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Advanced stocks management and inventory option

This option is necessary only if

  1. You manage your own physical stock and have to do at least once a year a complete inventory. 
  2. You use or want to use PrestaShop's advanced stock management mode. This is a special mode, rarely used. If you ignore what it is, you probably do not need this option.

PrestaShop inventory management of the Merlin module

This new tool (from Merlin 1.5 onwards), allows you to quickly account for products and variations physically present in your stock (shop or warehouse). You can do this with the quick search function (by typing the beginning of the product name or reference for example), or even better with a hand scanner if your products have a label with a barcode (reminder: Merlin also allows you to generate barcodes and produce/print labels).

  • The items thus identified are added to a file, with the physical quantity you indicate, called an inventory file, with various information (known quantity, references, location, purchase price, ...).
  • Missing quantities are calculated automatically.
  • With one click the missing products are added, with their supposed quantity.
  • For each product and globally, the program shows you the value of stock and losses.
  • The file can be exported (Excel format), reread or merged with other inventory files.
  • This file can be used in the import tool to update the stocks in the PrestaShop database.
  • Will also be very useful to make your restocking.
  • You can also send it to your accountant to record losses.
  • Compatible with the notion of available, physical, reserved quantities of PrestaShop 1.7.2
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What is the stocks advanced management mode ?

In this mode, it is possible to create warehouses via the PrestaShop admin and to define the stocks of products in these warehouses. It is also possible to automate supplier orders based on the inventory status in the warehouses.

When this option is included in the Merlin BackOffice license, you are then able to:

  •     Turn on and off the advanced stock management mode globally, without loosing actual quantities (cannot be done in PrestaShop)
  •     Define which products are managed or not in advanced management mode.
  •     Define mass associations between products and warehouses.
  •     Visualize the various quantities in the warehouses (available, physical, real, re-assortment), separately for each warehouse and globally.
  •     Visualize for each article the stock values (inventories) and estimates of duration before rupture (covers).
  •     Bulk define the association between the products and the warehouses.   
  •     Define in mass the association between the combinations and the warehouses.
  •     Define mass locations of products in warehouses.
  •     Define mass locations of combinations in warehouses.
  •     Define in bulk the products still using the manual inventory management mode.
  •     Perform stock movements (additions, decreases, transfers) in and between warehouses, for a selection of products and / or variations.
  •     Bulk conversion of manual quantities into stock inventories
  •     Finely manage the purchase prices of items during stock increases.
  •     Multi store support.

Stocks increases, decreases and transfers in wharehouses


  • Is this option necessary to manage the quantities of items?
No if the Advanced Inventory Management Mode is not enabled. Yes otherwise.

  • I can not find the "Advanced stock management mode" option in my PrestaShop 1.7 admin, why?
Because PrestaShop, which had introduced this notion in version 1.5 of the CMS, deleted it from 1.7, with the promise made to re-introduce it later.
It must be said, in their defense, that the warehouse management interface and stock movements, in PS 1.5 and 1.6, is completely buggy and almost unusable because very complex and unintuitive. It is for these reasons that we decided at that time to offer a functional and stable management interface.
However you can re-activate thi smode thanks to the extra module "WK Mulit Warehouses for PS 1.7" available on PrestaShop market place.
This is fully compatible wiht Merlin Backoffice.
  • Can we import inventory via csv / xls in warehouses?
No, the advanced inventory management mode is not supported by the import module. The development of this part was put on hold when it was learned that this mode was no longer supported in PS 1.7. To follow then.

  • There are three different types of warehouses, are they all supported?
Yes, except negative declines and transfers that are not supported with FIFO and LILO warehouses.

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