Assistance to import one of your csv ou xls file containing list of products and categories or products and combinations (2h)

You have a new .xls or .csv file to import products and combinations (or products and categories) and do not know how to do it. Or simply would like to be accompanied to be sure not to make a fatal mistake for your data?
We offer two hours of personal assistance by telephone and screen sharing, during which we prepare the import from A to Z, check or modify the file, map the columns.
Not only you file will be ready to import with the saved options, but you'll fell ready to run the next one by your own.
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Each supplier or dropshipper is unique. Mastering import requires a bit of experience especially when it comes to adapting to a particular file format .

  • You watched the training videos and are still afraid to get started? Your file requires changes, some columns are missing?
  • You are not sure of your model mapping or simply are afraid to make mistake and to loose data? You have duplicates in the database?
  • You do not understand how to set the various import options?
  • You feel unable to configure the upload of images?
  • You get only failures?

The free support is no longer appropriate because you probably need a custom A to Z accompagement, including a study of the file structure.

Get the help of an expert. Together, by sharing screen it will show you how to customize your file, map the columns, select the sync key, track down and fix duplicates, guide you through the choice of options, test the import safety on one or two lines and correct any errors .

At the end of this time spent together, you'll simply have to press the import button and let it work. Additionaly you'll fee much better prepare to run the future imports by yourself.

Warning: two hours do not permit to cover the 3 issues concerning the import of products, combinations an categories (only 2 of them can be done). In this case choose instead our three hours long import assistance service.
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