PrestaPricing versions history

Version 7.2.8.a (stabilization + improvement)

New feature (beta test): import of a CSV file downloaded from a stream, ie the address of a PHP file. Only works with the CSV format and if the csv file name is the same as the php file name.

Fixed: nobody had reported this bug, yet well generated and discovered by changing the code for the next version: when modifying several items of the same row of the translation table of the products, only the last column modified Was saved.

Bugfix: The Replay_base_for_quantity_products_only code could generate an SQL error with versions prior to 1.5 of PS, depending on which columns are displayed or not. Or, in other cases, make the "Valorisation" and "" columns incorrect when modifying a value in the quantity column.
Fix: Hourglass stop at the end of reading an XLS file containing images
Fix: when the image of a product was covered and associated with one of the shops, the action of declaring it cover in another shop to which it was not yet associated did not work (not taken into account in the database , But taken into account on screen, before refreshing). It was necessary to associate it with this other shop before declaring it cover.
Fix: From PS1.7.1.0, the id_product_redirected was renamed to id_type_redirected in the database, which would generate an SQL error if this column were displayed.
Fix: Fatal error if you try to copy a paste from an empty row of a table
Fix: crash when modifying a specific price if PS is in version before 1.6.1

Version 7.2.7.a  (stabilization + improvement)

Can change the value of a customized characteristic without having to delete it and recreate it.

Added "today", "three months" and "all dates" times to the filter of the column sold quantity. Allows to follow the sales of the day and for example to get the list of products never sold.

Clicking on a category now allows you to exit the "all selected" mode

"Fix: Error at line 73 of the Process Local Procedure Transfer_images_selected.
A field does not have a subelement. The operator '.' forbidden."

Prohibit filter actions on the category tree if all rows have not been read. Rendered to avoid index errors or row pointing errors.

Phase I of MagicEdit (changes made on screen only) is now much faster

Fix: When opening the import window, if the option "Create non-existing categories" was checked and hidden during the previous use, it was impossible to import without unchecking this option

Progress gauge when reading the database for filling all tables. Allows to follow the progress during the long readings on the large bases.

Fix: The display script of the accessory table was in some cases executed two time consecutively (loss of time).

Better initialization of the position of the vertical separators of the accessories and declinations tabs

Optimization of the configuration change of the columns of the accessories table.

"Fixed an error that might occur when launching an import if the default store field is not populated and no category has been created yet: error on line 34 of the process Local procedure get_ma_default_category.
You called the [] operator on the TABLE_ps_category_lang field.
The specified index [2] is invalid "

"Correction of an error that may occur when refreshing accessories: Error at line 536 of the procedure Local procedure Code_boutons_refresh_all.
You called the ThreadExecute function.
The thread already exists. "

Added hourglass when unchecked "Associated Providers" from the Vendor tab

"Correction of the error in line .. of the procedure Local procedure code_remontant_fiche_vers_tables.
You called operator [] on the TABLE_ps_product field.
The specified index [-1] is invalid. "

Very significant acceleration (gain in speed close to 100%) of the display of the various tables, especially when a very large number of lines is required. Examples for a dozen basic columns, for 15000 lines, from 120s to 49s, for 5000 lines from 14s to 10s, for 500 lines and pase from 4s to 3s.

Fixed a bug in the SQL query when modifying custom features values ​​when the database contains a very large number of custom values

Fix: The drop-down list for choosing the time to calculate past sales remains grayed out if the advanced inventory management mode is not enabled.

"Many improvements in managing custom features values:
-modification of values ​​from the translation table without deleting and re-assigning (more intuitive and faster).
- new SQL queries that better manage huge lists of possible values ​​(much faster and better suited to sites containing hundreds of thousands of custom values).
-Tables of custom or standard values ​​are grayed according to the state of "

Import Enhancement: Automatically manages CSV files whose separator between each row contains both a CR (carriage return) and an LF (line feed). Before, if the user just indicated RC, the remaining LF was included in the text of the first column of the next line (often at the beginning of the product reference). Now any LF that is at the beginning of the line is simply deleted. The import becomes simpler and a common error source is cleared.

CSV file processing now automatically ignores totally empty rows and columns (this was already the case for XLS and XLSX files).

Improvement: Excel file playback ignores columns whose title is not defined

Improvement: Creating a new mapping model ignores untitled columns.

Improvement: Creating a mapping template uses the first non-empty line to find the column headings (automatically manages files that have one or more empty lines before the line containing the headings).

Removal of the risk of crash if you try to unroll a category before the end of the full loading of the application

Version 7.2.6.b  (stabilization)

Fix a significant slow down in the script doing the saving of the HTML editor.

Version 7.2.6.a

Correction of the filter of products according to the selected group of customers
Fixed an error in the bulk update feature of the accessories table
Correction of the multi shop saving from the "Form" tab
You can now use the form tab to create translations in languages not yet associated to products.
Change of logic: when leaving the of editing a line of a product, the values in the text columns are saved in various shops, only if the value has been changed (edited) on the screen. Before, the displayed values systematically replaced values in the base.
Fixed a randoù SQL error when using the "1 column by feature
FIX: the lsit of possible root categories, in the shops table, contained x times the same category (its various names by store)
Redesign of the simplified URLs creation, for a better taking into account of the differences in names of the products in the various shops.
Correction of reading and display of the quantities in the warehouse for products without declination
Fixed SQL error "BIGINT value is out of range in..." then the display of the "Expected quantity" column in warehouses is requested. Happened only in the case (absurd, but already seen) of the number of received products is exceeding the number of ordered products
Adding a slider to zoom in the tables. Very convenient with the new 4k and 5k screens like the one of the Surface Pro

Version 7.2.5.c  (stabilization)

Fixed SQL error "Duplicate CONCAT_WS..." when using customizable columns on the same field or the same database table.
If unable to load the CKEditor, sheet tab is automatically disabled to prevent them from accidentally erase the descriptions
CKEditor white, invisible, without error when the connection url is wrong before (for example an extra space inserted just after the http://.) The new code search and remove this kind of space.
Correction of the function which prevents duplicates of photos during the upload mass to a list of images or the import of items with pictures. In some cases, there are duplicates and instead some pictures could be missing.
Fixed SQL error when a customizable column request the display of a topic already present in another column of the table.
If a product doesn't have a translation in a given language in a given store, we can fill these missing values directly from the table of products or accessories (and not simply from the table of translations)
Cleaning of the special characters in line of the table of translations of products output
The interface from the main window change did not affect the choice of the interface dasn the login window
Correction of the update of the various tables when changing the language on the form tab product, when the AutoSave is enabled

Version 7.2.5.b  (stabilization)

Fixed a defect that kept changing the amount of variations by import if the column "Action if out of stock" was mapped
It is now possible to import each declination value in the parameter "Behavior when out of stock" (only from PS 1.5)
Serious bug: deleting of variations that are not related to a warehouse locations is emptying the locations of the other products that have no combinations.
Products with variations are not affected.
Fixed a bug in code small square red table attributes of the combinations generator window = Crash to cause error index line
Correction of illogical behaviour: the import of new variations gave them the value 2 ("default") for the parameter "behavior when out of stock" rather than give them the same value set for their product. Only from ps 1.5
Correcion of a rare bug when creating a new group of attributes with the Green star button. Possibility of reversal of the value 'type' and 'position' if the two entries are reversed in the table in the database.
Correction of a defect of reading and display of the association between declinations and warehouses, where we ask the display of the data of a single warehouse.
Fixed a SQL error in changing the type of quantity discount, on PrestaShop versions 1.2 and 1.3

Version 7.2.5.a  (stabilization)

Fixed a malfunction of memorization of the display of columns in the table of specifi prices.
Correction of a failure of reading of the dates of beginning and end of discounts on old PrestaShop versions (before 1.4)
Faster display of the categories when the photos column is presents The program now avoids to redo a search for images of the categories that do not have a photo. Also true for products with the no cover image.
New imported products got the value 0 ("refuse orders") in stock_availlable, for "out_of_stock" instead of 2 ("default")
Removed blue messages during the auomatic import (planificatoir) that were placed on top of the windows of other applications
Integration of installation of VC ++ 2010 in addition to the 2013 to better support variuos versions of Windows
Fixed a bug specific to the beta 7.2.4 : was not possible to add existing attributes to combinations. Same issue for the addition of existing features to products
Fix SQL error "not unique alias capr" when displaying accessories, using the "eye" button
Fixed a severe bug: the modification by calculation of the margin rate, with the buttons + or - gave a false result (+ 10 gave + 1000)

Version beta 7.2.4.a

The tax group list of the create new product windos is missing the 1st tax group
Optimization of the time of reading the rules of taxes and tax rates
Specific price, random priority between two equivalent specific prices, one in %, in value, without dates, others with date range. PS gives priority to those who has dates.
Fixed a bug which doubles the tax rate used to display prices including tax, when the country doesn't have a state, but the tax rule is set to "combine the taxes"
SQL error: Unknown column 'shgr.share_stock' in 'field list' if the filter "without declination" is unchecked and the "quantity" column for sale is not checked. Similar message if the option is the qt column are totu checked two
Solving a problem of re-view of reports of import if the columns of the file begin with Fe or At (in the case of some files exported by PrestaPricing)
Resolution of very slow running during import of columns of suppliers, brands, features or attributes, when the number of different values is very large (more than 40000)
Very significant acceleration of the display of very large files of imports with columns of features and attributes.
SQL error: Unknown column ' sppr...' during the display of the table of the variants if only the price -tx column is checked.
Removal of the CK (HTML) editor background
Correction of a SQL error when deleting variants under PS1.4, on the product_supplier table that did not yet exist

Version 7.2.3.a

"quantity" column can be moved
Correction of a bug when the name of one of the warehouses contains a dot, space or special character: error on line 87 of the treatment Procedure local construit_liste_entrepots.<br>
You called the function ChampCloneFenetre.<br>
<WH 1="" laserenfolie="">is not a valid destination for the cloning of <stored>.<br>
The price change was not taken into account if the price column HT was not checked
Correction of Error on line 321 of the treatment Procedure local exporte_resultat_d_import.<br>
Forbidden ' Visible' property.
Correction of Error on line 2 of the click on BTN_Lien_product_supplier treatment.<br>
The operation '-' is prohibited between a 'UNICODE string' type element and an element of type 'Integer'. at the request of the supplier, after selecting a table display produced with several selected shops
Fixed a severe bug: products Deleting removes specific prices that are not associated with a particular store for all products
Solved : transfer from a warehouse that has no stock, puts 0 stock in the warehouse of destination instead of keeping his current stock
Solved : If there is a single warehouse and is moved to the left column "quantite" available, all of the following have a sub heading
Fixed an SQL error on stav.quantity right after deleting a declination, if the available quantity column is missing from the product table.
Columns quantity in warehouses was not editable directly
Fixed a defect that made that when you cancel a bulk change (vertical copy in a column), the display seems frozen and repeat the same operation impossible.

Version beta 7.2.2.a

The radio button of the product filter was automatically reset to AND after a refresh
In the accessories table, the product names were not displayed unless you check "Same columns as the products table (A)"
Correction of several defects in the accessories table: some columns are still grayed out, not display tags, not display the names of the products in some cases
Fixed a defect that can set the selling price of an accessory to 0 when editing a line in table (B), without displaying the sales price column
Removal of the sub heading of stock columns, to allow movement of the available quantity column

Version beta 7.2.1.a

Repair the reading of the database name in HTTP POST mode
Added an option to disable the encryption of sent SQL queries, to significantly speed up the import features
To accelerate the opening time of the import window, the reading of the list of clients is no longer performed systematiquemet. Is only done in step 3, if the "Client Id (specific price)" column is mapped.

Version 7.2.0.c

Solved : Import without quantity column, replace the current amount by 0 (bug specific to the beta 7.1 and 7.2)

Version 7.2.0.b

Remove the warning "continues anyway" when closing the setting window of the association images to products
Support of FTPES (explicit TLS) connections on servers without authentication (encryption only) or certificate invalid.
Solved a problem in changing rates below error message<br>
Error on line 1 of the treatment in seizure of a line of TABLE_ps_product.<br>
You called the operator [] on the TABLE_ps_product field.<br>
The specified index [-1] is invalid. Handling error: fact Enter after selecting products (thinking that this would generate specific prices).
Solved : bad reading and display of dates in the specific price table
Corrected error "Unknown column pr.id_product" during the association of a image to a product, in auto mode, with direct search in the database
Add the ability to open the Chooser color (palette), on the already created attributes
Assignment code of features values on a very large number of products could fail (too big query). Fixed by splitting the query
Progress meter added to show progresses during the association of features to products
Solved : sometimes the cover image column remains empty in the products table, just after having chosen another cover image. Occurs on versions of PS 1.6.0.x due to a PrestaShop bug corrected from the V 1.6.1
Solved : export product table with columns of advanced inventory management, can give this SQL error if base the number of items returned is greater than the number of items sold: BIGINT USIGNED value is out of range
The function to detach the control panel did not work in V7.1.0 and 7.2.0 beta V
Correction : impossible to detach the side panel
Automatic warning in case of simultaneous checking of columns that can greatly slow down the reading of the data, when used together.
Maximization of the window containing the control panel detected and banned (the user always realizing this operation by accident and could not go back)

Version beta 7.2.0.a = beta 7.1.0.d + COMPATIBILITY with PrestaShop 1.7

When adding tag to products, fill in the new id_lang column in the product_tag table (added from ps 1.6.1)
Translation of the name of a category via the import (key = id) , does not work if we have to create the product at the same time, EXCEPT if we tick also "create non-existent categories", which is not logical because it exists. Works also if we not created the product (if we provide anexsting id and uncheck "create non-existing products")
country_behavior and state_behavior replaced by behavior in the tax_rule table, since ps 1.5. Review code of reading of the tax for countries with states.
Re-read of taxes when selecting another country or State
Translation of categories via import, with choice * (all shops) in the id shop column, only translated in the default shop
Import (creation of new products, in new categories) with different shop for each line works, but shows mistakenly produced "orphan", suggesting that the import to failed. Reason, the audit is not in the shop specified in each line, but in the last imported line shop.
Compatibility with PrestaShop 1.7
New option to display the cover image of the parent product in the lines of decinaisons products that don't have a specific photo

Version beta 7.1.0.c : 1 bug corrected

Some lines failed during import, with the presence of a column that need to update the product_supplier table.

Version beta 7.1.0.b - Stabilization

table { }td { padding-top: 1px; padding-right: 1px; padding-left: 1px; color: windowtext; font-size: 10pt; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; text-decoration: none; font-family: Arial; vertical-align: bottom; border: medium none; white-space: nowrap; }.xl64 { text-align: left; vertical-align: middle; }
Texts in the "Source" vue of CKEditor are extremy small. Because it lacks the "local" folder
Import: adding a gauge of progression when removing lines of product listed only once
Missing quicksupport files
Error on line 6 of the treatment Procedure local requete_set_insert_by_list_ou_update_product_shop.<br>
Cannot access the subitem. The column "advanced stock management"
The modifier mass products, since the categories tab generates an error indicating that there is no such thing as a combo. On the other hand, it ignores the recursive mode of selection.
Uknown column in imshco.cover we clause during the display of the products on a ps
Compatibility with versions of PS between 15000 and 15100 for the management of images (cover not specific to each shop)
Captions images in another language that the default be changed only but cannot be created
Magic Edit and vertical copy of the captions of the images work now even on the images and languages that don't have any legend.
Detection failure of CKEditor even if properly installed.

The redistributable C++ DLLS are now included with the application, not requiring more than making installation in Windows. Better compatibility with all versions of Windows.

Version beta 7.1.0.a - Major ugrade

Main features:
-Includes CKEditor
-Support of warehouses
-Support of advanced stock management
-Cross association of products to suppliers

Version 7.0 - Major upgrade

30 amazing new features, including the import of special prices. A new graphical interface.

Version 6.0 - Major upgrade

New features:

An import tool widely reviewed, import categories, automation / planning (CRON), and many more.

-Using Csv / xls stored on an FTP server. Archiving and auto dating to automatically select the latest version and retain copies of the files used system.
-Import (Create and update) categories! (requires PrestaCatégories V4)
-Recognition Categories by name and simply trees and their Id (for the choice of default categories)
-import Selling prices directly TTC. Need to add a price HT column in Excel.
-Management Of automatic weight and price impacts of variations and providing price and total weight. Need to decide whether the price must be imported with products or with variations, or to recalculate the price impacts of each line, the program does it for you.
-Ability To import the quantities in incremental mode: adds or removes the current amounts. Convenient for those making sales on shows by example and want to synchronize their stock back to the office.
-Colonnes Known as the last words used by Prestashop. The mapping will be more intuitive for those using the Prestashop import tool
-Outil Research and correcting duplicate the keys. The it's me that will also save time. No need to explain how to clean using indigestible queries in PHPMyAdmin.
Possibility to request specific rates of margin edges of the purchase price (eg 10% for products costing from 0 to 10 , 20% of 10 to 20 etc ...).
-Désactivation Auto products more available in a given supplier. Cala saves you from having to go put a filter on the date of update and manually deactivate obsolete products.
-Segmentation Automatic packet lines for very large files (over 8000 lines)
-L'import Declinations now checks that the product out one and only one default combination. Longer need to remember to include the "Default" column.
-Management Automatic file containing multiple columns with images. PP includes all the columns in a single column containing the full list. Need to schedule a concatenation in Excel. The goal is to allow complete automation of imports.
-Déselection Automatic lines with status "Is not" if the option is unchecked creation of products

Note that the export of products also allows this to include a column with the URLs of all images, not just the cover image. This will allow for example to migrate fully, products with all their photos, a version of Prestashop to another.

-A Super generator / modifier variations. Frankly, I think that alone is worth price PrestaPricing. Super fast, intuitive, flexible, I really hope you enjoy it ...

-A New airier and lighter interface. More space for the main tabs, among other things thanks to the addition of a side panel which fold / unfold itself. Check out some screenshots here.

And dozens of other new features, in bulk:

-Time Loading significantly improved for sites with many attributes and / or characteristics.
-export All images (column with all URLs)
-button Cleaning img / p / folder (deleting unnecessary photos)
-New "Descriptions" tab in HTML editor, replacing the form window.
-New Mode rapid association attributes to variations. More intuitive.
A Guide to Getting Started rewritten.
-A Setup even easier connections. Simply enter your e-mail and password for admin as PrestaShop. The program does the rest.
-Buttons Quick passage between import window, window generator and the main window.

 Bugs fixed:

-Management Of strings containing quotes in MagicEdit
-Colonnes "Boutiques" unmasked while it is not in multi shops
-Absence columns "403 redirect"
-Management Of cache_default attribute to PS <= 1.4
-Echec Import if the "supplier" column is missing, when using reference as a key supplier
-Delete Declinations, also delete related rows in product_supplier
-Whether To change "If rupture" with PS1.4
-Filter "A declensions" no longer works in 5.5.d Version
-Modification Bulk discounts with PS 1.4 before
-Hide Button "Cache manager" if module not detected
-Research FTP file in a subfolder
-copy Paste descriptions in the translation window, when a filter is in place language
-Save The result of the import sometimes lack column reference supplier
-Sablier Missing during verification phase of import
-If You uncheck Ecotax VAT, it delivers price TTC
-Creating A new site name missing
-option "Many features" unmasked when the module is not detected
-SQL -error multi shops in a copy paste on quantity column
-Import A new product in the shops, the shop default is 0
-Changes In mass margin on product and its variations is wrong in multi shops
-Random crash when importing many file (bp closing FTP connection)
-SQL when reading some xls files -error if the "Check existences products" option is unchecked.
-Date Availability replaced by the date when the updated versions by import.
-Tirets Denied in meta key words
-Bug Line 103 of Change_table_attribute_group corrected
-Sablier That does not close at the end of the import
-abolition Local cover version of an image when you remove a photo of a product
-Rafraichissement To random screen column quantity when the change in mass (table products)
-SQL-Error "unknown tmp_cover" as columns checked, when you duplicate the quantity of a product to other products
-SQL -error when trying to associate the image of a product to December 1 of another product.
-Rafraichissement Column "Decl." Table image is done only if the table is empty declensions


5.5.1 and 5.5.2 versions:

Versions of stabilization

>Version 5.5: 

Tables refresh up to 7x faster, thanks to a local cache of products and categories' images.

Version 5.4: Major release

>Adding compatibility with Prestashop 1.6. Includes additionnaly three new great features:

-Wonderfull and very complete price sticker editor

-Mass editor of products / carriers associations

-Mass editor of products/ attachments

5.3.0.a: Major release

-Uploding of images integrated with the products import.

-MagicEdit technologie

-Multi language tables

-Creation and modification of attributes groups and values.


Older versions


Version 5.2.0.a: Major release


-New Accessories tab "
.Visu Association and accessory mass products with whole classes
.visu association is mass produced accessories selection of other products (second table)
.System independent filter
.visu association is mass of accessories relatives (function "Is accessory ...")
.Filtrage To display only the accessories, among other products of certain classes or parents.

Possibility of filter products, during playback of the base, according to some characteristic values (filter system defined in the tab of the characteristics acting on the preparation of the product table).

-Support "Multiple characteristics" Presta-Module module. Allows, when this module is installed on the site, to combine several different values of the same characteristics of one or more products. For example, a car spare parts to be common to various brands.
.Onglet Feature revised to allow the display and input of multiple values.
.L'importation Product can import multiple values in a single line (you may have to file an infinite number of columns for the same feature).

Thanks to the addition of a new set of columns in tables products and versions (see list below), we can now achieve exports "all in one". Ie xls files containing all the information to import products with all their properties, accessories, features, variants, attributes, tags ....:
-Added In the product table (and accessories), a column for each feature (done dynamically, depending on the products listed.) allows
create exports to recreate an identical product, for example the products to migrate from one version to another PS, with all their characteristics. Compatible with the "multiple characteristics" module.
-Added A column containing the list of all product categories in the table of products and accessories. Allows you to import the products directly involving the same categories.
-Added In the table of variations of product identifications columns (name, reference, supplier reference, ean13 upc). Allows you to import the exports made on this table.
-added Column "Tag List". Allows copying and pasting to other products (addition or replacement of tags)
-added Column "Accessories List". Allows copying and pasting to other products (adding or changing accessories)
-Added In the table of versions of a column for each attribute group (done dynamically, according to the variations listed). Allows you to create exports to recreate the same declensions, for example to migrate the products of a PS version to another.
-added Column "is an accessories ....". Allows copying and pasting to other products (addition or replacement)
-Import Lists tags with automatic combination products. Choice list of identifiers of existing tags, or lists of values in tags (non-existing values are added).
-The Associated lists, tags and accessories categories are managed by the importation "update" mode (formerly were managed only in case of new products). This allows to add categories, tags or accessories to existing products, import.
-Acceleration Display tables by masking during calculation
-Ability To move columns in tables products, versions and accessories
-order Default column reviewed (eg column "On" is any left)
-Multiplication 10 by the processing speed of the activation and deactivation of the products.
-Delete The identifier (#) in front of the attribute values in the column "Attribute List"
-Filters Reading the base placed just above the table (removing the filters tab). Increased visibility of the activation of a filter.
-We Can name the six column configurations (right)
-Buttons "Refresh" independent on each table (complete avoids some long refreshments)
-Filters Activated systematically indicated in red.
-to Align mouse cursors in all tables
-Rajout Cancellation option in the request to delete a column of the mapping model.
-Part Import configuration products in the gray import versions.
-L'ajout A feature automatically moves the cursor in the translation table, to force the entry of a name.
-button "Read and map" forbidden if no mapping model is selected.
-At The start of the connection, logo display with display PrestaPricing stages of the connection (avoids the use of the trace window).

Bugs fixed:

-Fort Slowdown in imports as the latter, depending on the presence or absence of certain columns, making it impossible to import very large files.
-Filters Columns set to zero by mistake
SQL-Error on some servers when viewing specific prices
-Poor Coding accents on certain attributes when importing
-Echec Duplication of images with PS 1.4.3, when cloning products (Requires MPR Module 2.5.1)
-The Multi-line mode is enabled by default (slow)
-The Images are not visible in the PDF Catalog
-Operation Sometimes incorrect when duplicating mass-produced in a multi-store environment.
-The Type field off in the table of specific price, accepts a null value, which incorrectly changes the final price calculated by PrestaShop.
-Comportement Sometimes erroneous combinational logic (AND / OR) filters.
Synchro- nization between the table and the characteristic values of the product characteristics.
-Sablier No longer stops when you select a category selection mode recursively, just after activating the gear declensions.
-Rafraichissement Checkboxes when adding a tag.
-With PS version 1.2 and 1.3, the id_taxe column is not filled in the import window, when reading a file containing this column.
-L'importation May under certain conditions associated accessories with an id of zero.
-Fixed Speed at startup and when there is a large number of groups of attributes
SQL -error when the column "list atttributs" is checked, when requesting the display of variations, with PS 1.4.x
-support Names and attribute specifications containing "dot" character groups (.)
-images Invisible product in back office.
-Rate-Point margin in import.
-Various Speed optimizations and display.

Version 5.1.1.b final, stabilization version

Version beta 5.1.1.a, stabilization version

-Correction of the various issues with the 1st béta 5.1.0 (mainly linked with the new import features)

And 3 new features:

-The automatic filter set on the list of mapping models can be deactivated. This permits to duplicate a model build for products file and re-use it for combination files.
-URLs in the Image URL column, is now pointing the original file (and no longer the "large" version of the file).
-A right click in the product table permits to open the product page in your browser (equivalent to "View my shop" function). Can be use also to open product's cover image in your browser.

Version beta 5.1.0.a. Major version
-Creation of missing combinations, feature, suppliers, manufacturers during the Excel importation.
-XLS/CSV Importation supporting PS 1.5.
-Importation files columns mapping tool.

Version 5.0.5.a - Stabilization version
-Fix: attributes were listed as many times as the declination had images
-Fix: it was possible to edit the columns product Id and combination Id (forbidden)
-Added a button to activate the multi-line edit mode in long text fields (as description). Was the default mode in v 5.0.4, but this mode is slower than the old standard mode. So is now optional.
-Management of the new parameter cache_default_attribute of the product_shop table for PS 1.5
-Fix: Some products may appear several times in the back and front office


Version 5.0.4.a
-Management of multi-suppliers for the same product (PS 1.5) in the product form. Mass association
-Management of the default supplier in the product table.
-Supplier reference for the default provider editable (mass update) in the product and combinations tables.
-Supplier reference for other suppliers, editable in the product form
-Ability to activate/de-activate globaly the taxes on the site.
-Ability to disable the taxes in PrestaPricing, regardless of the taxes status in the site.
-If the taxes are disabled, it is no longer asked to choose a tax at the creation of a new product.
-New and more intuitive handling of the trace window (log).
-Ability to open and close the trace window from the import window.
-The columns containing long texts (eg descriptions, keywords ...) are multi-lines, with a mini lift, enabling direct editing of lengthy texts, without going through the form mode.
-New table to edit the combination's attributes in the combinations form (PS1.2-1.4).
-Ability to keep the interface in French, with an alphabet different than ANSI Occidental.
-The attributes cache is now disable by default, to speed up the application launch on new installations.

-Fixed a SQL error that could occured during the importation succes checking phase.
-Correct change of the alphabet from the main window (sync with the login window).
-Safe Closing the taxes window (choose of taxes when creating a new product), when switching to another application.

Version 5.0.2.a

 New features:
-Ability to configure the FTP from the main window without going back to the login window.
-Ability to classify categories according to their position (such as Prestashop), their name or number.
-Re-organization of the tab "View".
-An option that allows you to select all sub categories when selecting a category.
-Possible setting of the time to display the tooltips.
-Updated help of buttons.


-Correct change of cover image when removing the cover image, in multi-shops mode.
-Correct reaading of TAB characters and special characters included in text fields like the name of a product, reference etc ...
-Correct saving of special characters in text fields like barcodes, reference etc ...
-Correct reading of the "state" (condition) in multi-shop mode.
-Correct saving of combinations quantity in multi-shops when the option "enabled simultaneous modification" is enable. -Support of special characters in the automatic creation of an image legend constructed from the name of the product. -Category "root" did not disappear if the filter of categories on shops is activate and if the root is not associated with the selected store.
-Display of all categories in the tree, even those who do not have a name for the selected language (permits to create their name).
-Correct display of images with version
-Fixed copy and paste functions in the specific prices table (was disabled).
-Save the form correctly when changing language from the dropdown list of languages.
-"Force UTF8 decoding" code rewritten (did not work in tables and form on some versions of mySQL).
-Fixed the column headings in the product catalogs (PDF).
Version 5.0.1.a: Stabilization version

Bugs corrected:

Copy paste of tax rules, change of price with tax when price without tax column is hidden, display of product (with combinations) quantity, tax on ecotax computing, taxe rate column gets empty when changing price, sql error with deleting availability date value,columns visibility check boxes relashionship, custom columns code rebuild.
Version 5.0.0.a and b. Major release.

New features:
-Support for PrestaShop 1.5 (except these three functions: Import Excel / CSV, management of quantities from the window product sheet, the combinations form).
-Duplication of products. Select x products and ccreat y clones of  each of them, in 1 click. With automatic re-indexing.
-New Tab “filters”. Sets of filters used during the reading of the database. Saved time is impressive compared to the filtering system in the tables (which acts once all data are read).
-Pre-filter also on combinations, including attributes values. Allows for example to make cross-type filtering, like "view all  red  combinations and / or made of wood."
-Added 5 fully customizable columns.
-New date format (date+ hour) for specific prices setting.
-The "create new product" is enriched. You can create x products in one click in their respective categories. Choice of tax rates. No more extension lang-xx in the names automatically created.
-The  “add combinations” function  now permits to create x copy in one click. The first one created  is set as default combination.
-It is now possible to disable the memory cache of list of attributes, performed during the connection. Will accelerate the connection on very large databases (skipping step "Build-Pr-At table".
-It is now possible to add and modify attributes for x combinations simultaneously.
-Added two columns "full URL" and "URL of the cover image" in the Product table,  filled automatically. Permits to create xls compatible with price comparators and Google Shopping, which require these informations. Option of checking the existence of images and choice of classic or rewritten URL, with or without iso code language.
-The search for products to be associated with downloadable images, is now done by default on the list of products displayed in PrestaPricing and not directly in the database (this remains an option). Big time saver during this phase because of fewer SQL queries.
-The images upload tool, now accepts lists of image URLs (ftp or http), in addition to local images. Also working with automatic association to products.
-It is also possible to simply provide the address of an ftp (+ logon information) and let PrestaPricing analyze the images names, associate them to the righ products and manage their transfer directly between ftp servers (without using the PC).
-Set of optional filters on image files, used before automatic association to products: file size, date of last modification, name, extension ... Allows for example to only import new images from the previous import. Filters can be use with ftp files, local folders, drag and drop files ...
-New option to include the file name in the legend.
-Automatic replacement of unauthorized characters by dashes, when importing or creating rewritten URLs.
-Added id_lang column in the products table (to ease the process of importing in multiple languages).
-New function to clean wrong associations of  images to combinations.
-Mass deletion of characteristics and characteristic values.

New features specific to PrestaShop 1.5
-Changes made to products and combinations (one by one or with mass edit tools) can either apply to one show or a selection of shops (even in shops of different groups of shops).
-The function to create new products is multi-shop.
-Option to filter-categories on the selected shops.
-Option to filter the specific prices on selected shops.
-Option to filter the characteristics of the selected shops.
-The new feature of duplication of products and also multi-shops, with 4 options: "Duplication in all the shops," "In the whole group of shops", "In all selected shops", "In the same shop" .
-Read and change of the default category of the product according to the selected shop.
-New fieds fields specific to this release, in the Products table: "date of availability", "advanced stock", "visibility", "is virtual", "id_shop"
-Option to list only common products of selected shops.
-The management of images is multi-shops. The upload tool also. Possible to delete x images in all shop in 1 click. Possible to activate x images per shop in 1 click.
-Taxes filtered according to the selected shops.
-The specific prices table includes lines created by a catalog price rule (no editing possible at the moment).
-Addition and editing of PS1,5 specific fields in the specific prices table (ex: combination of attributes)
-Possible to edit the "position" (order) of product characteristics.
-Function to associate features to shops.
-Filtering of specific prices and characteristics to selected shops.
-The “Product" form (“ABC” button) is also multi-shops. Addition of specific PS1.5  fields. -Replacement dropdowns identifiers by dropdown lists with names (eg: names of suppliers ...).
-Setting of the products cover image per shop.
-Option to force UTF8 decoding / encoding.
-LIMITATION: The xls/csv import feature is no yet operational with PS1,5.
-LIMITATION: The "product combination form" is not available with PS1.5
-LIMITATION: Does not support yet the new "advanced" stock management mode, does not permit editing/creation of catalog prices rules and of cart prices rules.

Improved interface
-Possible to change the data language and alphabet used, directly from the main windows (no need anymore to deconnect/reconnect).
-Possibility of not avoid reloading the list of categories when changing the language of the products table (saving time when editing multiple languages).
-Choose between 3 interface level ("1st use", "standard", "advanced").  Allows progressive learning of the application.
-Explanatory texts are printed in all tables, when using the “1st use” interface level.
-The "Product" form has been redesigned, with "drawers".
-Option to check if an image file exists.
-The “Refresh all” button is flashing when data are to be refreshed.
-Two new columns added in the product table: creation date and last update date. Allows for example to filter the products imported or recently updated.
-The photo columns have been moved to the left.
-New column"category name" in the product table (read only).
-New function to limite the number of rows displayed. Greatly accelerates the speed of the application when connecting on large databases. Disadvantage: bulk editing functions act only on the selected/visible lines.
-Site-name added to the title bar of the application.
-Removal of the useless Id_image check-box.
-The buttons "select all" retain their state during a refresh of their table.
-You can personnalize the tilt of column headings of tables.
-Pop-up menu (right click) contains is adpated to columns (eg does not propose the “copy and paste” commandes if not allowed for the column).
-Colorize critical values in tables (eg negative prices or margins set in red).
-The column supplier_reference is moved close to the column reference.
-Wherever possible, the id manufacturer, supplier id, id tax columns etc... are replaced by "drop down" columns: Manufacturer, Supplier, Tax and display names rather than identifiers.
-Supports drag and drop of images and Excel images lists from Windows Explorer directly into the “images to upload” table.
-Ability to set up filters on the columns of the “images to upload” table
-Options to keep visible the lines after uploading images (they are identified by a color change).
-Translations in French of most of the messages of the trace window (window with a yellow background).
-Changing the attributes of  combination is done with dropdowns placed in each row of the table and not in the title of the column. The table supports multi-line selection to allow editing of multiple attributes simultaneously (eg deletion).
-You can move the “association of images to products” pop up window.
-More columns are displayed by default in the products and combinations tables at the first launch.

Bugs fixed:
-When legacy mode = false, the images where not always properly uploaded.
-Error while computing specific prices (rate wrongly divided by 100).
-Error when checking "On sale" without selecting the line containing the checkbox.
-The green star button to add an image to upload remains out
-Management of duplicate key error when associating a second time an image to a combination.
-French localization of the MPR Applications Connect module.
-SQL-error when importing an empty row selected by mistake.
-Crash with Error line 66 in function "Bold-Price".
-Missing hourglass on button "Read Excel" in the import window.
-Some bugs fixed in the import/update combinations via xls (method B).
-Some rows in the “images to upload” table do not disappear either turn to green after import.
-Increase of the memory allocated by the server when upload large images to avoid  server memory  saturation errors.
-Spaces in the names of the image files generate an SQL error.
-Possibility of division by zero when editing the price per unit values.
-The software acts as if you had requested a change of the default category of a product, when trying  to change its quantity.
-Inaccurate progress bar when transferring images.
-Wrong saving of changes made to "Online Only".
-Prohibition of copying and pasting in the "photo" column.
-Error-import html text fields (eg description) if it contained characters encoded as & ...;
-It is no longer possible to select the last empty row (which could generate SQL errors) in the products and combinations table.
-It is no longer possible to assign by error images of a product to the product attributes combinations of other products.
-The Turkish language is selected by default, after each application upgrade.
-Failure when to importing products with no name provided (now create a generic name).
-Failure of the verification phase after updating combinations from xls (SQL error).
-Reset of "Select all" buttons after when the entire list of lines is not any longer selected in a table.

Version 4.3.1.a: Stabilization version

 Embedding of the corrective patch #4, which solves these bugs:

-Error at line 45 of the Local ajoute_fils_categorieM2 treatment procedure.
-Support of special characters like "and, in the table field, when copying and pasting.
-Addition of two fields to define a server proxy and its port.
-Hours management (in addition to the date) in the start and end date of specific prices.

Other bugs corrected:

-SQL error when doing a copy paste in columns discount and discount%, with PS1.2 and PS1.3
-When trying to edit the quantity of a product having combinations, the program was acting as if we were changing the product default catégory, asking to define the product visibility.
-The re_computing of the discounted price was not done  when changing the wholesale price, price -tx or +Tx, margin,... (PS 1.2 and 1.3)


Version 4.3.0.a new features:

Primarily, this release fixes two major problems, but hopefully pretty rare (depending on the servers):

1/When the identifiers of categories were artificially set to a very high value, during an import via excel by PrestaShop, the launch of PP could become very long, and even crash after Windows runs out of memory.

After this code change, the gain is very significant: On a test site in 2000 categories with 6-digit id, step "Build tree categories" decreased from 2 min to 3s!
But you will not see a difference if your id categories were created one by one by PrestaShop or with PrestaCatégories, or by simple increment.

2/On some servers, importing photos did not work, because the host blocked http requests in POST mode, as used by PP.
I changed the code to send the parameters using the GET method to solve the problem.
Requires the use of new module MPRApplicationConnect, V1.9, included in the zip.

Rem: The same problems also existed in PrestaCatégories before the corrective update V2.5 put online and announced last weekend.

Some further modifications and improvements that were being developed for the major version 4.5 or 5 were completed to provide a stabilized version:
-Added pictures of the categories in the table.
-Smaller connection windows (for small screens), with tabs, auto saving of FTP settings ...
-New option to start detection of infinite loops in the structure of categories (eg parent of a class of his own parents), or classes without a parent created by Store Commander for example.
-Code optimization of the "PrAtCb" step (loading of the product combinations table). Measures made  on various sites with lot of combinations, show an improvement factor of 2.
-Auto-Delete of http:// if erroneously placed in front of the FTP url.
-Fixed bug when changing the position of images, with some older versions of PS
-Ctrl-A function in a table now correctly selects all rows (and no longer selects any blank line)
-Support of barres codes with and without the checksum  (eg EAN13 = 13digits with the checksum instead of 12). Catalogs support both bar codes.
-In the product form, the order of categories given by the previous and next buttons now follows the tree (PS 1.4 and above only)
-Adding of a button as in PrestaCatégories for categories, to automatically reconstruct the URL simplified of products.
-A new button to automatically rebuild image captions (copy the product name)
-Fixed other minor bugs that have been raised to me (Management of quotation marks in fields descriptions, tag management h (that became H), update the "position" of other products the same categories when importing new products).
-A few snippets of code optimization to gain some speed where possible.
-Optional https connection (untested, I await your return).

Version 4.1.2.a new features:

Attachments tab bug correction.


Version 4.1.1.a new features:

-User interface change to allows better expansion of tables (height)


Version 4.1.0.a new features:

-Bulk edit of product features
-Catalogs list of columns is customizable
-Automatic recognition of products to assign to new photos
-Product photos can be made visible in tables
-Form navigation is 3x faster
-Now possible to hide prices-tx and taxes when displaying prices+Tx
-Re-indexation automatique de la recherche après la création de nouveaux produits par importation


Version 4.0.0.a new features: Major update

-I have rewritten more than 80% of the code, looking for radical speed improvement at all steps. Up to 30x faster !
-New interface
-Product images import tool, easy to use and working in the background (you can continue to work while it upload the photo on the server and resize them).
-Filter tool, so you can do things like this: Filter all combinations by one color, i.e "white" and assigning to all of them in one click, the "white" photo.
-New tool to manage (creation and mass update) specific prices, quantity discount, reductions,... for all versions of PrestaShop  (from 1.2 to the latest 1.4)
-You can now create new products and combinations directly from PrestaPricing !
-Fireworks: New products can also be created automatically during the import of data from Excell. Probably the most demanded feature so far.
-and much much more...

Version 3.5.0.a new features:

-Powerful tool of export and import of CSV and Excel files. Choice of products and combinations, choice of columns and various calculation options when importing.
-The Import allows for example to update the purchase price while keeping the margin of each product and combinations (modifies the sales prices).
Rem: The import does not yet create new products or combinations. It is a tool for quick updating.
-Exported data files can be edited without being connected (asynchronous working mode)
-New context menu on the tables, allowing batch operations (copy multi paste -  entire column paste)
-Columns visibility is saved between sessions
-Support of database names with special characters like "-" (There is no need to add `` anymore)
-The connection settings are automatically saved when pressing the connection button
-New button to hide all columns
-New editable and computed key column: rate margin between purchase price and sale price for the products and their variations. Automatic modification of the selling price and cost impacts. Modifiable by lot.
-Modification of wholesale prices will keep the rate margins (option).
-Column-Id taxes and group IDs tax payment is now editable
-Tools for mass update also applicable to tax Id and  ID group rules tax.
-New buttons to select all the rows in once.
-Automatic rounding function: Sale prices of products and variations can be rounded to the nearest euro, nearest tenth, 0.5, 0.9 or 0.99)
-Tables ordering now possible on almost all columns
-Help on all buttons. Quick guide more complete. Increased duration of tooltips.
-Line-total amounts on the bottom of the tables.
-Optimization of speed-editing in tables (calculation of other fields field is now done well leaving the field, not at each character edit).
-Negative margins highlighted in red
-Ecotax is now modifiable by lot
-Fixed a bug where in some cases, the connection parameters were not saved (not reproduced bug - solution therefore remains to be confirmed).
-A new catalog format available, with product and combinations photos.
-Numbers in combo boxes.
-Setting-possible of number of attributes displayed by declination line (height of lines)
-Search possible on almost all columns.

Version 3.4.1.a new features:

-New mass update function (button "="), allowing to assign the same value or % to the field of all selected lines. Very useful to manage quantities.
-New combo box to offer more choices of parameters (mass update tool)
-Now also editable by mass update: Minimal quantity, unit price, price unit ratio, unit price impact.
-Calculation error correction (PS 1.4): Ecotax is now -Tx. Ecotax +Tx is calculated (new column) using a specific tax and is added to the TTC calculated price.
-New field showing the tax rate applied on the ecotax, for the selected country/state
-Calculation error correction (PS 1.4): Combination price impact is now -Tx. Add a column (editable) with calculated price impact +Tx
-Bug correction in bulk modification TTC price tool: Now using the tax specific to each product.
-Bug correction: With some servers (OVH), the modified data were not saved due to a date format mismatch
-Display bug correction: List of combinations correctly refreshed when activating/deactivating the taxes.
-For PS 1.4: Added a new column showing the total unit price + Tx of each combination.
-Columns are re-ordered for an easier reading (various prices are grouped)


Version 3.4.0.b new features:

-Compatibility with Prestashop V1.4
-Still compatible with PS1.2 and 1.3. The interface adapts itself to the PS version used.
-Multi sites license and connection parameters management and saving system
-UPC bar-codes in forms, catalogs and export
-All PS1.4 new fields included and editable (UPC, minimal quantity, online only, unity, price per unit, width, height, depth, condition, add shipping cost, available for order, show price....)
-New tax system tax management, including selection of country and state
-Combo fields in table to replace 0-1 values (ex: New, used...)
-Product form re-ordered. Delimited zones.
-Bug corrected: Code bar refresh in product form
-Non ANSI characters are not saved anymore when changing alphabet in the form (to avoid saving ??? characters)
-Encryption key can be hidden and not saved (more secured)
-No more appli.ini file containing the serial number (more secured)
-Vertical separator
-Quick user guide improved
-Bug corrected: Date replaced by the date of the day (same as patch #1)
-Mass editing of price per unit (bulk)
-Bug corrected in product table: +Tx price equal -Tx price is taxes are not activated
-WT replaced everywhere by +Tx
-Product name and attributes list moved to the far left of tables (easier to read)
-Product table divided into two parts (product names stay visible when scrolling horizontally)
-Nice new installer.

Version 3.2.0.a new features:

-Support 13 additional alphabets (Occidental ANSI,Arab,Baltic,Chinese,Chinese Tradi,Corean,East Europe,Greek,Hebrew,Japanese,Russian,Thaï,Turque,Vietnamese) to display correctly categories and products text fields.

-Limitation: The product's description field is Wysiwyg only when using the Occidental ANSI alphabet (text/code html mode only in other alphabets)


Version 3.1.0.a new features:
-The key one: You can now do bulk increase or decrease of product prices. You select a list of products or list of categories, (or even list of combinations), select if you want a % or value increase, to be applied on wholesale or retail prices, with or without taxes, and lately press one button to have the change made on all your selected items.
-Added an edit form for the products. Including HTML and Wysiwyg
-All fields of Product and Product_lang database table are now included in the table
-size increase of main window
-Bug correction: UTF8 coding of “référence” and “location”
-If starting and ending date are invalid, they are replaced by the date of the day
-All tables are now multi-selection
-Check boxes in tables to replace 0 and 1’s
-Bug correction: Edition of negative impacts
-Login windows is now hidden after login
-Display of products and combinations photos in forms
-Tracing of connection (opt)
-Filter on all fields to match Prestashop fields lenght
-New connection module (ready for Prestashop V1.4)
-Various IHM bugs correction
-Increased speed of categories tree building
-New mouse cursors
-Serial number validation messages translated to English
-Increased speed of display mode change routine and taxes management routine
-Correction of a bug: Deletion of and chains in HTML fields
-Various IHM improvements (1 more window separator, tab order corrected)
-Memorization of the language selected to display the windows.
-Product quantity editable in product form (if the product has no combination)
-Change of the name of the “in stock”, “out of stock” fields.
-Cursor change for text fields


Version 3.0.0.c new features:

-Comes with an automatic connection module for Prestashop
-In form mode, allows to naviguate from one product to another
-Print of catalogs, classified by categories
-Export of catalogs to PDF, RTF, Excell, XML,Word, E_mail+PDF
-You can change quantity of products with no combinations
-Automatic calculation of quantity of a product, when changing the quantity of one of its combinations
-You can now edit the name of the products
-Full handling of price discounts
-Calculation of final product prices, WT and with discounts
-Current price put in bold (so you know immediatly if a discount is or not applied)
-Activation /desactivation of "On Sale" logo
-Activation /desactivation of tax
-Add/edition of "Out Of Stock" parameter
-Display full and discounted price for each combination (current one on bold)
-All attributes making a combination are now displayed directly in the product combination table
-You can select mulitple categories at once
-Products list is classified by categories
-Application protected by a serial number


Version 2.1.0.b new feaures:

-Handling of prices with taxes. Automatic calculation
-Adding of categories tree
-Prices displayed with 6 digits
-Removal of useless connection fields


Version 2.0.0.a new features:

-Connection to all databases, even if located on a shared server
-Navigation between combinations included in the form window
-Full multi-languages
-Attributes table added in form window
-Combination code bar graphically displayed
-Pop-up help on all buttons
-Possible activation / desactivation of links between tables (screen refresh speed increase)

Version 1.x:


Original version working only on sites with direct SQL acces.

Limited features.

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