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Friends of Presta (FOP) safety unit

Friends of Presta is a 1901 association, of which I am a member, whose ambition is to help developers and merchants on all subjects concerning PrestaShop.

The "Friends" are active in many fields, and one of them is the fight against hacking. Several cybersecurity experts have set up a security cell within FOP. For more than a year, this unit has been publishing a security alert (CVE) twice a week, according to a very strict protocol (not revealing the flaw, communicating only when a corrective solution is known, agreement of the developer etc...).

Thanks to this approach, dozens and dozens of modules with severe security flaws have already been identified and corrected, and hundreds of sites have been secured.

There remains, however, a fair amount of work for site managers, to keep abreast of CVEs, to check whether or not the site is affected, and if so, to implement the patch (which often involves updating the module).

A free site analysis module

Wilson Alba de Rolige has created an open source module (AFL) to scan PrestaShop 1.7 and 8 (not yet tested on PS 1.6) for any vulnerabilities published by the FoP security unit.

This totally free module is available on GitHub :

Sitolog strongly encourages you to install this module to quickly perform a security audit of your site. If the scan identifies the presence of a security vulnerability on your site, follow the relevant CVE to the letter.


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