How to turn off the automatic display of the control panel?

Published : 11/20/2016 16:28:14
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How to turn off the automatic display of the control panel?

Welcome in this new category of Sitolog blog.

Every wednesday we will present to you new tip, to make you even more productive when using Sitolog PrestaShop modules.

This first tip will cover one of the most demanded question during our individual training.

Modules : PrestaPricing et PrestaCategories

Level : beginner

Why is the left panel appearing and disappearing automatically?

Did you notice this left orange bar ?

mouse over area

This area detects the cursor when you place the mouse over it. When the control panel is hidden, moving the mouse over this orange area makes it visible, like this :

Display tab

The orange bar is moved on the right. It is still active, moving the cursor over it will automatically hide again the panel

Turning off this automatic behavior

1.Re-open the control panel (see above how to do it :-) )

2.Open the display tab:

Left panel

3.Uncheck the "On over" option

Turning off the automatic display of the control panel

From now on, the control panel will be hidden, shown only when clicking on the orange bar.

Next week, we'll show you how lock, how to embedded the control panel into the main window and how to detach it (for instance to place it into a secondary screen).

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