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How to quickly fill the caption (or alt tag) of product images?

This trick allows you to quickly and automatically fill in the caption or text of thousand of product images in one clic, with any set of parameters like product's name, category, ean, free localized text, attributes and more.

Applicable to : Merlin Backoffice ™PrestaPricing (screen shop made with PrestaPricing)

UPDATE (2019/04/29) : Merlin Backoffice version 1.4 is available and includes a new advanced legends generator capable of automatically filling the legends with a dozen of parameters, including the attributes of the combinations linked to the images.

Manually enter or modify image captions with Merlin

PrestaShop does not allow you to modify the image captions, but fortunately, if you have Merlin Backoffice, there is nothing simpler, you just have to :

  1. Display and select the products to modify
  2. Go to the "Images" sub-tab of the "Variations and images" tab.
  3. To display the images

View product images

  1. To enter or modify legends directly in the cells of the "Legend" column.
Note: to enter legends in different languages, simply change the language in the "Display" drawer of the control panel.

Automatically fill or replace the legend (or ALT tag) of the images, by product name:

1. Start by selecting multiple products, then view and select their images to edit

View product images

2. Then click the T button (T for "Text")

Automatically fill in the image caption

The window below will open: answer the question about the language:

By clicking on: only in the current language or in all languages

Automatically fill in the image caption

You will then see that the caption column has been automatically filled with the product names (in one or all the languages ​​of your choice):

Fill in the image caption with the product name

How can you change the legends in bulk?

Thanks to MagicEdit! Remember that by right-clicking in the legend column you have access to the context menu that launches MagicEdit.

Access MagicEdit functionality

You do not know MagicEdit ? see or review the complete tutorial :

Only available in French

Vidéo de formation détaillée sur les fonctionnalités et l'utilsation de MagicEdit®, l'innovation majeure de PrestaPricing 5.3.

Next week we will show you how to display more than 5000 rows in the tables.

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