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Combinations advanced generator option

This option allows you to activate a tool that can create thousands of variations in one operation at an unparalleled speed.

Working principle

In principle, it looks like the existing variation generator in PrestaShop, but with very important differences:

  • The PrestaShop generator often crashes beyond a few hundred variants. The Merlin Generator can generate thousands of combinations.
  • It is super fast.
  • It is multi products, ie able to generate combinations on a selection of products in a single operation.
  • It does not require to delete existing combinations, it is able to update them and generate those which are missing.
  • It is able to recalculate price and weight impacts, while or without generating new variants.
  • It is able to recover the attributes and impacts of a product to generate similar combinations in other products

And much more...
Screen capture of Merlin Backoffice internal combinations generator


  • Do I need this option to see and edit existing combinations?

  • Can I add combinations without this option?
Yes it is possible, but it is much longer, because it is then necessary to associate them attributes

  • Can I create combinations via the csv / xls import without the generator option?

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