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Personnal assistance

The support is free at Sitolog, on all our add-ons.
Please always check first if the answer to your question is provided in the knowledge base and watch the free video tutorial covering the same topic.

Open hours :

Monday to friday 8h30 - 12h. Afternoons are dedicated to appointments.

How to join us :

  • Using the tchat (bottom right corner in this site): appropriated to get an immediate and quick answer to a simple question, even when we are busy on the phone.
  • You can also use our forum, preferrably for generic questions, with no urgency.
  • Per email using the form contact (link above). We try to answer to all emails the same day.
  • By phone :
+33 (0)4 74 58 92 43

Trick : when using Merlin, simply click on one the "Sitolog QuickSupport" buttons, this is opening a light version of Teamviewer and will remind you what is our phone number. Call us and share the ID and password provided by Teamviewer. 
Teamviewer is a software allowing you to share your screen and mouse with us. So we can better understand your issue and show you how to solve it.
This is all free, so do not hesitate.

Installation ticket, personnal trainings, import coachings

If you need more, you can also buy a personnal support ticket. We have tickets for the addons installation and some for being coached to import your file from A to Z or to repair a corrupted database.
We do not deliver outsourcing services to managed your data or business.
Import coachings have two main objectives :

  • Grant the success of the import or database repair.
  • To teach you on how to re-do it by yourself.
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