Solution for a successful prestashop e-commerce site with bulk management and loading optimization

Our PrestaShop addon Merlin Backoffice ™ and a few other modules (indicated below with a *), solve the major issues of PrestaShop admin : slowness and lack of bulk edit tools. This is the perfect solution for ... :

Saving time, lot of time

  • Modify many items at once.
  • Work directly in tables.
  • Bulk edit numerical data (prices, quantities,...) with a calculator.
  • Bulk edit textual data with our amazing MagicEdit tool (ie. search replace).
  • Switch to another product in less than a second.
  • Duplicate items, duplicate piece of data between products,...
  • Continue your work during images mass uploads.
  • What takes days with PrestaShop takes minutes with Sitolog.
"Stop wasting your time"
"The best ever store manager"

Managing efficiently the catalog

  • Create new products 100x faster.
  • Catalog maintenance is your pleasure.
  • Create a categories structure or re-organized it in a few clics.
  • Create or update thousands of combinations in a few seconds.
  • Create, link, modify features on many products at once.
  • Let the program find the right images of each product in a folder.

Faster data importing

  • Import any supplier file format.
  • No file size limit.
  • Speed record : 0,04sec per line on a dedicated server.
  • Synchronize PrestaShop database with dropshipping listings.
  • Inactivate or hide automatically obsoleted products.
  • Import your files during the night with our tasks scheduler.
  • Migrate the catalog from one PrestaShop version to another.
  • Filter the lines and select the columns to import only required data.
"No more time out and import crashes"
"Select, export, boum, done"

Exporting whatever you want, in whatever format you need

  • Free selection of categories, products, combinations to export...
  • Free choice of formats : PDF, CSV, XLS, XML...
  • One market place = one re-usable export setting.
  • Export also orders and customers data *.
  • Produce files immedialty ready to be re-impoted into another PrestaShop version .

Managing images

  • Automatic selection of images matching a selection of products.
  • No more waiting time during images transfer.
  • In one drag and drop action, replace one updated photo into a bulk of products.
  • Fill in automatically legends of images (alt tag) with any set of parameters or free text.
  • Generate product images, but also categories' logos and thumbnails .
  • Save space disc, automatic cleaning of orphan images .
  • Keep a clean site with our images duplicates protection.
"Let Merlin do the work..."
"Shoot, connect and sale !"


  • Amazing saving time : create products automatically from a bulk of images.
  • Just one drag and drop of your files and you are done.
  • Products' name are generated from the file names of self constructed.
  • Automatic fill in of legends (alt tags).
  • Perfect for selling prints of weddings or sport events.

A super easy stocks management

  • Very fast stock quantities updates.
  • Eases inventories management.
  • Check the stock cover per product (number of days before being out of stock).
  • Manage multiple warehouses.
  • Visual alert (color) of out of stock products and combinations.
  • Bulk changes of stocks.
  • Display and export sales volumes.
  • Advanced stock management support
  • Incremental stocks updates by importing xls/CSV files.
"Never again have to refuse a selling"
"Reach the top of the top !"

Filling the meta fields easily and reaching your SEO targets

  • Bulk edit on all meta fields.
  • Save time by globally copying meta field values into another field (ie: names into meta titles).
  • Self generation of rewritten URLs and images alternative texts (alt tags).
  • Mass change of inactivated products 404, 301, 302 redirects.
  • Edit multiple languages at once to save even more management time.

Managing multiple shops

  • Finally an easy way to manage any number of shops.
  • Apply changes to only one shops, a group of shops or a selection of shops, even from differents groups.
  • Avoid repetitive tasks with cross shops bulk edit.
  • One file, multiple shops: one single import makes the job.
  • Copy or share categories between shops.
  • Transfer products between shops with one single clic.
"One or many shops does not make it more complex"
"Looking for new opportunities ? try the dropshipping"

Low cost dropshipping

  • Import any number of different dropshippers files without incremental costs.
  • Fully automatic flow, from files download, import process, images upload.
  • Perfect for very frequent stocks and prices updates.
  • While changing or importing wholesale prices, get your selling prices adjusted automatically.
  • Automatic management of sales margins.
  • Super easy: one dropshipper = one re-usable files import setting.
  • Self managed of products no longer included into the supplier catalog.

Selling on market places

  • Export the entire or a part of the catalog with a few clicks.
  • Fast: one reusable setting per market place.
  • Unlimited customization : columns choice, columns titles and order choice, easy to set filters on categories and products to include or exclude.
  • Save money, no charge whatever the number of market places you export for.
  • Generate series of bar codes, fully compliante with the EAN13 or UPC guidelines.
  • Assign automatically incremental references to products and variants.
"Be visible and sell everywhere."
"Dynamic pricing is a key success factor"

Intelligent pricing management

  • Easy bulk update of prices, by file import, copy past, mass computing (ie +5%)
  • Self management of sales margins (set margins, keep margins...).
  • Get notified of product making you loose money (color highlight of negative sales margins).
  • Quick setting of products taxes rules groups.
  • Establishing psychological prices has never been so easy and fast.
  • Bulk rounding of public and discounted prices.
  • Set up discounted prices on a whole shop in a few minutes.
  • Management and import of lists of quantity based prices.
  • Create and print nice price labels, in any format and style.

Repairing and cleaning PrestaShop database

  • Save a site by repairing the categories tree structure.
  • Recover lost (orphan) products and categories.
  • Avoid random PrestaShop crashes by correcting tables content.
  • Self fill in of missing data (ie: missing translations in names and rewritten urls).
  • Speed up PrestaShop by cleaning useless old and incorrect data.
"Sitolog, the PrestaShop doctor"
"Create your own opportunities for success"

Sell more

  • Increase the average carts size by bulk managing accessories.
  • Produce and print prices stickers for your physical shop, with bar code, photos, barred prices....
  • Super easy promotions and specific prices management.
  • Travel in time and be proactive: visualize prices, discounts, sales margins, at any date in futur.
  • Analyse the sales volume of all products, anticipate and avoid out of stock situations.

Localize your site and sell worldwide

  • Cross languages bulk edit.
  • Mass search and replace directly in the database.
  • Indicate the target language of each imported file, globally or line per line.
"Expand your horizon"
"Improve buyers experience"

A better front office *

  • Add unlimited number of tabs in products pages, with all types of custom content
  • Increase sales by better presenting products' accessories

Manage orders and customers even while travelling *

  • Monitor all your sales activity with a mobile or tablet.
  • Be notified in real time of new orders, wherever you are.
  • Bulk change orders status.
  • Visualize your daily, montly, yearly turnover. Compare with other periods.
  • See and managed lost carts.
  • See and reply to customers messages.
  • Freely edit and email invoices and bill credits.
  • Manage shipments on the go.
  • Easily create and share new coupons.
  • Refund Paypal payment with one click.
  • Manage virtual products download rights.
"Stay in touch with you business to better drive it"

Customer management*

  • Export customers data, filtered on their past purchases.
  • Better target your marketing communication.
  • Bulk add customers to customers groups.
  • Mass edit customers group discounts per products categories.
  • Bulk associate customers groups to categories.
  • Stay in touch with your customers with your mobile application.
"Know your customers better than your product"

Make the experience of Merlin Backoffice ™ at no risk during two weeks (satisfied or refund)

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