Only one module in this Prestashop family, but what a module. No, not a module, a real accounting application for French auto entrepreneurs.

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    Autopresta is a software developped specifically for French auto-entrepreneurs using Prestashop. It helps them to create and maintain their official and mandatory account book.See the product's description in French for more details.Is available in French language only.

    From 75,00 €
  • 46,00 €

    This Prestashop module is a very flexible tool for exporting list of customers who have purchased specific products, with any detail of the associate orders.Can also export your orders into an Excel file, to manage your accounting.Very easy too use and very customizable, it will become your best friend for your marketing and emailing campains.The latest version also permits to associate the customers to customers groups.  

    46,00 €
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items