About Sitolog - Franck Bugnet : addons and applications to accelerate PrestaShop

What do we do at Sitolog?

At Sitolog, we create PrestaShop management modules that save you time. Sitolog is a French company based in Côtes d'Arey in Isère. It develops PrestaShop catalog management modules but also micro-business accounting modules. Our services are centered on people. We offer effective and accessible solutions to support the development of your business with PrestaShop.

Embark with us to accelerate your PrestaShop e-commerce.

Sitolog's main mission: to save you time on the PrestaShop CMS. We propose you to change paradigm and to board a supersonic ship: your new PrestaShop backoffice. Expert in support management, services and technical training, Franck Bugnet, your co-pilot, will assist you if needed.

Who is the founder of Sitolog, Franck Bugnet?

Welcome on board Sitolog, I am Franck Bugnet and I founded the company Sitolog in 2010. As an engineer, I worked for Hewlett-Packard for 25 years. The notions of high quality service and human support are at the heart of my company values. These are the values I serve through my company and its PrestaShop addons: Merlin Backoffice Ⓡ Flex, Label Generator PRO and AutoPresta.

My engineering career

Trained at ENIB, engineering school in Brest, I continued my studies as a general engineer. I remained a senior manager for HP and was responsible for internal training services and support teams for 25 years. Support and training services are at the heart of my job. I also specialized in digital printing and color management in computer graphics and printing.

On the hobby side, my skills in astrophotography are recognized internationally, some personal achievements are still visible on this site : http://astrobug.free.fr/

Poster of the CYGNE NEBULEUSE - 45h of photographic pose in different wavelengths with a telescope of 300mm - Photographer : Franck Bugnet . Copyright from 2005.

From 2000 onwards, at Hewlett-Packard, management methods deteriorated. The quest for profit through relocation was incompatible with my convictions. The stress, the lack of time for oneself, the loss of meaning and the moral harassment finally led me to burn out and to resign in early 2010.

A new start from an e-commerce around photography

I then reinvented my professional activity. I was able to make a fresh start, refocus on my values and passions to create my new business. My motivation was not to get rich, but to use my hobbies as a starting point for a new activity that would be more enriching and in line with my conception of work. My ambition: to contribute positively to society. To rediscover the taste and the passion of my job, to find the meaning and the human values which I missed so much. To do this, putting ethics and human values at the center of my work proved to be essential.

My first store with PrestaShop 1.2: my new world of photo editing and module developer

In 2009 I met a new universe: the PrestaShop CMS. I used it for the first time in version 1.2 at the time. I developed with this open source CMS an online store of old photos restoration.

Site still available here :  http://www.myphotorescue.com/

An example of restoration of old photo that I was brought to realize daily. Services sold on a site built with PrestaShop 1.2

I am passionate about astrophoto and have a real expertise in image processing. To market these photos under this PrestaShop 1.2 version, I needed to create my own modules. Indeed, at that time nothing corresponds to my needs. In particular, my "products" have a very large number of variations. I wasted a lot of time managing them one by one, product by product. A challenge then presented itself to me: how to accelerate the management of my online store? So I developed and put on sale these modules on my photo site, in a separate category, just for the pleasure of sharing. These are in particular the various cloning modules that can still be found on the Sitolog website.

The success of my first software: Sitolog takes off!

At the end of 2010, my software meets their public and success comes simultaneously. There are few alternatives to my PrestaPricing module at the time, software marketed on the MyPhotoRescue website. It is then that my activity takes a new direction, the edition of PrestaShop modules. In 2011 I focus on programming and selling software, I strengthen my skills in PHP, Smarty, SQL, Flash, Ajax... Sitolog takes off! And more addons for PrestaShop follow.

What are the different PrestaShop modules created by Sitolog?

For each PrestaShop management problem there is a Sitolog solution. Always listening to your needs, I have often noted your "ah if we could do ..." .

And thanks to your remarks and my own needs the following addons were born:

Merlin Backoffice ® Flex ,  (merging the old PrestaPricing and PrestaCategory modules, then Merlin Backoffice Ⓡ). It now includes mass management of non-native fields or headings, added in PrestaShop (thanks to MagicEdit and MagicFormula tools)

AutoPresta , to manage your micro-business accounting (initially developed for my own company in auto entrepreneur, then commercialized)

Stickers generator PRO , to print the labels of your physical store

What are my values? How will we work together?

Humanity and exchanges are at the heart of my work.

With Sitolog, I have designed a human-sized, ethical company with personalized support and guidance, included in all the packages. I make a point of delivering this support myself, not only because I love direct contact with users, but also because it allows me to understand their difficulties and needs.

Listening to needs

Of course, I have kept my engineering approach and I listen carefully to the needs and problems of the users. Moreover, I have lived through the same process as you, I have experienced the same needs, the same lacks. Thus, I try to invent relevant answers thanks to computer science. This listening is at the heart of my innovation work.

I am also self-taught in computer programming. So, I keep in mind that the best computer tools are those designed for non computer scientists. When a service doesn't exist yet, I try to fill this gap. That's why I take care of the guidance and support myself.

The sense of service and support

Gifted with a strong empathy, I offer practical tools but above all services and support so that you develop your PrestaShop store comfortably. In a concrete way, we have constructive exchanges and I do not hesitate to take the hand on your computer to show you how to do. My modules are designed to be easy to use, but I make it a point to solve any blockages if there are any. You will never be stuck.   

What thrills me about my job is hearing the feedback about our tools: "this stuff is great" or "I wish I had known this earlier, I used to spend days doing it by hand". In this case, I feel -in all modesty- that I have accomplished my mission.

The training

I put to good use my many years of expertise as a consultant in pedagogy and expert in "distance learning technologies", then as a training manager at HP. The objective: to enable you to use Sitolog solutions independently thanks to the photo and video tutorials and the knowledge base. But with the assurance of always having the possibility to find help and answers to your questions whatever the package you subscribe to. For me, support is essential.

A remote control tool is integrated into our applications. Also, I can explain and show how to do it very easily.

You can find me and get in touch:

  • Through the online chat from this site
  • By phone every morning from 8:30am to 12pm and in the afternoon by appointment
  • On the blog and the forum
  • By writing me directly through the contact form
  • By following our networks: Youtube, twitter, facebook

See you soon at Sitolog!

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