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The two base features of Merlin Backoffice

Merlin Backoffice can be acquired with one of the two base features or both of them for a complete and integrated software.

Products management only :

Similar list of features than PrestaPricing, in a new and modern user interface. All needed tools to create and edit your products datasheets.

  • Bulk creation and mass edit of products.
  • Duplication of several products in 1 click.
  • Quick calculations and automatic rounding (ex increase by 10% the prices of these 100 products and round up to x, 99).
  • More than 90 editable fields.
  • Calculation and conservation of margins.
  • High-speed plug-in mode with HTML editors to quickly change your product records.
  • Inventory management and sales projections.
  • Creation and mass modification of declining and specific prices.
  • MagicEdit TM : Mass editing of texts (search for replace, copy a column in another etc).
  • Series generator (for references) and barcode.
  • Automatically search and associate photo libraries with products.
  • Massive download of photos (and association to the variations).
  • Bulk supplier association (vendor by default, price and reference), manufacturers, attachments, carriers.
  • Rapid implementation of cross-links between products and their accessories.
  • Easy creation and management of tags.
  • Management of multiple shops.
  • Management of multiple languages ​​(translation management table).
  • Creating and associating features. Filtering products by characteristics
  • Cloning of features values ​​(and attributes) between characteristics (and group of attributes).
  • Creation and association of combinations and attributes.
  • Copy paste data between products.
  • Large number of bundled actions (activation, URLs, price rounding, deletion ...) on products.
  • Advanced filtering.
  • Automatic hook execution and indexing.
  • Vues editor

Additional Options :

  • Importation CSV/XLS
  • Gestion des stocks avancés
  • Générateur avancé de déclinaisons
  • Under developement : advanced cloning features

Included free options:

  • Exportation CSV/XLS/XML
  • Générateur de catalogues PDF
  • Générateur d'étiquettes
  • Support des modules de caractéristiques multiples
  • Support de Advanced Cache Manager de PrestaModules

Categories management only :

This is the replacement of PrestaCategories, fully embedded in the same interface. All needed tools and feature to rapidly create and edit your catalog of categories and to move and associated products to categories.

  • Creating and bulk editing of categories and sub categories.
  • Duplication and moving
  • More than 15 editable categories characteristics (name, description, SEO, url, ...).
  • Ultra fast plug-in mode with HTML editor to quickly change your category pages
  • Automatically search and associate photo libraries with categories.
  • Bulk image download
  • Association and grouped products to categories .
  • Move by product group.
  • Quickly change the order of categories and product order in their associated categories.
  • Association of categories and products
  • Bulk associations between categories and client groups
  • Management of discounts by categories and customer groups
  • Association of categories to shops (bulk transfert of categories between shops)
  • Multiple grouped actions (activation, URLs, deletion ...). Ex: activate with one click filtered products of x categories.
  • Advanced Filters.
  • Advanced multi-store management
  • Managing multi-languages
  • Copy paste data between categories.
  • Automatic activation of hooks.
  • XLS/CSV Import of categories if the licence also includes the Products Management feature and the XLS/CSV Import option.
  • Vues editor

Included free options :

  • Database repair tools

Products and Categories management :

Indeed, all the above base features included into your application. This is all the benefit of Merlin Backoffice, all feature into the same interface, not need anymore to swap from one software to the other.
Plus :

  • Association of products to shops (bulk transfert of articles between shops)

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