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[NEWS]Beta version 6 (PP) AND 4 (PC) released on Monday 24 (nov-2014)


Franck B.

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Posted : 11/21/2014 17:08:47 "Quote"

After about 5 months of design, developpement and internal testing, I'm pleased to announce the release next Monday of the beta verion 6 of PrestaPricing and 4 of PrestaCategories.

Major new features (Google translate - sorry for this so so English):

1/ The import tool has been widely reviewed: Organiezd by steps, it is more intuitive and easy to use.

https://www.sitolog.com/img/forum/V6/PP 6 import steps en.jpg

-Automation of imports (CRON)

https://www.sitolog.com/img/forum/V6/PP 6 Import scheduler En.jpg

-Import (Create and update) categories! (requires PrestaCatégories V4)

Plus many other new import features:

-Using Csv / xls stored on an FTP server. Archiving and auto dating to automatically select the latest version and retain copies of the files used system.
-Recognition Categories by name and simply trees and their Id (for the choice of default categories)
-import Selling prices directly TTC. Need to add a price HT column in Excel.
-Management Of automatic weight and price impacts of variations and providing price and total weight. Need to decide whether the price must be imported with products or with variations, or to recalculate the price impacts of each line, the program does it for you.
-Ability To import the quantities in incremental mode: adds or removes the current amounts. Convenient for those making sales on shows by example and want to synchronize their stock back to the office.
-Colonnes Known as the last words used by Prestashop. The mapping will be more intuitive for those using the Prestashop import tool
-Outil Research and correcting duplicate the keys. The it's me that will also save time. No need to explain how to clean using indigestible queries in PHPMyAdmin.
Possibility to request specific rates of margin edges of the purchase price (eg 10% for products costing from 0 to 10 €, 20% of 10 to 20 € etc ...).
-Désactivation Auto products more available in a given supplier. Cala saves you from having to go put a filter on the date of update and manually deactivate obsolete products.
-Segmentation Automatic packet lines for very large files (over 8000 lines)
-L'import Declinations now checks that the product out one and only one default combination. Longer need to remember to include the "Default" column.
-Management Automatic file containing multiple columns with images. PP includes all the columns in a single column containing the full list. Need to schedule a concatenation in Excel. The goal is to allow complete automation of imports.

-Déselection Automatic lines with status "Is not" if the option is unchecked creation of products

Note that the export of products also allows this to include a column with the URLs of all images, not just the cover image. This will allow for example to migrate fully, products with all their photos, a version of Prestashop to another.

2/ A super flexible combinations generator / modificator

Frankly, I think that alone is worth price PrestaPricing. Super fast, intuitive, flexible, I really hope you enjoy it ... Read this other post for more info.

https://www.sitolog.com/img/forum/V6/PP 6 generator steps 1-2 en.jpg

https://www.sitolog.com/img/forum/V6/PP 6 generator en attribute table.jpg

3/ A New airier and lighter interface.

More space for the main tabs, among other things thanks to the addition of a side panel which fold / unfold itself. Check out some screenshots here.

https://www.sitolog.com/img/forum/V6/PP 6 large en.jpg

https://www.sitolog.com/img/forum/V6/PC panel close 2 en.jpg

And dozens of other new features, in bulk:

-Time Loading significantly improved for sites with many attributes and / or characteristics.
-export All images (column with all URLs)
-button Cleaning img / p / folder (deleting unnecessary photos)
-New "Descriptions" tab in HTML editor, replacing the form window.
-New Mode rapid association attributes to variations. More intuitive.
-Guide to Getting Started rewritten.
-A connection setup made easier. Simply enter your e-mail and password for admin as PrestaShop. The program does the rest.
-Buttons to switch quiclkly between the import window, window generator and the main window.