Sitolog is a company created and managed by Franck Bugnet.

Services provided:

-Developement and sale of modules and applications for e-commerce CMS like Prestashop

-Specific Prestashop modules developement

-Creation and support of Prestashop sites


Company legal status: "auto-entrepreneur", declared in France. and .fr are Sitolog properties and protected by Copyright.


Head quarter:


Franck Bugnet

161 rue de Montarnaud

38138 Les Côtes d'Arey


+33 (0)4 74 58 92 43


SIRET:514 961 473 00014

APE: 7420Z


Restricted WEB Domains: ;


SITOLOG's logo:


Sitolog's logo

Registered brands(INPI)

Merlin Backoffice ™

Sites hosted by YOORSHOP



Web developement : SITOLOG - Franck Bugnet

Icons: site

Some images have been created and used under licence from Design Contest or Svengraph

This Web site was created using PrestaShop™ CMS software.

This animate image of the home page  use a vector image Designed by Freepik

The drawing of the backoffice category page is also designed by Freepik 



All right reserved. Copyright 2011-2020 SITOLOG - Franck Bugnet


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