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SuperTabs: add customizable tabs

This addon for Prestashop 1.5 and later, allows you to add any number of extra tabs into your products pages.

The HTML content of these tabs can be fully specific to each product or shared between multiple products (using CMS content).

Includes lot of mass edit functions. For instance you can activate and even duplicate the content from  one product to all products or all products of the same category.

Fully support multi languages and multi shops.

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SuperTabs Prestashop addon: Add various tabs to your Prestashop store

SuperOnglets® introduction and self-training(duration 13min):

Video presenting every details of SuperOnglets®. Perfect to get familiar with it.
Video presenting every details of SuperOnglets®. Perfect to get familiar with it.

Video presenting every details of SuperOnglets®. Perfect to get familiar with it.



Congratulation for having choosen this addon. It adds a second dimension to Prestashop, allowing you to add any number of additional tabs in the product pages.

  • These tabs can display CMS content shared by multiple products or unique to each of them (fully customized HTML content).
  • Add additional product information, video clips, notices, version history etc...  in your product pages.
  • Rich texts, images, additional content, even Flash animations, will greatly help you to enrich your pages and improve their ranking in Google.?
  • Includes a series of action button to accelerate the content creation (mass activate, mass duplicate,...). You can for instance duplicate the HTML content of a selection of tabs, from one product to all other products or to all other products of the same default catgory.
  • You can freely define the SuperTabs order. Activate them per shop, per product, per category...
  • Fully support multiple languages and multiple shops.



  1. To start: Create additional Supertabs by clicking on Supertabs in the Supertabs Main menu (top right corner).
  2. A SuperTab has a name (multilingual), a global status (active or not) and a position (order of the tabs from left to right in the pages), that are common to all shops in a multi shops context. A Supertab can additionaly be associated or not to each shop (it will be visible only in the associated shops).
  3. Click on the + button to create a new Supertab. This will open the edit form, from where you can edit its name, activate it and associate it the the existing shops.
  4. The content of the Supertabs can be defined individually for each product or globally for all products or for all products of a given category. To define and edit the content of the Supertab, go the admin Catalog->Product page. Select a product and notice the new horizontal tab called Supertabs (below the Suppliers tab).
  5. It contains a table with one line per Supertabs already created. You can activate and deactivate each Supertab individually per product or again globally for all products or all products of a given category.
  6. Click on the edit icon in the action column to open the editor and start editing the Supertab content for the current product .?
  7. A Supertab content can be either generic or customized per product. Generic means the data are taken from an existing CMS (changing the CMS content will impact all products having a Supertab content linked to this CMS). Customized data are created using an HTML editor, like the one available for editing the product description. The content are multilingual (click on the flag save and edit the content for other languages) and specific to each shop. To create common content for mulitple or all shops, select them in the shop context selector above the editor.
  8. In this form , activate the Content taken from a CMS selector to select a CMS in the list. Or inactivate it to start editing a fully customized HTML content
  9. Below the table, is a series of mass edit buttons. These buttons are acting on all selected lines of the table. These buttons permit to do things like enabling disabling massively Supertabs for the current or all products or all products from the same default category. You can also massively duplicate the selected Supertabs content (link to CMS, customized content in all languages and status) from the current product to all other products or all other products of the same default category.


Available in two languages:

  • French and English.


  • Upgrades are free during 6 months.
  • Free support (tel, tchat, mail, ...)
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FAQ : does it exist for PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7 ?

Unfortunately no, not yet. May be one day if we find th time to re-code it entirely.
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