of sales volumes over the period of your choice

Stock coverage (lead time)

Full multi-shop support

Management of various types of supplier purchase prices (e.g. averaged)

Not yet available: importing data to warehouses via files

Fast and advanced multi-criteria search (products and variations)

Handheld search (barcode scanning)

Automatic counting

Automatic filling of the inventory file

Saving the inventory file for updating stocks by import

Automatic calculation of missing quantities

Automatic calculation of actual and assumed stock value and losses

Automatic filling of the inventory file with missing items


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Latest public version :
Sitolog connector version :
Prestashop compatibility :
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 8.x
Application format :
Windows application (7, 8, 10, 11). On MAC, use Parallels Desktop or VMWare. On Linux use Virtualbox.
Languages :
French, English
Requires to modify Prestashop core :
file size :
Multi-sites licence option :
Requires to modify the template :
Minimum screen definition :
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