History of Merlin Backoffice versions

Merlin Backoffice is the replacement of PrestaPricing and PrestaCategory since 2018.

See the list of major differences here

The two lists below start from 2018, so it does not include the history of PrestaPricing and PrestaCategories released in 2010.

The two tables below have been automatically translated from French to English using Google translate.

Novelties version 1.4.2.a.build2

Version number
Optimization: reduction by 3 of the Windows memory consumed by HTML CKEditor editors. Better management when changing the version of CKEditor, avoiding the increase in memory used.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Optimization: in some cases (e.g. click on the "Save" button) saving changes made to a product or a category from the "File" tabs would update the other tables twice in a row instead of once.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Important new feature: from PS 1.7.2 on, complete management of the new "Physical quantity" section and display of the new "Reserved quantity" section.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: from PS 1.7.5, the field "Location" (or "Location outside warehouses") is read and stored in the table stock_available to remain compatible with PrestaShop.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Optimize : a single query for the entire set of products rather than a product to update their quantities, when one changes the amount of their variations. (PS 1.5 and later) beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New major possibility: it becomes possible to import declinations from a single column gathering all the attributes (e.g. "Red,M"). This is thanks to the new columns that can be added in the import, even if they do not exist in the file (e.g. "Color" and "Taile" columns), map to attribute groups" and fill automatically thanks to MagicFormula.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improved: Windows containing a non-fatal error message and an "OK" button to continue now close automatically after 2 minutes. This makes it possible, for example, to automatically continue scheduled imports at night, in case of a SQL error on a line. System unlockable in advanced settings.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: automatic and bi-directional synchronization between the form tab and the suppliers tab. No more need to think about refreshing the other tab when changing the default supplier in one of these two tabs. In the same way, for consistency reasons, the choice of a different supplier from the sheet tab, replaces the value in the supplier reference field by the one already stored for this supplier, as it was already the case if it was done from the products table.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Novelty : in MagicEdit, the function "copy from another column" is able to fetch the data in another table. For example, you can use the category name of the product, read in the products table, in order to build the reference declinations. It also works with the figures.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New possibility: With MagicFormula always, you can mass calculate sales prices and price impacts according to product dimensions (surface area, volume).beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Major new feature: MagicEdit is now also available on numeric columns (e.g. price, stock, dimensions, margins...), list columns (e.g. suppliers, taxes...) and checkbox type (e.g. active, default declinations...). This multiplies the possibilities of mass modification, such as for example to fill a price column from a copy and paste of a column from Excel or Word.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: mass changing of the default declination choice over a large number of lines is 10x faster.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New possibility: thanks to Magic Formula, it becomes possible to fill in the fields of the product translation table with content from any column of the main product table. For example, for SEO, you can mass add in the meta fields information such as the selling price or the values of the characteristics. And as this table is also multi-shop, the time saving becomes phenomenal.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New possibility: thanks to Magic Formula, it is possible to modify by calculation the values in the specific price table, such as the discount percentage, using or conditioning with the values of the parent product, read in the corresponding row in the product table, such as the purchase or sale price of the product, or its stock. Example: apply 10% discount on products that have a lot of stock and 5% for others.  ... everything can be done in a single operation, without having to use the filterbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: pre-filters allowing to display only the attachments or documents already associated (or on the contrary those not yet associated) with the selected products (to un-associate them or delete them more quickly). Makes it easier to copy documents between products.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improved: The list of carriers is refreshed with each request to view product associations. This makes it possible to include carriers created outside of Merlin, without having to log out and log back in.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: thanks to MagicFormula, it is possible to fill/modify the columns of the declination table using or conditioning with the values of the parent product, read from the corresponding row in the product table.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Major new addition : MagicFormula, you'll love it ! allows you to enter the mouse your own formulas filling of the columns. For example ecotax = prixHT*3%. Also works with text columns, for example : meta description = name+" : "+summary+" "+"reference . The formula can include conditions, for example : if in stock, visibility =true else visibility=false, the functions of mathematics, or management of chains of characters. Each column of each table stores the formulas entered, you can re-use it beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Major new feature: in the import table, it is possible to add any number of columns not present in the file, to map them to a field in the database, and to fill in the calculation with MagicFormula automatically when reading the file. Allows for example: to add a column with declination references, built from product references and use them as a key, or to add a column mapped to the selling price and calculate them with a formula from the purchase price or public price column.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: confirmation request before deleting a task (source) or a mapping templatebeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Change: it was decided to use the term "TASK" instead of "SOURCE". In the planner, an "Event" thus becomes a "Planned Task", more understandable for everyone and especially those who are used to the term "Cron Task".beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: implementation of an input mask on the input field of the import source names, to avoid the use of forbidden characters, causing later errors during the creation of the log file.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: during the automatic import, the import window goes over the main window to follow the progress, but without going over the other applications, to keep control of the machine.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: management of "locations" (or non-warehouse locations) that become multi-shops from PS (now stored in the stock available table)beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: complete management of the new Manufacturer Part number field (from PS 1.7.7)beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Optimization: speed of deletion of lines in the table of step 3 of the import processbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: You can launch Merlin by command line with the name of the connection as a parameter, followed by an automatic connection to the site. Allows you to schedule imports by .bat file and scheduled tasks from Windows or from a server.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: starting with version 1.7.3, PrestaShop behaves by default as if a "Multiple Features" module was installed. As a result, in Merlin's main window, characteristics tab, it was no longer possible to replace a value without having to delete it first. So we added an option to "Replace" values rather than "Add" them. Note that this possibility was already present in the import window.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: full support of the SFTP protocol for retrieving images from an SFTP server and sending them to PrestaShop.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: taking into account the multi-line modifications of the checkboxes from the accessories table (columns: is virtual, is orderable, in line only, active, on sale, display the price or the state...)beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: the dropdown list to replace a characteristic value is now sorted in alphanumeric order and allows to quickly find a value by typing the first letters.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Major new feature: with MagicFormula, it becomes possible to easily copy and paste from and to the digital columns (e.g. copy the prices excluding VAT into the price column including VAT). No more need to make a re-import export.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New possibility: with MagicFormula you can fill in the price impact and unit price impact by calculation from other columns.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New option : the new advanced search tool also allows you to find the products that have variations using some attributes.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Important new feature: access to csv/xls files from the provider via an API script like https://domainefournisseur/script.php?parametres. This allows to automate the import of files accessible only by PHP HTTP API.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New possibility: with MagicFormula, a brand rate can be applied in the import, for the calculation of the selling price. formula: PAchat = PVente - Brand rate in %.
in other words
PVente = (PAchat x (100 - brand rate)) / 100
New: pre-filters allowing to display only the tags already associated (or on the contrary those that are not yet associated) to the selected products (to un-associate them or delete them more quickly). Allows you to easily copy tags between products.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New possibility: with a column of type "Calculated" + MagicFormula, it becomes possible to display the sales margin rate (also called brand rate).beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Major new feature: in the import table, you can store in the mapping model and have a calculation per column (with MagicFormula) automatically applied to each proofreading of the file. For example to fill the ref declination column by copying the product reference and adding the number of each declination. Or to use a public price column and by performing a -x% operation to calculate and import into the sales price according to the desired margin coefficient. It is no longer necessary to go throbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: complete management of the new headings "Low stock level" and "Alert me in case of low stock", by product and by declinationbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
New possibility: with a "Calculated" column and MagicFormula, it becomes possible and simple to display a column indicating the turnover realized by each product, over the period of your choice.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New product pre-filters: not available for sale, no image, no summary, no description, disabled, no positive price, negative margin. Also included in the new "advanced filtering" toolbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
New : from PS 1.7.1, complete management of new fields "time of delivery" specific to in-stock products and products depleted + Choice between "delivery Time"= 'No, 'default','specific'.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Major new feature: it is now possible to add free columns calculated from formulas using as parameters the values present in the other columns. Allows you to calculate and display data such as margin coefficient, product volume, turnover per product, profit, etc...beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Novelty : MagicEdit, allows you to remove the x first or last characters of the cells. This was missing to be able to remove a chain different from one line to the other, but of constant length.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Major new feature: 1 fast, multi-criteria search tool
An "inventory" option, linked to this quick search tool, which will increment the quantity with each search. Of course, the search field works well with the hand shower.
Improved: Refresh function to refresh the reading of attachments beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: thanks to MagicFormula, it becomes possible during imports from the purchase price and the sale price (recommended retail price to be crossed out) to automatically generate a specific price calculated from a margin coefficient on the purchase price (discount TTC = public PV TTC - PA HT * coefficient). Before, this had to be done in Excel, so it could not be automated. beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: roll everything up at the 1st opening of MagicEditbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Novelty : to be able to run Merlin from the command line with the name of the site in the parameters. Allows you to launch the import with the scheduled tasks Windows from a Windows server and thus not having to leave a PC launched and connected all the time. beta.1.5.0.a.build2
New: the function "Add the content of another column" of MagicEdit now manages 5 different columns, to make concatenations of multiple columns in a single operation. Very handy to fill in Meta fields (SEO) and references. beta.1.5.0.a.build2

Fixes version 1.4.2.a.build2

Version number
Fix : installing fresh, still no connection configuration "rename me" empty, is created. if there was a "License", we had a crash. It had to do with "New" before "save"beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: Process of 'Global_procedure_color_right_click_field' (Procedures_globales_de_Merlin.colorer_champ_cliqueé_droit), line 60, thread 0 when right-clicking in characteristicsbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: old random bug finally fixed, an SQL error could be generated when modifying products containing an apostrophe in the description, but only in unencrypted query mode.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: an untitled column in an Excel file was creating an offset and not reading the next column.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: Error in line 430 of the processing Local procedure Send_http_or_ftp_for_image_change.
The list is empty.
No index is valid for the field TABLE_ps_image.
(Index specified: 3).
Fixed: error message at the end of the combined exports, in the case where one of the 2 tables had no column sort.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed : image of the products missing in the PrestaShop administration of the active baskets (product_mini thumbnails in /tmp missing). beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: SQL error when mass modifying in percentage from the categories, the "Minimum quantity" section of the productsbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement: it becomes possible to give the values * (star) and "0" (digit zero) as value to an attribute via the import.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: the SFTP connection to fetch a remote import file was only working if the same connection was also allowed in FTPbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Patch: White images. Due to a flaw in the image class that does not store its own id when creating an instance. Fixed with version 8.1.b of the connector module.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Correction: not taking into account a characteristic value replacementbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Correction: not taking into account a characteristic value replacementbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement : hiding the blocking message about the impossibility to create categories because category name column is missing during scheduled importsbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed : untimely change of the file linked to the source when using the schedulerbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: the table of category images could in some cases display thumbnails instead of main imagesbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: crash if you forgot to create a new connection before setting it up, just after re-installing the softwarebeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Security improvement: the "active" column is removed from the list of columns displayed by default at the first launch, because new users often confuse it with a checkbox to select linesbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: crash if you forgot to create a new connection before setting it up, just after re-installing the softwarebeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: the indication of the number of ignored rows was sometimes incorrect in the automatic import reportbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed : fatal error when creating the log file of scheduled imports, when this one contains forbidden characters.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: displaying images of PS 1.4 products saved in the new mode when the legacy mode is truebeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Major technical fix: better management of task parallelization, when sending photos to the server in the background, in order to prevent some random crashes that could occur when the user was interacting at the same time with the data in the tables displaying the images.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improved: In the main table, the search for the specific price currently applicable takes into account undefined start and end dates.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Optimization: Hidden table during mass price rounding (speed gain by a factor of 2 or 3)beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fix : Error at line 284 of local Procedure chercher_produits_correspondant_images_remplir_table_de_transfert process.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Improvement : added a warning message if you choose the size "Medium" for the display of the logo of the categories in PS 1.7, because they are not enabled by default.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed for PS 1.7: the currency drop-down lists were empty (because the name column of the PS currency table is no longer filled by PS).beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: the product table was not systematically updated when changing supplier references or default suppliers in the suppliers tab.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: dates/times could be displayed without the times, depending on the method used to enter them.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: mass modification of the status "Is virtual" in the accessories tablebeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fix : the custom names given to the columns of the tables in the main window, thanks to the configurator of columns, were not taken into account after refreshbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed : in the column mapping, we removed "According to stock" in the list, because it was not importable.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Corrective: update of the date of modification of the products when modifying by batch the quantities of their declinationsbeta.1.5.0.a.build2
Optimization: the modification or the choice of another column configuration caused a double refresh of the secondary tables (declinations, specific prices, translation, ...)beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: unicode character handling in new product references, before PS 1.5beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: Error at line 70 of Local procedure partial_reading_and_update_ariana_films_a_l_screen_selected_process lines.beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Ergonomic fix: in the contextual menus of the columns (right click), the clicked value (the one to be copied/pasted) displayed was not updated when repeating the same operation on another line beta.1.5.0.a.build2
Fixed: xls files were not listed in the directory when choosing the product export filebeta.1.5.0.a.build2

Version 1.4.2.a.build1

Version number
Novelty : it is possible to filter rows according the value in the column "Is a pack"1.4.2.a.build1
Update QuickSupport version 151.4.2.a.build1
Fixes : several minor defects in the tool of search and automatic association of the images1.4.2.a.build1
Fix step 3 of the import, editing, proofreading performed twice, with columns of features : error on line 138 of the processing Procedure local Verification_existence_elements_création_sinon.
A field has no sub-element. The operator '.' is forbidden.
Fix : Processing of 'local Procedure code_affichage_ligne_table_ps_specific_prices' (FEN_MAIN.PROCEDURE.code_affichage_ligne_table_ps_specific_prices), line 196, thread 0
What has happened in the past ?
The list is empty.
No index is not valid for the field TABLE_ps_product.
Fix : after drag and paste a picture on a selection of the same image for several products (to replace it), while other images may be still in court of transfer, crash : error on line 19 of the processing Procedure local Lance_clignotement_bouton_refresh_product.
You have called the function TimerSys.
Unable to create a timer in a thread without a window : it would never be executed.
Fix : when expanding the height of the panel attributes, the lift of the right table would disappear in some configurations.1.4.2.a.build1
orrectif : When doing a copy paste vertical of a location in a warehouse since the table of the declensions :
Error on line 287 of the treatment Procedure local mass_update_combi_selectionées_pour1_seule_ou_all_selected_shop.
A field has no sub-element. The operator '.' is forbidden.
Fix : the import function of the marks was incomplete (from ps 1.7.6, it got mandatory to create a line in manufacturer_lang for each brand new)1.4.2.a.build1
Fix : the pictures of the categories are not processed from the import window, when the key e synchro categories is set to "Name or" tree 1.4.2.a.build1
Fix : Error at line 1287 of internal Procedure get_info_for_legende process.
A value should have been returned by 'Method mySQLExec'.
Fix : Error at line 1144 of internal Procedure chercher_historique process.
A value should have been returned by 'Method mySQLExec'.
Fix : error on line 196 of the treatment Procedure local code_affichage_ligne_table_ps_specific_prices.
The list is empty.
No index is not valid for the field TABLE_ps_product.
Hotfix : failed to create thumbnails of pictures1.4.2.a.build1
Fix : error in the script to display specific price (price discovery of a product “sucks”).Error at line 1144 of internal Procedure chercher_historique process.
A value should have been returned by 'Method mySQLExec'.
Improvement : a new option in the search tool and automatic association between the image of products and variations, that allow to associate the variations of the images that do not meet the cirtères association products1.4.2.a.build1
Improvement : the lists of rules of tax to exclude those who have a status of "deleted" in the database1.4.2.a.build1
Improvement : allow pipe (|) in the fields title-tag1.4.2.a.build1
Améioration : it is no longer necessary to remove the breaks in the tables, nor the order by product ID growing to achieve an export combined products+variations.1.4.2.a.build1


Version number
Improvement : the slice table of margin rates of the import window is twice as wide1.4.1.a.build1
Enhancement : the message "a Reading of the complete list of the ids of the categories" remains displayed throughout the import process, it disappears at the end of the import. Relevance to other messages of the type "pop-up".
Replaced by messages at the bottom of the window.
Fix : Method SQLPrepare (SQLManagerX.SQLPrepare), line 70
Global procedure upload_liste_images_a_transferer (Procedures_globales_de_Merlin.upload_liste_images_a_transferer), line 949
Fix : process of 'internal Procedure chercher_historique' (Procedures_globales_de_Merlin.upload_liste_images_a_transferer), line 1129, thread 0
A value should have been returned by 'internal Procedure chercher_historique'.
Following the passage of PS 17.4 to 1.7.6, many failed import of products (listed orphans)1.4.1.a.build1

Older versions novelties and improvements

Version number

Discover all new key features about photos management into this blog post.
Improvement : to save time, do more download the product images via the import, the lines that indicate "not exists" (or if one has not selected the option to "Create products that are not existing" or that are not associated to the shop by default) or "failed". Similarly, don't upload the pictures of the categories of "orphans". Same for the images of the products of déclinaisosns "orphan".1.4.0.a.build2
Security : it is no longer possible to connect with the key in this encryption by default. Merlin asks you to change it if you have not yet done so. Thus we limit further risk of hacking of your data or injection into the base.1.4.0.a.build2
Security : Sitolog the choice of security to all floors. It is now made mandatory to choose the option to encrypt the requests sent to the server when the connection is not HTTPS. We recommend the activation of the protocol TSLS (HTTPS Strict). In addition, if you are in HTTPS and when you choose not to encrypt the queries to take advantage of the maximum speed, Merlin sends an identification code with each request (which is mandatory to be encrypted) to the connector, that the analysis before a1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : a new optimization of the initialization code of Merlin is yet to win a little time by deleting (together) a dozen of SQL requests. On a control site, the opening phase passes, 43 seconds, 26 seconds1.4.0.a.build2
Ergonomics : the column displaying the photos is moved in the # 1 position in the table of product images1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : an option that allows you to protect the legends, current images against the automatic re-generation, when one re-assigns the same camera to the same product, for example, to add variations.1.4.0.a.build2
New : adding in the options of automatic search on photos to associate two new filters on the value of the item to compare it to the name of the file (before the last separator and after the first separator). Allows for example to combine images as 123_toto.jpg the reference products 123_toto_beta, 123_toto_final1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty is brilliant : the generator and modifier of variations allow this to define a list of photos to associate (and éventuellment download before) to each attribute value. The variations (either all or just the ones changed, the ones pre-selected) using the attribute will receive the photo. Thus, for example, from the creation (the choice also works or not with the variations already existing), you can associate the photo blue to all the variations of blue in your products. An additional opt1.4.0.a.build2
New : new option in the settings of the automatic search of the images of products and categories, "Equality in the strict sense, which allows you to choose if e.g. a file named "ben" should not be associated with a reference "abeni" (the difference between "contains "and" equal to "). Was added in particular for associations automatic modifications according to the values of attributes (ex : strict equality, the size L is not associated with the attribute BLUE (blue contains a l, but the blue i1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : add a progress meter dynamic during the automatic search of photos to be linked to the products and / or modifications in a local folder or a remote.1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : in the table of product images, a column tells you the name of the history file that was used to make the image. This allows you to filter your images by file name, for example, to rempalcer by lôt the image common to several products or even use it as part of this column, with MagicEdit to fill in the ALT tags (captions).1.4.0.a.build2
Security : the recovery of the database name, its prefix, of the number of employee and the key value is also encrypted.1.4.0.a.build2
Optimization : the encryption of the queries being made mandatory for the HTTP connections are not secure, the encryption code and decryption queries, and data has been optimized for a gain in speed of the order of 40% in order to reduce a bit the impact su the rla speed, the enhancement of security. For those who are already using encryption, it is a net gain in speed, especially for the treatment of mass and imports, but also for the reading of the data.1.4.0.a.build2
Security : all the scripts of the module connector (which also changes name) are now executable only after identification with the user and the password used PrestaShop. In addition, when Merlin uses one of the scripts that it encrypts the password to identify1.4.0.a.build2
New : a new option to import the photos of the products to those who do not have declensions (lines for which the key synchro versions is empty). This allows you to import the photos during the import of products AND the import of the variations without creating duplication and to avoid creating products that are simple without a photo.1.4.0.a.build2
Newness to which you réviez can be for your SEO : a new tool for the intelligent charging and configurable legends (ALT tags) of the pictures of the products, at the same time as the addition (or now replacement) of photos, to improve the SEO of your listings in a turn of the hand. You can, for example, as a prior to automatically insert the name of the products and / or the file, but also the references, brands, category, bar code,... And even the values of attributes common to all variations r1.4.0.a.build2
New : thanks to the management of the history of images, you can now replace the photo of all of the products that already have a photo created from the same file name, and do not add on the other products. Hyper practice to update the same photo on an infinite number of products without even looking which are concerned. For this it is necessary to filter the products that have at least one photo, and then choose the option "Always replace" and "never add image"1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : MagicEdit available in the column containing the paths and urls of the photos in the import table, for example, to make correction in the mass of the domain name or replace the url by a local path1.4.0.a.build2
New : Merlin allows you to choose to display some photos of product that when the customer displays the page in a language data. This is the technique used on the own site, Sitolog for pictures containing texts in French or in English.1.4.0.a.build2
Security : to prevent any risk of attack by SQL injection, the queries sent to the server are now compulsorily encrypted. In addition, all requests received by the new module connector pass through a stage of identification of the sender (the password checking PrestaShop) to block any attempt to access with another program. With this secure, multi-storey, it naturally loses a bit in speed, especially during imports, but it is the price of tranquility.1.4.0.a.build2
Security : strengthening the securing of the first connection, intended to retrieve the name of the database and its prefix, after you have asked your PrestaShop to identify you, by encrypting the password from the encryption key. Because of this, this key is not read automatically by Merlin, you are asked to enter1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : and not least, the drag-and-drop a photo into the image table in the bottom right, is used to replace a picture by another may be present on multiple rows pre-selected. Combined with the new sort on the name of the file history have been used to produce the images, this gives a second method to replace in one operation, the same image on an infinite number of products.1.4.0.a.build2
New : option to send a photo to only the products or categories that do not yet have image. This avoids the need to or even filter the products.1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : in the generator PRO tags, all pricing and percentage of various are rounded to 2 digits after the decimal point.1.4.0.a.build2
Ergonomics : the option to add the FTP port number in the url is available in the settings window to add images from the import. Before it was only accessible from the window for manually adding a image address.1.4.0.a.build2
New : in the tab Sheet category, the possibility to choose between the display of the thumbnail or the main picture, to permit the addition or replacement by drag-and-drop a new photo category or thumbnail (requires PS 1.6.1 +)1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : the possibility to choose regardless of the size of the photos of the table of products and variations, from the sheet and table of images1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : in the image table of the categories, when selected the display format for the "Medium" column "Miniature" is used to indicate whether that thumbnail image from a main image or a thumbnail . This enables you to quickly see which categories have or not a thumbnail, and also to conduct replacement of the image by drag-and-drop in the format of your choice (photo or main thumbnail)1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : a table of images category no longer displays an empty row for the categories no photo1.4.0.a.build2
New : clicking on a product photo or category, in tables or forms, allows you to view it in its size, effective in a floating window. Can be disabled in the display options.
Very useful for those who select a visual representation of their products, without giving too much enlarge the pictures in the tables and to check the quality of the photos.
Also works for new photos "thumbnails" categories.
Improved : the display format of "Great" photos of the categories is set to 2 x smaller to avoid taking unnecessarily all over the place in the tables1.4.0.a.build2
New : ability to export and re-import the result to the mailing list, images and product categories, with conservation of the status (sent, failed,...) and color of each line. Hyper convenient if you have connection problems and want to return later only the missing photos1.4.0.a.build2
Major new addition : the search tools and automatic association of photos to a folder also work to present on the variants (comparison of the name of the file or folder of images with, for example, the reference to the declination, or their user id, or the color of an attribute).1.4.0.a.build2
Newness, adding in the tables of the sending of images, a column indicating the status of the transfer. This allows you to filter the rows that failed to export the file, before you do raise it.1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : in the tab sheets, the images are automatically magnified (homométhiquement) to occupy all the space disponique1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : in the tab "Data" of the categories, the displayed image was always the version "small". In the case where the size "small" is removed from the list of thumbnails, no image is displayed. Has this tab displays the same image as the selected size for the main table.1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : the first time you connect to a website, this version of Merlin will suggest you to copy the files stored in the root of img/p, to the new folder /img/p/merlin archive photos télépchargées by Merlin.1.4.0.a.build2
Improved handling of urls FTP of images, from lists to Excel or import from different suppliers. At present the software is able to manage differentiated the names of the user and the FTP passwords for each image1.4.0.a.build2
New : when you duplicate of the products, with their photos, their past history was created by Merlin, is also duplicated. This allows also a strict management of the duplicates images.1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : the photos of products and categories (and the thumbnails now) grow all only in proportion to the size of your screen1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : to be able to request the deletion of the images present (physically and in the database) of a product before they add new ones via the import function. In addition, the deletion script runs in a background task in parallel not to slow down the import process.1.4.0.a.build2
New options for handling duplicates sending image. For example, "add only if the product has not yet the" image, optimum for the sites on which the products have only one photo.1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : the transfer of pictures through their url, http or ftp, allows you to save a copy of the image on the server, thus avoiding the need to transfer again if used a second time (this was the case only for local files)1.4.0.a.build2
New : option "Don't re-transfèrer the same files that you have already sent is deactivated.1.4.0.a.build2
New : conservation in a table of the database, the history of the association of images to each product, then allowing a real management avoidance of double images.1.4.0.a.build2
New : option to ajouterou not an image based on the fact that the same file has already been sent or not, irrespective of the size and date of the file.1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty : it is possible to transfer the local files (images) to PrestaShop without using FTP. So no more need to configure the FTP. More simple and faster1.4.0.a.build2
Major new addition : the import function now allows, as for the products, to import also the photos the main (or logos), and thumbnails of categories.1.4.0.a.build2
Faster Option : do not re-upload PrestaShop images already sent (same name), even if the date and the file size is different.1.4.0.a.build2
New features : sending images to the categories lets you choose between the creation of the photo or main thumbnail (from ps 1.6, categories can have two different images between their thumbnails, miniature and large-format photos).
In the image table, a new column indicates whether the displayed photo is the main or thumbnail.
All other function s(removal, replacement), are compatible and allow you to manage both formats.
Novelty much in demand : automatic deletion of photo files on the server at the time of deletion of products and categories In multi-shops, intelligent management, does not delete the photo files that if the products or categories are removed from all shops. Processing in a background task in parallel not to slow down your work.1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : the option that allows you not to re-associate images to products if the same file is present on server, worked only for local images, now works also with those provided through a url.1.4.0.a.build2
Revolutionary with PrestaShop : Merlin allows you to present, through its historical images associated with the products, to replace (update) old images with a new one using the same file name (with the option to choose "never," "all the time", or "only if the date or size of files differ"). It retains the Id's, descriptions,...one replaces just the thumbnails in the new version. This mode and can be switched off if you préferre always add a second image1.4.0.a.build2
Novelty good practice : the legend of the images added via the import function is filled in automatically according to the settings defined in the settings window of the photos, as is already the case for the photos added from the main window. No more need to add a column "Legend", or use the tool remplisagge automatic captions after the import, everything is done in a single operation. You work even faster.1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : no user who reported failure to import, or other errors as a result of the use of the acceleration factor, which we had mounted to 500% (x5), we have increased this limit to 1000% (x10). On our own server, it works even with such a figure. As a reminder, the factor of acceleration plays on the max size of the queries sent to the server. The higher it is, the more Merlin, for example, can process a large number of rows to import in a single query.1.4.0.a.build2
Drastic improvement in speed : the preparation phase for the sending of images of goods and especially of variations, after the import is now taking a few seconds on very large files instead of tens of minutes .1.3.3.a.build2
Enhancement : Merlin signals the presence of a filter column when the result of the display of the table gives an empty table and indicates the number of hidden lines1.3.3.a.build2
New : added a link to the version history at the bottom of the 1st window1.3.3.a.build2
Improvement : filters, columns that lead to an empty display of the table are visible.1.3.3.a.build2
Improvement : added the function "Remember my choice and do not show" on all of the windows options when you travel or association of products and categories1.3.2.a.build1
New : possibility to define and add a pause between each sending of SQL queries, to slow down, to Merlin, when the host has configured a quota of requests per unit of time on the server (in the case of shared servers at OVH). This helps avoid blockages in access of 10 min when you import or changes massive.1.3.2.a.build1
Enhancement : the button "Refresh" of the table of the products (and accessories) flashes, after modification of the specific price, if the column date of the last modification is present, because the focus is now changed.1.3.2.a.build1
Improvement : the inclusion of the column "Position" may render incomplete the content of the column "List of categories" (the fact that Position varies for each category associated with a product). This was just reported in the tooltips. This is now automatically controlled by the code. When one adds the colonen "Position", this removes the column lists the categories associated with them, and vice versa.1.3.2.a.build1
Improvement of the import code to limit the number of SQL queries sent to the server (the previous version was sending at least one request per line. This version allows you to consolidate up to 300 rows in a single query).1.3.2.a.build1
Improvement : the last change date of the products is now updated when it adds, modifies, or deletes one or more specified prices. This allows the execution of automatic scripts "hookés" (cleaning the cache, updating, market squares, etc.) as a result of the changes made via the tab-specific prices.1.3.2.a.build1
Improvement : if the column "New price base" is present in the import, but contains empty cells, they are treated now as if they contennaient (-1), which is the code used by PrestaShop to not change the base price (what users know). Previously this was important to the value 0, and thus made the products free.1.3.1.d.build1
Safety : in the event of unexpected closure of the main window, the app offers you to initiate a check/repair of the structure of the categories.1.3.1.d.build1
Improvement : the function "View web page" is now multi shops. Displays the page of the product or category in the shop of the selected line.1.3.1.d.build1
New : from PS , PrestaShop has its own characteristics mode to multiple values is now detected and supported by Merlin Backoffice1.3.1.a.build1
Improvement : some warning messages or requests for confirmation have now an option "Do not show" to earn even a little bit more time.1.3.1.a.build1
Improvement : in the exported files, the text "- -" indicating on the screen the lack of a supplier or brand, are replaced by channels empty1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : using the button "New" products back in PrestaPricing when the button had two distinct functions.1.3.1.a.build1
Change in mass as possible for the date added column products1.3.1.a.build1
Novelty : to be able to export a “combined”, that is to say an export of the table of declinations, but with the addition in the same file, in each line, the columns of the products table1.3.1.a.build1
Labels PRO : Able to move the slides by clicking the arrows on orange (more intuitive than moving the input field)1.3.1.a.build1
Improvement : the thumbnails in the table of variations will now display the thumbnail of the image having the smallest value in a position, from among those associated with the declination (or the cover image of the product if none of the images are directly related to the declension)1.3.1.a.build1
Labels PRO : It is possible to choose the position of the 1st label that will be printed on the sheet. Useful to avoid the wastage by printing on the same sheet, the following labels already printed.1.3.0.c.build1
Labels PRO : the areas can print the contents of the columns 'dynamic', as an attribute, or a particular characteristic or even the 5 columns are "Customizable" to print non-standard data.1.3.0.c.build1
Labels PRO : possibility to choose a background image of label is different for products that are on sale or not.1.3.0.c.build1
Labels PRO : The field settings of an area (choice of content, font size, color, etc...) to hide automatically when it is reduced to a size that is not visible, to minimise the interface1.3.0.c.build1
Labels PRO : copy and paste mass parameters (ex : size, font or color text so as not to have to set up each area one by one)1.3.0.c.build1
Novelty : in the table of décinaisons, it was already possible to include a column for each attribute of the declination. Now, when one of the columns is related to a group of attributes of type "Color", the cell background is colored using the color associated with the value of the attribute. In short one sees on the color or colors of each declension.1.3.0.c.build1
Labels PRO : option to view two images (or logos) different1.3.0.c.build1
Labels PRO : a field label can now display a QR code pointing to the page of your choice or the product page. Realize true electronic labels giving as much information as possible.1.3.0.c.build1
Labels PRO : It is possible to request that the text, the border or the background color of areas that display an attribute of type "Color" is printed in the color of this attribute. Usefulness the most common : include in the label a colored dot representing the color of the declination.1.3.0.c.build1
Label PRO, you can define the areas, texts, and frameworks as being "tranparents" (it is the background colour of the label that appears in place or not, depending on the value of the discount rate applied to the article). Practice to display certain information relevant only when the product is in the balance.1.3.0.c.build1
Label PRO : adding an internal margin of about 0.5 mm, placing them into the text boxes so that the text does not touch the frames1.3.0.c.build1
Label PRO : able to place in the top, middle or bottom of the 2 block F and G (log, bar code, photos, discount)1.3.0.c.build1
Label PRO : you can choose to move to the left or to the right of the symbol of the currency1.3.0.c.build1
Label PRO : rounded corners configurable for each zone(allows you to make an area round)1.3.0.c.build1
Label PRO : being able to orient (rotate) the contents of each box. For example, to print -70% at 45°, or the barcode vertically.1.3.0.c.build1
Label PRO : It is possible to add a line return between the labels of the zones and their value1.3.0.c.build1
Label PRO : background color (parametrable) independently for each zone.1.3.0.c.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : Each area of the label can have its own frameworkbeta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : Ability to add a background image to the labelsbeta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : It is possible to set a Label fixed to the value of each cell of the labels (Ex : Ref : to the front of each reference)beta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : Adding 2 areas of free text, common to all labelsbeta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : Each text area label can have its own font and centering horizontal and verticalbeta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : Generation of labels that are square with rounded corners or roundbeta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : The editor tag is now dynamic, it shows you a simulation of the result in real time.beta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : any column of the tables can now be used in labels. Customize at your leisure.beta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : Size of the internal areas of the label configurable (12 zones re - scalable), thanks to a new graphical user interface with sliders. Thus, we can for example hide areas, extend more across the width ..beta.1.3.0.b.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : Content of labels differentiated and stored between products and variationsbeta.1.3.0.b.build1
Improvement : if, after you have selected other categories, in addition to the one(s) that is already on, the program re-selects automatically the product that was selected before this operationbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Optimization : the deletion of features does not require more rereading of the database to refresh the table.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : after the refresh of the table of products, if the product that was selected is still listed, it is not only reselectionné automatically, but in most other tables, and tabs that display information on this product, are no longer flushed. One does not lose more time to wait for them to meet again, with the same information. It gains in fluidity. Attention : functionality removed then in the 1.3.2 version because there are cases where this refresh is necessary (change of configuratiobeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Novelty is much more than a detail : when a filter is put in place in a column, the title of the indicates, in color, with an explicit text such as "a Quantity greater than 10". As well, without having to go in the contextual menu of each column, you immediately see all the active filters.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : the refresh of the contents of the tables do more to lose the filters in place in their columns.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : now filters in place on the columns are visible (titles colored in orange, with detail filter), Merlin Backoffice retains the filters on the column characteristics (products table) and attributes (table of declinations), as long as you don't change the column configuration (for a configuration that does not contain these columns).beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : as for the attributes, you cannot change the order of the feature by drag and drop, that once one has clicked on the column title "Position". This prevents accidental movementbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improved : storing of the sorting options (taking account of numeric, uppercase, etc...) specific to each column, to the closure of the application and automatic reloadingbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
New : an option to keep the tris set up in columns, between two launches of the applicationbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
New : Deletion and auto-correction (MagicEdit) duplicatesbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
New : possibility to remove all the sorts that are present in the columns of a table. Until now, once a sort in place you could only replace it by another sort, but not remove it.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : when clicking in columns of type selector, makes the modified cells, as the other editing functions by copy and pastebeta.1.3.0.a.build1
New : ability to set even the max size of queries import, to try to speed up or slow down the speed, until you find the critical size.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : the refresh of the content of the tables makes them lose their sort settings of their columns.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Novelty : being able to change the default category of the products (the moving mass), via the import csv/xsl.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Novelty :from PS 16100, the reading of the list of rules of taxes, excluding rules that have a status "deleted" in the database (PrestaShop does removing more réélement).beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : mass edit (calculator) makes the modified cells, as the other function of change by copy and pastebeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : add a progress meter on the shares of multi lines as the deletion of products, calculations in the mass, round, creation of new products...beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Novelty : visu and cancel (undo) function to copy this value in the whole column..., such as Magic Editbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
New : you can choose among a large number of options for sorting the values, you can set for each column individually (lexicographic sorting, numeric, ignoring the capital letters , accents, spaces,...)beta.1.3.0.a.build1
New : an option allows to keep the filters in place in columns, between two launches of the applicationbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Novelty : MagicEdit, its generator series a new option allows you to restart the counting at the beginning of each block (after each break table)beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Novelty : in MagicEdit, a new option allows the generator of the series (1, 2 ,3, ...) again to the 1st value (1) at each change of rupture (group of rows) of the table. Typically this allows to re-order the "positions" of all the attributes or characteristics in a single operation. Or generate lists of references incremented to the variations of several products at the same time.1.2.0.a.build1
Improvement : The removal of the products seemed very slow when we activated the display of the meters of lines.1.2.0.a.build1
Improvement : rows of the breaks in the table of the products (separation lines of blocks indicating the number of the associated category, appearing in the mode of sequencing products) are now not only hidden, but réélement deleted in standard mode. This allows you to in all cases, to sort the display by any column.1.2.0.a.build1
Reorganization presentation window, a command for clarity.1.2.0.a.build1
Novelty : MagicEdit available on the column "positions" of the category tree, in order to be able to re-order mass sub-categories, after being classified according to one of the other three criteria (name, breadcrumb trail, or Id), using the builder series of MagicEdit.1.2.0.a.build1
Replacement of qcq buttons by the management of the long click in order to lighten the interface (ex : window "turnover date")1.2.0.a.build1
Novelty : MagicEdit utilsable on the columns 'position' attributes and values of attributes, to allow them to re-order quickly by increasing value or alphabetic1.2.0.a.build1
What's new : MagicEdit available on the column "positions" of the table of characteristics, in order to be able to re-order in mass this topic in one click, after having classified according to any other column of the table. Typically, we can order the features by alphabetical order, without having to change the value of "position" manually in each line, or use the drag-and-drop to order equipment lines. Ditto for the positions of the groups of attributes and attribute values of the declinations1.2.0.a.build1
Optimization : when the modification by calculating the mass amounts of versions of several products, we had x times the progress meter that is displayed.1.1.0.a.build1
In the import table, after reading and afficahge of the file, the status of the product and/or of the declension now shows "Exists" and not "Duplicate", when the reference provider, is used as the key of sync, is the same for multiple suppliers of the same product or declination.1.1.0.a.build1
The memorization of the choice of the display order of the categories in the trees.1.1.0.a.build1
The spreadsheet embedded in the import dialog is now much more rich, with a ribbon menu, that is equivalent to that of Excel. For example, to edit formulas in cells of files xlsx, without leaving Merlin Backoffice.1.1.0.a.build1
When importing new groups of attributes in PS1.7, it is necessary to force the "type" to select, because PrestaShop forgot to give them a default type in the database.1.1.0.a.build1
Improvement of the management of the supplier default during import:
-After the import of a product that : automatic correction of the data (association forunisseur, copy of the reference supplier and the price of the acaht) in product_supplier, for products that have a supplier by default defined only in the product table (this is the case when importing with a column default provider, without giving the reference provider).
-After the import of the variations : the product is automatically a
Improvement : automatic creation of a local copy of the file to import, when you click on the button "Edit-XLSX"1.1.0.a.build1
alert when the user requests the closing of the application, if images are still being transferred1.1.0.a.build1
Important novelty : the calculators in mass allows to pre-visualize the result of operations, in the table, to validate the calculation before of write in the database. This allows to strongly limit the risks of bad handling.1.1.0.a.build1
Disallow value of 0 (see dessosu of 1000) in option cutout import block1.1.0.a.build1
Detector of the absence of the use of the protocol TLS 1.2, needed to establish secure connections to Sitolog, for the verification of the license in particular.1.0.5.a.build1
Add functions to copy and paste it in the column store by default, the table of products, allowing you to bulk modify this value.1.0.5.a.build1
Backup in the settings of each source of imports, the value of the option "Do not check the absolute oneness of the keys"1.0.5.a.build1
See two screenshots 7/03, ereru SQL out of the mode position. He continues to ask for the column garp.id_category or, on the contrary, the coonne position1.0.5.a.build1
Adding explanations in the tooltip on the columns of association of products to shop that will only work for licenses complete (product management + category management).1.0.5.a.build1
Changing the behavior of button "New" source. This created a new source with the default settings of the Merlin Backoofice and not with the settings of the currently open source . The previous behaviour can be obtained with the button "Duplicate" source.1.0.5.a.build1
Click on the button "Position" of the table of the products detects the presence of columns that are prohibited in this mode and prevent him to continue.1.0.5.a.build1
Adding the DLL to send us an email from the application in case of fatal error1.0.4.a.build1
Blocking of the use of the button "position" (with an explanation message) in conjunction with the column tree or a list of categories associated because it does not give the complete list of products associated to the category.1.0.4.a.build1
Default choice set to UTF8 for the alphabet1.0.4.a.build1
Possibility to select a zoom factor display overall. Allows you to work more comfortably with screens at very high resolution (e.g. 4k, and 5k) by magnifying the display of all open windows or on the contrary on the small screen by decreasing their size.1.0.2.a.build1
Automatic update of the lists of suppliers and manufacturers of the window pricnipale when adding via the import window1.0.2.a.build1
Ability to perform cut, copy, paste multi-line of language tags1.0.2.a.build1
Now you can keep always visible for blocks of pre-filters. Just open them with a right click rather than left click.1.0.2.a.build1
Possibility not to execute the scripts in the hooks in the output.1.0.2.a.build1
Improvement of the export mode to create files directly ready to be re-imported in PrestaShop, in particular for the columns "visibility", "Condition", "redirection Type", "Suppliers" and "Manufacturers".1.0.0.a.build1
Detection of the version of the connector module from version 7.5 (Merlin Backoffice can not cope correctly with an older version).1.0.0.a.build1
Added the export function in the button actions grouped together in the table of categories (view categories), to be consistent with the table of products.1.0.0.a.build1
Column "Id product redirected" was renamed the "forwarding Id" because it can now (PS 1.7) be the id of a category1.0.0.a.build1
So you can see the color of the text (and therefore the success or not of the download of the images), the column containing the name of the files in the two tables to send photos, still remains on a white background, even for the lines selected.1.0.0.a.build1
Removal of the filters from the columns in the tables of categories, to be replaced advantageously by the function "Select filtered"1.0.0.a.build1
grey out button place just before the end of complete reading categoriesbeta.0.1.2.a.build1
Removal of the limiters to 32 characters of numbers and declensionbeta.0.1.2.a.build1
New interface and ergonomics of the generator of bar code in MagicEditbeta.0.1.1.a.build1
Fix : the backup of the EAN13 or UPC from the card-could do to lose the bit of control (13iem and 12th character, respectively)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : after an import, when the option to refresh the main screen is checked and the mode "Select all" is activated, this mode is maintained after the refresh (products or variations are all re-selected automatically). Similarly, if one or more products or variations, but not all, were selected, the first of them is automatically re-selected and his line made visible after the import.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New parameter allowing to specify what is the row containing the first row of data in the import file (default=2). It is thus possible to process the file that has a header and even import the row containing the column titles. Supports all file formats.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
securing, with use of a part of the code pre-compiled, placed on my server.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improving the speed of the update of products table when making mass changes in their declinations (ex recalculation total amount)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : pressing the Enter key on the keyboard during the entry of the value of a filter, rafraichier the display immediately d ela table by applying the filter you entered, don't have to click on the refresh button.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : each time that it is possible, display the product name in the line separating a block of rows into the tables. For example, in the table of declinations, the separators indicate the name of the product variations below.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
secure by reading number of the hard disk, compage number of installation, possible deactivation, remote a site-specific installationalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Security update recomandéealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : seems marginal or technical, but yet it is a major change, the filters of the columns in the trees of the categories now have the ability to get the categories to be hidden, even in the branches ever read. For the user this simply means that the result of the filtering is always complete, no category missing.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : in the tables of categories, filters, columns and the new function of auto selection filtered, ignore accents and case when searching (search for "Camera" is "camera")alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New option to decide if the list of groups of customers is filtered or not on the selected stores (before, was being filtered by default).alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : context menu added, for filtering, for example, in all of the columns of the list of attributes in the builder windowalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement ergonomically : clear separation of functionality. The right click menu contains only the features specific to the columns (copies of the value in the column, for example). The features such as height adjustment of the ligens, are in the table contextual menu (icon in top right). Orders playing globally on the data of the table have their own button (for example "Select all"), and enfon the "bulk actions" acting on a selection of lines, are regorupées in a button multiple choice.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Enhancement : new supported formats timestamp of the import files, using the : as a separatoralpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Synchronization (update) of the various lists containing the list of groups of clients, when adding or deleting a groupalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : when entering the name of a connection to search, press the Enter key on the keyboard initiates the search (no need to click on the button "magnifying glass")alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Buttons, gear, and eye replaced by a drop-down list of pre-filtering allowing you to choose which products to list (main Products and/ or product asociés,... see paper list)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Space saving : the mini action buttons (activate, round,...) are grouped into a single button multi functions with arrow drop-downalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Save space : the fields defining the pre-filter mask for lighten the interface to the top of the tablesalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Global harmonization of colours in two tones (orange and blue). Regarding the icons, the buttons, the colors of the cells...alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Incredible improvement of the speed of the mass change, by calculation and by the importation of quantities of products and/or variations. It was a weak point of previous versions (with PS >=15000) was able to transform into a strong point thanks to the use of advanced features of MySQL 5.x. Other parts of the software will be in the future the same makeover. An example : to increase by 10 the amount of 250 products is now taking less than a second instead of 30 seconds on some configurationsalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : copy and paste values to impact prices or rates of tax made in the table of attributes of the generator performs automatically on all the lines concerned the calculation of the impact ttcalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : in the context menu, in addition to the two options "filter on this column" and "remove the filter from this column", it appears to "Delete all filters of the columns". In addition, this option is grayed-out automatically if no filter is to remove. And the option "remove the filter from this column is gray as if the column clicked is not filtered.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement ergonomically the context menu : in the menu options of the style "Copy this value to ...", the words "the value" are replaced by the value itself for a better understanding of the action performed. Of more cells that will be changed are highlighted in the table (darker background). In the case of a copy of a cell to other cells, the cell model is highlighted in a bright color.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : interface to the simplified by hiding the default forms for the creation of new client groups and specific pricesalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : added a confirmation request when doing a copy paste vertically in a column of the tables, windows, import, and generator variations. This was already the case in the other windows.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Novelty : the date of creation of the products that are editable in mass. Allows you to copy, paste and change the status to "new" a selection of products.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement of the ergonomics of MagicEdit : once the window MagicEdit open, it keeps the focus (it is impossible to commit the error of change the selection of rows in the table. In addition the values which will be modified are highlighted (darker background) in the table.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement and simplification : significant streamlining of the interface, with the removal of more than 90 mini buttons. They are replaced by additional tools in the context menus (right-click), with the profit of having a legend explanatory and automatically hide the tools out of context. This concerns especially the buttons recalculation of width of columns, the fields of setting row height, tilt of the securities, fold/unfold, management of the multi-mode lines, but also the automatic selecalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : delete button images categories.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : replacement of the photo to a category by simple drag-and-drop in the line of the image, danas the image table of the categoriesalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : ability to replace a photo of a product by another, by a simple drag and drop. Conservation of the caption (Alt tag), position, coverage, association for the shops and to the declension, only the files of the thumbnails are replaced.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
The function of removing the quotation marks surrounding the text now works also with the file Excel XLS and .XLSX. Practice to manage the CSV files converted to Excel.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improved : the display in the list of groups of shops and boutiques is now more consistent : the groups that select all only as soon as all their shops are selected (or the opposite). Ditto for the line "All". In addition to being more clear and intuitive, it allows you to optimise the treatments, multi shops.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Replacement of the window "ABC" by the new fields in the tab "Sheet". Faster and more convenient, it has all the info in the same place.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Very important new development : new button allowing to display in the table of categories target new columns showing all the default categories of selected products (1 column for each store in multi shops) as well as the categories known as associated. It contain check marks in the three states, such as tables, tags, or carriers, for example, allowing at a glance to see if a category is or is not associated with all the selected products or only some of them. These columns are editable proposinalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : add and possible replacement of the photo to a category by simple drag-and-drop the image from Windows explorer, in the image field of the tab card. With the immediate transfer and in the background.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : available stock indicated in the title of the tab stock, and sale price (including taxes) indicated in the pricing tab, for visu rapid when editing a productalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New option, checked by default, which allows each connection, as for the products, to ensure that each category is a row in the table category_lang, for all stores and all languages. Necessary to display these lines (even if they are empty of data) and so working on the translations.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improved : the behavior of the backup mode, multi shops, data from the tab "data Sheet" category is now consistent with the backup data of the category tree and translations of categories. At present, therefore, are not saved in the various shops selected, that the data is actually modified in the filealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : in the tables other than the categories (this was already the case in those tables), the new function of auto selection filtered, and unaware to this the accents, and capitalizationalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improved : the behavior of the backup mode, multi shops, data from the tab "product description" is this consistent with the backup data from the products table, and translations of products. At present, therefore, are not saved in the various shops selected, that the data is actually modified in the filealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improved : the export of the column "Behaviour in case of rupture of stock" , mode compatible PrestaShop gives 0,1 or 2 and no more "Accept", "Refuse orders", "default". This makes it easier to re-import auto because the database acceepte only the values 0,1 or 2.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : the list of values for "State" (new, used, refurbished) in the table of products is now translated in French for clarity (in English translation for the base of PrestaShop done automatically in the background)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : the list of values of "Visibility" (in the catalog, in research, in both) in the products table is now translated in French for clarity (in English translation for the base of PrestaShop done automatically in the background)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Novelty in practice : possible addition of images (a single, a lôt, or even a listing XLS photos) by simple drag-and-drop from the Windows file explorer, directly in the thumbnail image of the product of the tab sheet. If the product already has a cover photo, we suggest you either remove it or replace it, or simply treat the new as a secondary image. With association to the product immediately (no need to change the settings in the window association) and transfers running in the background (noalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
improvement ergonoique : the columns of association (for example tags or carriers to the product) are now placed to the left of the tables, to be always visiblealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New editor of configurations of columns, by drag and drop. Unlimited number of configurations. Possibility to change and memorize the order, the title and the width of the columns, independently for each configuration. The objective is to allow you to make pre-configuration of export format to your market places. Ability to duplicate the configuration to make variants. Ability to define and filter your columns "favorites" for faster selection. Quick selection of topics for a family (for example,alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Conservation of the sorting of the rows in the product table according to your choice.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New mode of travel products, in any selection of shops (in addition to the two legacy modes : in all shops and in one shop)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
By default, when all the shops are we select, and the edit mode, multi-shops is selected, the displayed data are now those of the default shop of each product and not that of the 1st shop of the selection.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New option to assoicer or not all the carriers to new groups of clientsalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Optimization of all the scripts tab of the client groups using loops. Replacement by joins 100 times faster.
This concerns :
-association of all customers to the selected groups
-association of all classes to new groups of clients
-filling the table product_group_reduction_cache
-association of the new groups to the carriers
-association of the new groups modules
-association of the new groups to the shops
-association of the new groups to existing customers
Progress meter (optional) for the display of tables (allows you to see the progress of the long SQL requests)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New option when cloning of categories, which allows you to choose, such as shops, target, the shops associated with categories of sources, or shops associated with the target group. This last choice (again) is often more relevant, because a parent category, must always be associated with the same stores that these sub-categories.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Cloning of the categories as possible in a selection manual multiple shops (not necessarily the same as those already associated with categories of sources). Before we could do that in a single shop.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Removal of spaces displayed in the ids between the thousands and the hundreds.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Important improvement : the movement of products (from one category to another), is present on all the selected ones, even if it does not belong to one of the categories selected sources. This allows you to move products, for example by using the "Eye" button for the search. This function becomes a lot more intuitive, because this limitation was often the cause of loss of time, because they were poorly understood and the users thought either a bug or a bad maipulation of their hand.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
The main table of product list at present, even the products that do not yet have a translation, so that it can give them a name, a description, etc... from any language-of-work and not from only the default language used when creating the product. It makes all the difference when adding languages to the shop, after the creation of the products. You gain enormously in flexibility of work.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : support of Excel files for multi sheet. Import any sheet of the file.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Btn refresh tab of the translation category have to enable the display if not already done.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Lack MAgicEdit table attributes of the window generator, or other function to copy TTC in HT or vice versaalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
The automatic creation of simplified URLs of the categories can now be run on any selection of shops.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
The mode of product display "Grouped by categories" is simplified, it does list this as the blocks of products corresponding to the selected categories. Previously it also included the block products corresponding to the other categories of products associated with the selected categories (in short, it was confused).
It is more comprehensive, in so far as it list to present all products, regardless of their(s) boutique(s) of belonging. This is important because this mode is mostly used to chang
NO, useless. Add "only show translations of the selected stores," in onlget trad products ? Or to put it in global as a filter in the tab shops ?alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Small change but fundamental : the tables of translations for products and categories now display a line for all languages, even when the product or the category has not yet translated into the language. This allows precisely to create these translations, and not just edit ones that already exist.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Window dévérrouillage and connection is more clear, lighter. The part release and license management is independent from the connection.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Confirmation request before closing the connection window (ESC key) and the main window (logout button)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Duplication of a cconfiguration or a source, we suggest you immediately remommer copy (1 click less in the process)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
If the 4 shops are selected (2 by one), put slect_all to 1 to simplify scripts.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Well practice, It is now possible to view the web page of a product (right-click), even if the URL column complete is not checked.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Existence of column filters more visible (the background of the button of removal of the filter becomes colored when a column filter is in place)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Unlimited number of customizable columns (always 5 per game configuration of columns, but an unlimited number of games)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
"Maximize window on open" is unchecked when you change the size of the window and check when it maximizesalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Style windows infoalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Message the window is not wide enough for cadenaser the sign => only if fen completely loadedalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Amendment to the code of reading of the categories for that if multiple shops are selected, is displayed the names and other texts, read for the default shop of the shop. Same principle for the backup in the event of change.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
The table of categories of products, allowing navigation and selection of categories of products to display, may now display the same columns as in the table of categories of PrestaCatégories. This allows in particular to put in place filters (e.g. only list the active categories)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New display mode or automated, it just has the look, the separators line-by-categories associated with the column position. Mode is chosen automatically when you want to change the order of the products in their categoriesalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Configurator column of the table editing categories (view categories), as well as the navigation table (view products). Choice of columns, width, sequence,... unlimited Number of possible configuration.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
For categories not refresh table productsalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New parameter allowing to specify what is the line containing the titles in the import file (default=1). Allows you to skip lines of header files. It is also possible to import files which do tnot of titles of columns, using one of the data lines. Supports all file formats.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : simplication for a better intuitiveness, and a single column "Behaviour in case of rupture of stock" instead of 2 (text and value)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Management of the new topic show_condition,from PS 1.7alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Change in depth : all the part of management and modification of categories, the outcome of PrestaCatégorie, is now, as it was already the case in PrestaPricing, capable of operating on a selection in any of the stores (and no longer only on a single or all at once).alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
New : you've often wondered, auto search quick in the lists of manufacturers and suppliers of pre filters by entering the 1st letters.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Management of the new topic ISBN from PS 1.7alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Tab "sheet" enriched with fields, references, price, quantity,... and then remove plug ABCalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improvement : after a modification of a product in the tab sheet and the transition to the next product, it was automatically placed in the first row in the products table, which could be cause for confusion. It had the same behavior when the table was refreshed and the selected row was preserved. Ditto in other tables (versions, categories, prices, import). Now the program is arranged so that the selected row is always visible in the table, but not necessarily at the top. It will, for example,alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Missing right click menu on column a rate of tax fen generator, to quickly copy a rate in totue the column.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Re automatic naming of columns for export to markets the mainalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Option of deleting all the photos before import with picturesalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Auto selection of categories to target filtered (for example, to select automatically all the categories called "engine", of a car brand specific).alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Improved : deletion possible of files when it deletes the photo of a product (your choice), in order to save disk space on the server side.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Option to remove the selected photo when adding a photoalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
The refresh (gear) of the table of accessories passes twice by the launch script of the application of the "Affichage_product"alpha.0.1.0.a.build1

Older versions fixes

Version number
Fix : the gauge remains visible when you have a SQL error1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : in the table of declinations, the VAT-inclusive price per unit of measurement of the declinations did not include VAT in the price impact by untié measurement. No effect on the data since this column is purely informative (non-imported into the database)1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : when a click in the check box of the column "Dec." of the table photos (the association of the selected photos to the variations selected in the same product), a display problem gave the impression that the operation was not taken into account for a single product. While the operation is performed on all selected product.1.4.0.a.build2
Change : to match what is PrestaShop, the column VAT-inclusive price per unit of measurement of the variations do not include at present the price impact of the declination. This does not seem logical at all, but this change allows Merlin to indicate the same unit price as in the shops which is essential for the generation of catalogues of prices or labels.1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : removed the automatic adjustment of the width of the columns of the two tables of images, which had tendency to over-expand the columns.1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : in builder PRO label, we could not post the QR Codes of the urls of the products in the labels of variations1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : crash at ancement if in the database there is a warehouse which the name ends with a space.1.4.0.a.build2
Patch important : the option "make invisible in the former category by default" of the fonctionnlaité of movement of products, made the product invisible in all the other categories and not only in their former category by default.1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : failure in the association of images to the products, mode direct search in the database, when the separator of the beginning or end of the string to exclude is longer than 1 character.1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : the categories are created by cloning, had a creation date that contains a year wrong (+1 year relative to the current date), what was the hook, "adding category" was triggered over each time it is closed for a year instead of only once. Without great consequence (just a waste of time). Very old bug passed completely unnoticed, discovered by chance by modifying the code.1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : products images in size "large" were never removed from the local cache of Merlin1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : since the previous update, we had a crash when we wanted to edit the translation of an attribute value1.4.0.a.build2
Fix technique : the type of the variable "cover" of the class "image" is now a "variant", so that it can accept null values, and thus avoid the value 0, causing a key error in duplicate on the version of PS as the 16100, who, by mistake, a key combined id_product+cover1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : in the image table of the categories, the image of the category "Root" appeared as many times as there are shops in PrestaShop.1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : the duplicate products, but without images were not indexed in the search engine.1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : Identifier 'option_skip_association_when_file_exist' unknown or inaccessible when replacing images.1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : sometimes, if we choose as key the name of the product, although the button "check and correct duplicates" indicates to us that all goes well, the launch of the import stops with an SQL error indicating the presence of duplicate (error id_shop). You have to check "Do not check for the unicity of the key in sync".1.4.0.a.build2
Fix : changing the language in "Display" only rafraichissait not the display of the table of images1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : the use of the function from the context menu (right-click in a table), as the MagicEdit or copy and paste should start with save and clear the tab sheet if it contains the data of a product (similarly for the categories.1.4.0.a.build2
Improvement : flashing of the "Refresh" button for the products table, after each upload of new photos1.3.3.a.build2
Fix : the topic defining the type of inventory management packs (pack_stock_type) is supported from version PS instead of
Fix : since the v1.3.2, the column headings of the declinaisons prices and specific remain French when the interface is in English.1.3.3.a.build2
Fix : failure to read the contents of the column associated with the warehouse das the products table1.3.3.a.build2
Fix : crash if you check the two options to hide rows of variations in step 3 of the import1.3.3.a.build2
Fix : the locks of control panels left and right sometimes disappear1.3.3.a.build2
Fix : error Message CKEditor evil launched systematic at startup1.3.3.a.build2
Fix : translation into English of the management of the breaks, the text "Roll/Unroll all" and other menu options not translated in the menus, right-click tables1.3.3.a.build2
Fix : if you switch from a connection to a site multi shops site mono shop and had checked the pre-filter "Uniq. products multi shops", the button "Other pre-filters" remains in orange.1.3.3.a.build2
Fix : SQL Error "Unknown column 'HAS_DEC' in 'having clause'..." at the display of accessories, if one does not activate the recursive mode in the tree view of the categories of accessories and the table of products parents is pre-filtered to only list products with variations1.3.2.b.build1
Fix : the title of the columns filtered is incorrectly updated with each refresh1.3.2.b.build1
Fix : the message indicating the reading of the id of the categories are still displayed when using the scheduler1.3.2.b.build1
Fix : % 1 %2 from the popup menu tree of categories is not replaced by the value of the cell in which it was clicked1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : PS 17000, the activation box of the mode of management of the stock advanced must stay greyed out1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : SQL error when viewing the variations, if we included the coverage or the value of the stock, on PS >=
Fix : SQL error in the backup code of the tab sheet on the topic id_type_redicrected from PS
Fix : error at line 59 of overall Procedure colorer_champ_cliqué_droit process.1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : dots (.) in the name of a warehouse, made plant Merlin in the start1.3.2.a.build1
Improvement of performance important for in the code of the option "Display only one line per product" when reading and viewing Excel files that contain a mix of products and variations to import. On a file of 200 000 lines, of which 51 000 products, the operation had taken more than two hours with the previous version. The same operation on the same file takes now 15 min.
In addition, this treatment is now done at the same time that the other option "Exclude rows that have a value for the key
Fix : errerur in local procedure mémorisation_ordre_et_largeur_toutes_colonnes (FEN_MAIN.PROCEDURE.mémorisation_ordre_et_largeur_toutes_colonnes), line 53 when a click on import button in Excel1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : mode control of the import, do not hide the option to send photos , nor the choice field key synchro categories.1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : with the export function simultaneous "products + variations" with the option to wysiwyg, in the export file, the columns are not always in the same order as the columns displayed in the products table
On the other hand, wysiwyg or not, the columns manufacturer and supplier do not indicate the name of the supplier/manufacturer, but its identifier.
Fix : new display option to choose not to load the global file.css of the site, in HTML editors (CKEditor) to Merlin. This allows you to correct the conflict between the CSS styles to CKEditor, and those defined in the global.css.1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : processing of 'local Procedure code_modification_INT_compteurs' (FEN_MAIN.PROCEDURE.code_modification_INT_compteurs), line 8, thread 0
System error : Access violation (GPF)
Fix : when editing the discount rate of a target category for a group of customers, and that it is valid by changing the line target category, we lose the display of the value that you just choose, as if we had to change group (if the source category is not the same)1.3.2.a.build1
Improvement : after a duplication of products, there is no need of having to click twice on the "Display" button to refresh the table. The button changes to "Refresh" and blinks to indicate that the duplication is complete.1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the module SitologApplicationConnect 7.6.a shows version 7.5.at the time of the connection, in the trace window.1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : after refresh of the categories by the method"read all", if a sub class has the same name as its parent category, the two have the same tree (=name of the two categories)1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : SQL error in the translation table of the categories, when the recursive mode is enabled, with two shops selected, if the categories are ordered by id, indicating a problem on the nleft1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the filtering by the shop of the list of characteristics associated with the products is without effect1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : clicking on rle small red rectangle in the generator of declination : Error on line 14 of the treatment Click on BTN_selection_lignes_rupture ( TABLE_Ps_attribute ).
The passage of the parameter to 1 caused error.
An element of type 'UNICODE string' cannot be converted to type 'field'.
Fix : opening error line 68 of construire_rubrique_colonne_stock_avancé_product, table dimension non-positive1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the association function in mass of all the products in several categories, such as accessories of all products in other categories was that on the first category of accessories selected1.3.2.a.build1
Patch using : generator, replace "product "" " by simply "products" in step 21.3.2.a.build1
Ergonomics : in the tab sheet, the language selector is moved to the top of the "Name" field to no longer check/uncheck by error the backup option automatic1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the button "All" of the generator of the variations remains orange even when you empty the table or select the rows or adds attributes1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : when exporting categories : Error on line 30 of the processing Procedure local code_affichage_ligne_TABLE_ps_category_navigation.1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the switch ' On..." calculator to view products appear in category view1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the close box of the window repair is not anchored to the right1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the pre-filter "uniq. products multi shops appears even if you did not click on "pre-filters", when one selects a second shop1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : if a store several URLs are defined in PrestaShop, Merlin had 1 row per url in the table of shops.1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : generation not possible from PDF catalogue of déclianisons because it was missing files in the compilation1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : translation of the title "login Window..."1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the titles of the columns that are displayed are not the securities selected in the configurator, but the default titles1.3.2.a.build1
Fix : the column "discount amount" of the import, if the cell of the Excel file, the standard type, was empty, had to 0.00 in the table in step 3 (and therefore created a specific price of $ nil)1.3.1.d.build1
Fix : error on line 353 of the treatment Click on BTN_move_all_selected_categories_and_products.
You have called the [] operator on the field TABLE_ps_category_lang3.
The specified index [x] is invalid.
Fix : the column "new price base" in the import table affcihait 0 in the empty cells (making the product free)1.3.1.d.build1
Fix : move a product in another category, when the tab "File" is active, could result in to copy the data of the file in the following product to the list if you selected another product.1.3.1.d.build1
Fix : errors in the structure of the categories, following the displacement or cloning of categories after having used the "Refresh-read" of the table of categories of sources.1.3.1.d.build1
Fix : the images were imported as double in spite of the option "New products only", when imports from the tab of the scheduler.1.3.1.d.build1
Improvement : the program no longer asks for permission to replace "Merlin Backoffice.REP" during updates.1.3.1.d.build1
Fix : bug that is specific to the V1.3.1, the app closes when the page displays specific prices or the table of links to products/suppliers.1.3.1.b.build1
Safety improvements : if, after having been stored in memory, you uncheck the option to "remember" a password, it is erased from the database.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : with PS 1.4, SQL error if you request the display of the captions of the images in the table of declinations1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : error on line 41 of the treatment Procedure overall upload_liste_images_a_transferer.
The dimension 1 of the array has 2 element(s) and you try to access the element
Fix : selecting a row in the table of characteristics of the products, is to disable the button "All" of the table of attribute groups1.3.1.a.build1
Enhancement : changes made to the xlsx format using the tool are taken into account without the need to click on "replay"1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : if the variable PrestaShop PS_IMG_PROD_DIR_ is not defined, the script to remove orphaned images remove the images in all the folders1.3.1.a.build1
Improvement : drag and drop images to change their position is not functional if the lines are ordered by increasing value of position. Now, if this condition is not met, a message will tell you which to quickly understand and correct this problem.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : the values of characteristics in which the column "custom" is set to "null" instead of 0, are not displayed in the products table and in the values of characteristics.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : 1st launch of merlin , after the installation, the pre-filter main is empty1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : line 186 of delete_images_products_.php connector, variable "deleted" is not declared1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : checkmark to rate margins automatic is problematic when you have multiple sources (error HFSQL : The value of IDtaux_de_marge must be unique in the database)1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : duplicate records have been detected for the key <IDtaux_de_marge> on the file <source_taux_de_marge>.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : it could happen that the columns of the type "1 column-by-attribute" are not displayed when the color attributes have a null value in the database.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : two scheduled events, mix up the files and mappings.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : it happens randomly as a source of import to lose his connection with his model of the mapping1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : processing of 'local Procedure warning_deroule_tout' (FEN_left_panel.PROCEDURE.warning_deroule_tout), line 16, thread 01.3.1.a.build1
Fix : with PS 1.4, SQL error, if one uses a pre-filter on the table of the product and that the one selects all the categories ('WHERE AND')1.3.1.a.build1
Error at line 426 of overall Procedure upload_liste_images_a_transferer process.
A value should have been returned by 'Method mySQLExec'.
Fix : when exporting in csv rather than xls, the column "Active" contains "x" instead of "1"1.3.1.a.build1
Bug severe fix : the script to repair the database by delete rows of the tables containing id_product=0 were removed, the associations between products and packs.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : Error when displaying the variations of color with "1 colonen by attribute", if a color is a texture1.3.1.a.build1
Improvement : for all tables, if one selects manually all the rows in the table, the button "all" or "All" of the table shown (orange)1.3.1.a.build1
Security enhancement : it is no longer possible to view saved passwords (employee, https, ftp, proxy,...)1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : moving a category to itself is done in spite of being forbidden .Suddenly it disappears and you have to disable the mode for loading progressive (based on the breadcrumbs) to move it again.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : error in procedure global procedure De_colorer_champ_cliqué_droit line 201.3.1.a.build1
Fix : if English interface, it indicates that the recursive mode is enabled when one wants to create a new category.
Bug random, the software refuses to create a new category, claiming wrongly that the recursive mode is engaged.
Fix : pre-filters manufacturers and suppliers do not seem to be able to be modified, the preceding value are taken into account. It is necessary to re-read the categories to be taken into account1.3.1.a.build1
Fix labels PRO : Area K, if transparent color is indexed, appears only on the 1st label1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : crash when viewing declinations if an attribute value of type color, it has no associated color, and, if we request to include the "1 column per attribute" in the table.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix labels PRO : Choice of lapolice area => open fen trace with name police1.3.1.a.build1
fix : Error on line 43 of the processing Procedure local assigner_apres_check_taille_date_un_fichier_image.
The passage of the parameter 2 has caused an error.
Fix labels PRO : If "Batch" is checked, the second label has two € , and the same for the prefix... and then 3 , four... On the bottom graph, on the contrary, - and % do not appear on the 1st labels.1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : Merlin indicated to see a pre filter so that it does not have one, when you validate a change of positions of the products of a sub category1.3.1.a.build1
Fix : crash if right-click in the table mapping of columns in the import window.1.3.1.a.build1
With the extension Labels PRO : Fix : input fields color appeared black to the opening of the window of the label generatorbeta.1.3.0.b.build1
Fix : the column provider price the vendor table is set up incorrectly, it does not accept that the price rounded. The tooltip of the column is also incorrect, its content is that of another columnbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Satbilisation : removal of the "Maximize on open", because the corresponding function of Windev sometimes produces a window larger than the screen, hiding part of the title bar and the orange bar on the right.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : SQL error during the reading of the charges, if no default country is not defined in PrestaShopbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Security : It is now forbidden to activate the mode of inventory management developed when using the 1.7 version of PrestaShop (which no longer supports this mode)beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : the mode of management of stock developed was 100% focntionnel that if the licence also includes the option to import (as in PrestaPricing), whereas it is independent in Merlin. This affects very few users.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : depending on the size of the screen, the buttons at the bottom of the window repair database could be inaccessible.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : when adding a config table, error at line 53 of the treatment Click on BTN_configuration_tables. 'Open' should return a value.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : in the barcode generator, the selector, EAN13/ UPC was masked, preventing it to switch to UPCbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : SQL Error if you select a single warehouse after you have displayed the columns for all the warehousesbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : the list of providers in the table and duplicates were not met, preventing to change the default provider of the products in double.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : The title of the column "Quantity sold" is not showing the duration if the advanced management mode is not enabledbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : in the table of duplicates, the change of references or other values, could not be taken into account, when the product was poorly associated with a shop.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : SQL Error duplicate key on feature_value_lang when creating a new characteristic value, if translation of the old values have not been correctly erased from the database.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : connection error if there is a warehouse which the name ends with a space.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : SQL error when selecting a country without a state, in the table to display a specific price existing.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : error when you check the box of any of the association columns of the attribute values to a shopbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : SQL error when refreshing from the products table after you have deactivated the mode of management, advanced inventory, so that the products table contained all the columns of the warehousesbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Minor fix : the columns of the warehouses cannot be masked more as long as they do not resume the app, in the specific case, or they were posted before you disable the mode of inventory management advanced.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : if you get out of the sheet by clicking in a check box of the table of the high ("enabled", "ordered", "inventory Management advanced", "Quantity based on stock in warehouse", "web exclusive", "virtual product", "balance", "show status", "prices visible" ), this click is not taken in to account if the card is in the mode "automatic Backup"beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : the quantity field in the tab sheet does not accept negative values (same for other numeric fields, such as the price)beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : when a button indicated cool, blinking, he had to click it twice to refresh, the 1st click does nothing but clear the table.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Improvement : remove the automatic width calculation of the columns of the import table, which gave sometimes of the column too small in width.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : drag and drop of photos in the import window created two lines (two products) per photobeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Optimization : the activation of the mode of inventory management advanced launched a request which took about twenty seconds to run. Reduced to less than 2 seconds.beta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : the generation of catalogues PDF could crash if all of the rows from the table had not been displayed at least once and that the column photo was thisbeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : columns of attributes and caractérisitques, lacked "Remove the filter from that column" in their menubeta.1.3.0.a.build1
Fix : SQL error in using MagicEdit on the column of the names of the attribute groups1.2.0.a.build1
Fix : when refreshing a table with breaks already rolled-up, everything is peeled, but the flag coiled remains to be true, so the action is wrapped following does nothing1.2.0.a.build1
Fix : since version 1.0.4, the command "Place all the current content" of the context menus of the tables ran a replay and afficahge of the complete tree, instead of only the branches already taken place.1.2.0.a.build1
Optimization : the display of accessories rafraîchissait unnecessarily the display of the products table. Ditto when you use the selection button to recursively the tree structure of the tab of accessories.1.2.0.a.build1
Fix the zoom excessive of the window of configuration of the columns if we use the global zoom of Merlin in addition to the zoom Windows.1.2.0.a.build1
Fix : click on the red rectangle with a rupture of the table value is predefined feature not refreshing not posting translations1.2.0.a.build1
Fix : the tooltip of the button "New" category date of PrestaCatégories.1.2.0.a.build1
Fix : in the mode "Ordering of products", it could be the blocks of products associated with a category were displayed in several blocks instead of one.1.2.0.a.build1
Adding the verification of lack of duplication of products (according to the key sync selected) when importing variations via the scheduler or via the manual import by block of rows. This is in order to block the import of which would result in the creation of variations of that orphan.1.1.0.a.build1
Fix : SQL error if we loosed the column "List of attributes" in the table to the right of the configurator1.1.0.a.build1
Fix : there was no backup of the changes made to the reference supplier for the tab sheet, on versions 1.5 and higher of PrestaShop.1.1.0.a.build1
Lacked the functions of cut, copy, paste in the column "Management amount of the pack" of the table of products1.1.0.a.build1
Minor fix : the display of specific prices , then the choice of a customer in the table of specific price seemed to be run multiple times the script reading of the full list of customers.1.1.0.a.build1
Fix : the association columns of the products with the shops remained displayed even if it is drilled the line in the configurator column, right table.1.1.0.a.build1
Fix a bug in the function "selection is filtered on this column, in the table of specific price, on the column "Versions". Do séléctionnait that among the rows visible on the screen and was not aware of the lines masked below the bottom of the table.1.1.0.a.build1
Fix : the columns of the attributes of the variations were still shown even if we drilled the line in the configurator column, right table.1.1.0.a.build1
Lacked the functions of cut, copy, paste in the column "Customer" of the table of specific prices1.1.0.a.build1
Fix a SQL error that could occur in the output of the tool changing positions of the products.1.0.5.a.build1
Fix : in the view and table of the categories, the column Id shop default category remained grayed out in some cases.1.0.5.a.build1
Fix SQL error if one unchecks the "1 column per feature" or "accessory" in the table to the right of the configurator columns1.0.5.a.build1
Fixed the problem of encoding-wrong display of special characters and accents) that could occur after the passage of the interface from English to French)1.0.5.a.build1
Fix : with the licence limited to the management of products, categories were hidden in the opening, it was necessary each time to pull the splitter down to reveal them.1.0.5.a.build1
Fix : the selection of a default provider was not always stored with the settings of the source, in particular during the use of the planner.1.0.5.a.build1
Fixed an import failure if a column mapping of Type "redirect" and Id product redirected1.0.5.a.build1
Random problem : no backup of changes made to the description of the categories from the tab sheet. OK after switching in mode "Applications SQL encrypted at the sending"1.0.5.a.build1
Fix : fail to launch if the name of a storage contained only special characters, such as cyrillic, for example.1.0.5.a.build1
Deletion of the execution in task parallel, the initialization phase of the main window. It loses a little in speed (only visible on very large databases), but it gains in stability.1.0.4.a.build1
Added checking existence of image file on FTP before attempting to read.1.0.4.a.build1
Fix : TAB characters were replaced by the string aa-bb, when displayed in the HTML editors1.0.4.a.build1
Correction of this error message : "Error on line 22 of the treatment Procedure overall echec_connexion_ftp. The member 'Image' does not exist in the class or structure 'STGS_Thread_images_category_a_transferer'." when trying to send image categories, while the setting of the FTP connection is incorrect.1.0.4.a.build1
Fix : All the photos and all the translations of all the categories to be displayed instead of displaying only those of the selected categories1.0.4.a.build1
Fix : not shifted and not the display of the table of translations, and images of the categories, after you have deleted the selected categories.1.0.4.a.build1
Fix a bug in random : the calculation of the values of the column "coverage" did not always if it was not included in the column "Quantity sold" and "Quantity available for sale".1.0.4.a.build1
Crash the app with error message (garbage):
Error at line 568 of treatment Procedure local partie_finale_code_bouton_connexion.
'Open' should return a value.


----- Technical information -----

Call WL :
Treatment of 'local Procedure partie_finale_code_bouton_connexion' (FEN_Fenetre1.PROCEDURE.partie_finale_code_bouton_connexion), line 568, thread 0

What has happened in the past ?
'Open' should return a value.

Known cases:
-Removing a c
Stabilization of the blinking code of the buttons1.0.4.a.build1
Fixing the code to anticipate and prevent this type of error due to Windev : "Method mySQLLitCol and mySQLLitLigne (c_xxxx.mySQLLitCol), line 14, of the type The dimension 1 of the array has x element(s) and you try to access element x+
Doubt there will be duplication, or to update the model mapping inactivated if no template is selected to avoid critical error.1.0.4.a.build1
Error of reading of translated texts in the table of products, on version 1.3 and 1.4 of PrestaShop in multi languages1.0.4.a.build1
Fix a SQL error on shgr.share_qt when we filter the products with or without variations1.0.4.a.build1
At the first launch, the decoding UTF8 is wrong sometimes. It is necessary to disconnect and reconnect to fix the problem. This is seen in the word "French" poorly-written.1.0.4.a.build1
Fixed a severe error of calculation of the amount available to the selling of products that are in the mode of management of the stocks advanced, that in some cases, does not take into account cancelled orders.1.0.4.a.build1
Fix : when the deletion request is immediately categories newly created, the program refused arguing that they contained the products (it was not looking in the right categories). It was necessary to change the view and go back to work around the problem.1.0.4.a.build1
Fixed a critical error in the script delete duplicate images download1.0.4.a.build1
Error on line 36 of the treatment Procedure overall EnvoieEmail.
You have called the function EmailLanceAppli.
See mail 7/02
The export of the column "URLS of all the photos," duplicated urls in the xls file.1.0.4.a.build1
SQL error on prsh.id_product when the request for display of translations of the products, based on PS 1.3 and
Fixed an SQL error in the launch, during the reading of groups of clients, when the database tables have no prefix.1.0.2.a.build1
Fix : the tooltips of the buttons for bulk actions grew with each display of the subsequent (the content is duplicated)1.0.2.a.build1
Repair the filter to choose a provider in the provider tab. The list was empty and the selection of a line causes a SQL error1.0.2.a.build1
Some of the lists were empty : list of states, language, list shopping tab price specific1.0.2.a.build1
Style lift table columns custom1.0.2.a.build1
The content of some of the combo drop-down was brought back fully to the left (pre-filters, list countries)1.0.2.a.build1
Fix : use the button "position" in conjunction with the column "VAT-inclusive Prices final" or any other column concerning the specific price or crossed, was not the complete list of products associated to the category, but only those that have a specific price associated with it.1.0.2.a.build1
Functionality expert : getting set up even to the GROUP BY the request of reading of the products, when you configure a column customizable to display a topic non-standard). This allows for example to display multiple rows per product, provided that it has of possible values for the field.1.0.2.a.build1
Increase height securities table accessories1.0.2.a.build1
Removal of the comprotement following that so poorly known, led to a result that is not desired : the sending of an image era, it automatically selected at the right. The replacement of an image is done at present only by a drag-and-drop the new image on the old1.0.2.a.build1
Fix crash when creating new suppliers via import1.0.2.a.build1
Mauvasie translation of the button to display photos1.0.2.a.build1
Fix : the list of scheduler events was not anchored to the left1.0.2.a.build1
Patch important : the importation of new products, with a license that does not include the basic function of "category Management", could lead to the creation of products that are called "orphans", that is to say not attached to a category by default.1.0.1.a.build1
last ligen init thread parallel to recopy in merlin 231.0.1.a.build1
PC LICENSE only => disable possibility to duplicate products, ability to delete products, activate/off,modify the products by calculation from the categories (or the action button agroupées on products),delete images, orphan,graying calculation options such as chg management of the stock advanced, impact on sale price, deactivation fees, graying under onlget dec. to display (or hide commeSP1.0.1.a.build1
Prevention of a crash random tied to the opening incomplete panel right (The field "FEN_right_panel" is unknown.)1.0.1.a.build1
Xls export of the categories do not always open the window when it is launched from the button "Action Groupées"1.0.1.a.build1
The association columns of the products with the shops remain greyed out, even when the license includes the basic function of "category management".1.0.1.a.build1
Following a change of language interface, the button text of the pre-filter was orange even if no pre-filter was put in place.1.0.0.a.build1
Crash when using the repair tool levels and breadcrumb on-site in v1.71.0.0.a.build1
In the end of the import, if the import included download pictures, the table of step 3 saw its columns disparaitrent and réaparaitrent, this is not a bug but a loss of time and unpleasant visually. Replaced by an updated "silent" of the table (it is hidden in the time of the update).1.0.0.a.build1
Right-click on the drawer, "Categories" freed all of the other drawers too far to the bottom1.0.0.a.build1
See mail: 15/12 failed to decrease in amount, an application stored missing => OK module
Missing the function of filtering in the column "Status" in the table of step 3 of the import1.0.0.a.build1
Inherited defect of PrestaCatégories, now fixed, if you move a category after you have selected grace to a column filter, the breadcrumb is broken.1.0.0.a.build1
Bug display drawer categories after minimizing window1.0.0.a.build1
Missing hourglass when you check the column gum in the table of attribute groups1.0.0.a.build1
Export categories, I have 1> in front of the tree during the reading of the file to import (and not in PP) -- and then crash (see screenshot if cleaning 1> with magic edit1.0.0.a.build1
SQL error when you choose "All dates" for the calculation of the sales and afichait the column "stock cover"beta.0.1.2.a.build1
The display of the manufacturer was wrong in the tab file (read the vendor id or location id manufacturer). If the mode is automatic backup was activated, it replaced the association product/manufacturer in the database.beta.0.1.2.a.build1
Click in the table showing the features associated with the products, on a value of custom, opens a popup edit. In the language en could appear several times instead of only once.beta.0.1.2.a.build1
Update quantities by import generates an SQL error speaking of !$! => It is not a bug, but a result of the use with a version that is not compatible with the module connector. To update the connector module in version 7.4.c minimum, first version compatible with Merlin backoffice to avoid this error.beta.0.1.2.a.build1
On the tab versions the ccolonne captions of the images remains emptybeta.0.1.2.a.build1
on my site, duplication of the product merlin does not clone not the variations, I do it with PP or with Merlin. It works if I duplicate PP ave PP. Reason : Property Combination->reference length (58) must be between 0 and 32beta.0.1.2.a.build1
on my site, duplication of the product merlin does not clone not the variations, I do it with PP or with Merlin. It works if I duplicate PP ave PP. Reason : Property Combination->reference length (58) must be between 0 and 32beta.0.1.2.a.build1
on my site, duplication of the product merlin does not clone not the variations, I do it with PP or with Merlin. It works if I duplicate PP ave PP. Reason : Property Combination->reference length (58) must be between 0 and 32beta.0.1.2.a.build1
Old bug inherited from PrestaPricing and now corrected: transfers of stock of the variations don't work if you chose the option "Put all the used stock usable"beta.0.1.2.a.build1
Preventive management of cases or the table category_shop contains lines with id_shop=0 (this created lines with id_shop=0 in category_lang)beta.0.1.2.a.build1
In PrestaPricing, the calculation of coverage does not occur when the column inventory valuation is enabled. In Merlin beta 1.1, the display order of the columns can influence on this calculation, which is now fixed.beta.0.1.2.a.build1
Fixed SQL error in the where clause of the applications of displacement of the products, if you selected the setting "in all the shops"beta.0.1.2.a.build1
Old bug present in PrestaPricing also : entering a characteristic value custom to a feature that does not have the predefined value, without linking it to a product, added a line with id_feature_value to 0 in the table feature_value_lang, which will then appear in admin on every product, for all the features.beta.0.1.2.a.build1
Add section on method or retrieve the param : copy and renoomme MPR_PP_Data in SIT_MB_Data and remove in the two files custom.ndx and custom .ficbeta.0.1.2.a.build1
Allow the anicien playback mode category for debugbeta.0.1.1.a.build1
Move the duplicate products in bulk actionsbeta.0.1.1.a.build1
wrong prefix given in the table configuration, if one disconnects and reconnects on two bases which are tnot the same prefixes tablesbeta.0.1.1.a.build1
The side panels are detachable to present that by clicking in their title bar, and not in the window itself. This is to avoid that new users off the panels without the want (and don't know how to reattach them).beta.0.1.1.a.build1
Prochaine version
the changes in mass quantities / stocks. In fact, they are very slow on the main interface, while all other changes are very fast.

In addition, when you import a CSV, if there is not the column stock, it is very fast, but if there are stocks it is very slow. => fixed in shopmaster grace to a stored procedure
Prochaine version
Fix bugs 5* PP, such as the slow change of the quantities.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
version 7.3.a => 7.4.c in all messagesalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Management of the SN Merlin on the sitealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Fix a crash in case of failure of creation of a new characteristic or a new attribute in the database (table with index zero)alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Impossible to do otherwise than accept the release of the forunisseur by default when the exchange -- in the column of the product tablealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Fix SQL error " unknown column shgr.share_stock in field list..." when displaying products in a shop forming part of a group to amount shared, with as choice of column "physical Quantity" or "Location".alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Mod mulit shop or not , the two shops are selected, magic edit not possible modif cat not related to any. But display modified and no error messagealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
2:43:34:68 License's validity check done. Validity=Fatal error: Uncaught Db->run() must be used only with select, show, explain gold describe queries thrown in /home/sitolog2/public_html/classes/db/Db.php on line 638. If the debug mode of my sie is true.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Simple Mode shop. If a single shop selected, not possible modif cat not associated (+ message erreru ok). But possible if two shop selected, even not associated.alpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Table translation product does not put up to date if all shop selec and edit mulit shop, after modification of name in sheetalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
if 1234 shops selected, mode mulit shop, the amendment does not change that in shop 3 while cat associéee 3 and 4. OK if only 3 and 4 are selectedalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Mod mulit shop, two shops are selected, not possible modif cat not associated with any. But display modified and no error messagealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Mode mulit or not not possible to edit by copy pasted cat not associated with those selected (1 or 2), but display screen is updated and no error messagealpha.0.1.0.a.build1
bug light, change the selection of categories, not reselectionne not all of the image if the button "Selection all" of the table of images is pressedalpha.0.1.0.a.build1
Bug SQL old mode of reading ac id_shop_default then, that this mode does not use ailaisalpha.0.1.0.a.build1

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