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Prestashop customer and order module: Who bought this?

This Prestashop addon is a very flexible tool for exporting list of customers who have purchased specific products, with any detail of the associate orders.

Can also export your orders into an Excel file, to manage your accounting.

Very easy too use and very customizable, it will become your best friend for your marketing and emailing campains.

The latest version also permits to associate the customers to customers groups.



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Prestashop addon to build list of customers' mails, names, and many other details, who have bought specific products, AND/OR list of orders.


"Who Purchased This" Prestashop addon demo and tutorial:

Who Purchased This Prestashop module demo and tutorial. Explain each function, button and option. Duration: about 6 min.

"Who Purchased This" Prestashop addon demo and tutorial. Explain each function, button and option. Duration: about 6 min.


New features of the V1.5:

New features of the V1.5

New features of the V1.5: Support Prestashop 1.5, saving of parameters, new columns. Duration: about 6 min.


There is no easy way, with PrestaShop, to get a list of customers who have purchased a specific product. There are a few add-ons on the market trying to fill this gap, but none as powerfull as this one:


  • You can select as many products as you want
  • You can even select categories of products
  • The selection is very convenient, thanks to an expandable categories tree
  • To ease even more the products selection, you can also search for them (multi lines search), on many criterias (id, name, reference, supplier reference, ean13)
  • The customers list content can be customized. By default it contains the customer's email, but many other fields can be added:


  • Include columns titles on first line
  • Includes order's Id
  • Include customer's Id
  • Include customer's last and first names
  • Include E_mail
  • Includes status of registration to newsletter
  • Includes invoice addresse
  • Includes delivery addresses
  • Includes phones
  • Includes company
  • Includes customer group info (gender Id, group Id (PS1.4), group name (PS1.4))
  • Includes birthday
  • Includes order's creation and invoice date
  • Includes product Id
  • Includes product name
  • Includes product reference, supplier reference and ean13
  • Includes quantity of products sold (qt purchased minus qt refunded
  • Includes combination's Id, reference, supplier reference and ean13
  • Includes combination's list of attributs
  • Includes list of customized files and values
  • Includes carrier's name
  • Includes order's used vouchers (PS1.5:Name and code)
  • Includes pricing info (currency, conversion rate (PS 1.4), payment method, order amount, product price, tax rate)
  • Includes order's data (reference (ps1.5), shipping number, invoice number, delivery number)
  • Includes virtual product info (number of downloads, download deadline)


Order the list by product instead of by order.

After searching, save these options values into the database (will replace previously saved values and be re-used next time you run the module).


  • You can filter by dates
  • You can specify the columns separator (default is ; )
  • Your selection of columns can be memorized over sessions.


  • Simply copy paste the result of the search into excel, Outlook, MailChimp or any other emailing system to build efficient marketing campains.
  • Can also be used for phone and post mailing campains.
  • You can also use this addon to create easily list of orders, with product details, prices quantities, dates and even used vouchers...
  • The latest version is also capable to automatically the list of identified customers, to a customers group of your choice. Can even define this group as their new default group.
Once installed, this module is accessible in the Customers tab of the admin interface.



Upgrades are free during six months after licence purchase.

Languages available:

  • English and French



  • Fully tested with Prestashop V1.2.x, V1.3x, V1.4x, V1.5.x and  V1.6.x
  • Not tested with Version 1.1 and prior versions.




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Product Details

Data sheet

Latest public version :
Prestashop compatibility :
1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6
Application format :
Internet module
Configurable (back office) :
Languages :
French, English
Requires to modify Prestashop core :
Design customizable (css) :
Browser compatibility :
Firefox, Explorer, Chrome
Multi-sites licence option :
Requires to modify the template :
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