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Further increase the functionality of Merlin Backoffice, by integrating a hyper-complete PRO generator of price tags of products and variations. Everything has been designed to allow you to create any type of label of any size and shape. You can freely choose the content of fields, their size and locations, colors, frames, fonts and thus create an infinity of sticker models. Discover some examples below.

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Merlin Backoffice already integrates a label generator, which is sufficient for many traders. However, if you have a physical store or a stock to manage, you know the importance of having a high quality label in the first case and very practical for inventory management. That is why Sitolog has developed, at the request of many of you, a PRO version of the generator, completely redesigned to open the doors to all possibilities.

Judge, here are pictures of the new possibilities offered.

Number of zones extended from 8 to 12, the content of which is no longer defined in advance. You can associate any of the table columns with the various locations, including the dynamic columns (attributes, characteristics) and the 5 custom columns (items that are not part of the standard PrestaShop topics):
Vie d'ensemble du générateur d'étiquettes PRO pour Prestashop

For each model, you have two lists of items associated with the various parts, and stored, one for the products and another for the declensions. Save time by switching from one to the other.

You can also freely add labels or prefixes in front of or above each value. For example to indicate TTC before a price or SN: in front of a serial number.
Préfic ou labels devant les valeurs

The dimension of each of the information of the label is redefinable freely and easily (graphical interface with slides).
Plan de l'étiquette

A small label brought to the essential by masking certain parts:
Etiquette basique
Or on the contrary a great rich label:
Etiquette riche

Add style to your label, with the ability to choose fonts, adjust vertical and horizontal centerlines, font sizes, and colors independently for each text:
Des étiquetes qui ont du style

The currency symbol may be chosen to be placed to the right or left (convenient for $ prices). The barred prices stand alone. The discounts are automatically displayed enclosed in the signs - and%:
€ à droite€ à droite

Add frames, borders, colored, transparent, square or rounded edge.
Des cadres dans vos étiquettes
Or even round:
Des cadres ronds

The labels themselves can be rounded until they become round:
Des cadres ronds

You prefer playing on the background color, no problem:

Set even the colors to change by themselves according to the discount rate of each item.
-30%, -50%, -70%, ... it plays on the color and size of the information:
Des remises bien mises en avant sur les étiquettes de prix

Or on the color of the print background, where you want it:
Des fonds colorés paramétrables

Or simply ask for full color labels indicating easily the applied discount :
Des fonds colorés paramétrables

Make beautiful digital labels with a scannable QR code, either generic (which redirects to the page of your choice, for example the homepage of your site), or even directly and automatically to the card of each product:

Etiquettes numérique avec QR code

The two locations to include photos, logo, or barcode can be moved up, center, or down:
Placements des zones libres dans l'étiquette - ici image en haut, code à barres en bas
Placements des zones libres dans l'étiquette - ici code à barres en haut, logo en bas

In this regard, both zones can now have their own logo, for example to print your brand and the CE or other certification logos or logos:
Deux logos possibles par étiquette

Barcodes can either occupy the entire space allotted to them, or be printed so that only the height occupies all the available space, the width then being calculated so that the H / L ratio complies with the standard standard:
Code barres étiré en largeur Code à barres taille nomalisé

Small reminder: Merlin Backoffice integrates natively a powerful generator of barcode series.

Two free text slots, allow to include any information.
For example the name of your brand or slogan, here at the top:
Etiquettes avec zones de texte libre pour slogan ou message
Or as here, the message "Items on sale are not returned or exchanged", which thanks to the color setting will be invisible on the labels of open products:

External and internal margins can be freely chosen to ventilate or otherwise condense your labels:
Etiquettes avec marges internes largesEtiquettes avec marges internes serrées

Fields displaying an attribute of type "Color", can automatically take the color of the attribute.
Text and border of the color of the article:
Etiquettes avec attribut de la couleur des articles

Or as here, we set the bottom of the field, defined round, to display on each sticker a tablet of the color of the product:
Etiquettes avec pastille de la couleur de l'article

The contents can be oriented. Print barcodes or text vertically from any angle, as here the discount rate:
Etiquettes textes inclinés

You can now define a background image that will print below the data. No more excuses for not making beautiful graphic labels in color:
And in addition you can set a different image for sale or unpaid items. And since you can adjust the margins, you can decenter the information to use the background image to convey a message:
Etiquettes avec fond graphique

Self-adhesive labels are very expensive, our anti waste tip: the possibility to choose the position in the sheet of the first printed label. Useful for continuing to print on a sheet that is already partially used:

Ergonomics has been particularly studied:
-Graphic and dynamic interface (the model label changes appearance with each modification of a parameter).
-Setting of the sizes of the internal surfaces to the mouse.
-The setting fields (color, font, ...) of unused surfaces are hidden by themselves so as not to clutter the interface.
-Right click in a setting to apply the same value in the other parts of the label.
-Number of infinitely memorable models. You can duplicate them, rename them ...
-Print on any type of printer and paper, sheet or roll. Management of external margins and between labels.
- A slider adjusts the scale of the on-screen label display to fit very small or large formats.
-You can print as many labels for each product as there are items in stock.

If you have forgotten something that would be useful to you, do not hesitate to make us a suggestion, this label editor PRO is designed to adapt to all your needs.
For example we imagined being able to print, on the outer border of each sticker, the location or location of each item in the stock, to make it easier for you to find products to paste labels. If the idea is good, tell us.

INSTALLATION: It can not be easier, you have nothing to do, nothing to download. The code for this extension is already included in Merlin Backoffice from version 1.3.0.c and will activate itself after your purchase.


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Price labels generator PRO for PrestaShop (for Merlin Backoffice)

Price labels generator PRO for PrestaShop (for Merlin Backoffice)

Further increase the functionality of Merlin Backoffice, by integrating a hyper-complete PRO generator of price tags of products and variations. Everything has been designed to allow you to create any type of label of any size and shape. You can freely choose the content of fields,...