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    You have complex .xls or .csv files to import, containing both products, categories and their combinations and get confused on how to manage this securely ?To guide you step by step, we offer this pack of three hours of personal assistance by telephone and screen sharing, during which we'll analyze the file(s), prepare the import from A to Z, the choice of the synchronisation keys, check or modify the files, map the columns, test the import(s) etc...You'll have insurance of fully functional import and be ready to run the next one on your own.

    186,00 € Before 207,00 €
    Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
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    You have a new .xls or .csv file to import products and combinations (or products and categories) and do not know how to do it. Or simply would like to be accompanied to be sure not to make a fatal mistake for your data? We offer two hours of personal assistance by telephone and screen sharing, during which we prepare the import from A to Z, check or modify the file, map the columns. Not only you file will be ready to import with the saved options, but you'll fell ready to run the next one by your own.

    129,00 € Before 138,00 €
    Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines
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    Application to administer much faster your online PrestaShop store. Simple and reliable, a Windows back-office module to radically improve the management of the e-business catalogs.Merlin Backoffice ® is the perfect merge of our best sellers PrestaShop modules : PrestaPricing for the bulk edit of products and CSV import, and PrestaCatégories for the fast creation and updates of categories.Bulk manage your store 10x to 1000x faster with our innovative store management solution. Discounts on features and options: Products management + Combinations generator: -10% Products...

    From 85,00 €
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    All new licenses, valid for life, include six months of free updates and upgrades. After this grace period, to keep up to date Merlin Backoffice ® and benefit from our free support, you must take or renew a subscription. Automatic discounts based on your license options: Products management + Combinations generator : -10% Products management + Categories management : -15% Products management + Categories + Generator : -20%2 years renewal, the second year get a -50% discount 

    From 40,00 €
    Livraison : 1 à 3 semaines
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items