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[TIPS]How to re-use in Merlin Backoffice some of the settings of PrestaPricing, like the importation sources and mapping models


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Posted : 01/04/2018 18:30:29 "Quote"

Hello and welcome to the first post dedicated to Merlin Backoffice.

As I write these few lines, the beta 1.1 version is being downloaded to the server. So you will soon be hundreds to download and install.

It seemed important to give you before that this little trick to recover some settings, such as site connections, FTP settings and for those who have the pro version, sources and templates import mapping.

Indeed, for various technical reasons, all these data are not stored in the same files. If you do not pay attention, Merlin Backoffice will launch a virgin of any personal setting, with just the factory settings.

To avoid this, it is necessary, BEFORE installing Merlin Backoffice for the first time:

1 / Create at the root of the hard disk c :, a folder named exactly: SIT_MB_Data

2 / In this new folder, copy the entire folder c:MPR_PP_Data

3 / Finally delete the two files c:SIT_MB_Datacustom.ndx and c:SIT_MB_Datacustom .fic

Once this is done, you can install and launch Merlin Backoffice and retrieve in your main settings.

Note: the table column settings of the main window can not be retrieved. You will see that Merlin Backoffice comes with a new column configuration manager, much more advanced and not at all compatible with the old model.

Second approach, if you would like to transfer only some of the parameters, you can simply copy some of the file of that folder.
For instance, to transfer only the list of importation mapping models, you can copy these 4 files :