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The multi users and multi shops options of Merlin Backoffice

Merlin comes with a 2 users and single shop license by default . You can change these numbers at the purchase time or later.

Choose between mono and multi-shops (multi-sites) licence:

Some of our modules can work in mono-shop or multi-shops mode. What is the difference?

  • In multi-shops: The software is capable of connecting consecutively to the database of several different sites, and of connecting to a database containing several different shops.
  • The switch from a site to the other one is then made by a simple selection in a drop-down list (disconnection(logout) and reconnexion are required however).
  • The switch from a shop to the other one is then made by a simple selection in a multiple choices drop-down list (you can work on the data of several shops at the same time).
  • The use in multi-shops mode requires to have chosen this option during the purchase. The software is then delivered with a multi-shops license and serial number allowing to activate this feature.
  • Multi-shops licenses can support 2,3,5,10 etc., up to 1000 sites or shops. Their price varies according to the number of sites or shops supported. This choice is also made at the time of the purchase of the software.
  • You can easily upgrade a mono-shop license to a multi-shops license and increase the number of sites or shops supported, directly on the site, fomr the "Downloads and licenses" page.


Multi-sites or multi-shops? No difference.

  • A site corresponds to an installation of Prestashop on a server, with its own domain or subdomain, its own URL, own back office and thus its specific database.
  • A shop is a new notion appeared with PrestaShop 1.5. It allows from a single installation PrestaShop, from a single domain, from a common database, to set up several different shops, each with its own URL.All the shops are managed from the same back office.
  • Our application softwares manage multi-sites and the multi-shops in the same way.
  • Before PS 1.5, the option was called "multi-sites" and has been renamed "multi-shops" for more clarity purpose.


Thus with a basic mono-site or shop license, if you can connect to a single installation of Prestashop, containing only a single shop.


As soon as a second shop is create, it is necessary to upgrade the license of your software to a multi-shops license, to be able to continue to reach the database of this site.


Some concrete examples:

  • You have a single site, in version 1.4: a mono site license is enough.
  • You have three sites, all in version 1.4: it is necessary to take a multi-shops license, for at least 3 shops.
  • You have a single site, in version 1.5, in which the multi-shops mode was not activated or in which a single shop is created: a mono-shop license is enough.4/You have a single site, in version 1.5, in which 3 shops were created: a multi-shops license is demanded, for at least 3 shops, to connect to it.
  • You have several sites, all in 1.5 version, with each several shops: to reach all your sites, you need a multi-shops license for a number of shops equal to at least the sum of all the shops of all sites.
  • You have a mix of  several sites in 1.4 and 1.5, with several shops in all 1.5 sites: to reach all your sites, you need a multi-shops license forr a number of shops at least equal to the sum of all shops all sites; 1.4 sites are counting for one shop each.


One or several licenses, multi users (PCs) licenses:


Read our terms and conditions or the licenses provided with our supplied with our software for official data. But roughly, whatever single or multi shops licenses, the rules are:

  • For Windows applications (Merlin Backoffice, PrestaPricing, PrestaCatégories, AutoPresta): One license by PC is required, or a multi users (PCs) licence with enough autorized users than PCs to install the application into.
    • Examples: 2 PCS and two users: 2 licenses are required, or 1 multi users (PCs) licence with at least 2 authorized PCs.
    • 1 only PC for two users: 1 single license is enough4 PC for the same user: 4 licenses are required, or 1 multi users (PCs) licence with at least 4 authorized PCs.
  • Multi users (or PCs) licences are usable only by the employees and on the PCs of the same company. In no way, licenses can be shared or sold to employees of other companies
  • Il is forbiden to re-sell or share, or split a license.
  • Owners of licenses sold prior 2014/11/24 got from Sitolog the permission to install the software on a second PC, typically a mobile or a secondary PC at home, at the strict condition that its use remains limited to the holder of the license. This right applies only to the 1st acquired license and on licenses acquired prior this date.
  • From this date, the second user option is included for free in all new licences

Remark: for classical modules, running in PrestaShop backoffice: One license per Prestashop installation is required.

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