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Merlin Backoffice ® is modulating its offer. You can now subscribe for more flexible services. Merlin Backoffice ® evolves to Merlin Backoffice ® Flex! But what does this offer bring you more?

Merlin Backoffice ® Flex: What's new with this offer of our Prestashop management software?

Find all the information about the subscription, the rates and the evolutions.

Novelty n°1: the subscription

We are proposing that you take out a flexible subscription offer soon. Merlin Backoffice ® offered you until now a lifetime license with paid updates. 

This subscription offer that we are launching is a monthly or annual offer. More flexible, it can be stopped and resumed according to your needs. You manage for example the periods of sales or even your punctual promotional offers and all the management of your PrestaShop store efficiently.

What if you need our management services all year long on your PrestaShop e-commerce?
The yearly offer allows you to benefit from advantageous discounts compared to a monthly subscription.

Novelty n°2 : the support

This new offer allows support to focus on a single version for updates. Our support department will strive to be even more responsive to your needs.

Novelty n°3 : the rates

We are making our services and therefore our rates even more accessible with the arrival of this new flexible subscription offer.

So even smaller stores can afford this service. You control the duration of your subscription (monthly or yearly) and therefore your costs. Concretely, you can activate our service before the periods of sales for example so that your e-commerce is operational during these peaks of activity. 

Our pricing will include 3 levels: an Essential plan, a Pro plan and a Premium plan.

News n°4: 15-day free trial period

Choose our option with annual pre-payment to get an additional 15 days totally free. If you are convinced by the solution you don't have to do anything, you will only be charged the 12-month subscription amount at the end of this test period.

And if not you just have to go to your account to cancel the subscription.

Moreover, once the subscription has started you continue to benefit as before from our "satisfied or refunded" guarantee of 15 additional days.

Novelty n°5: technology

The interface and ergonomics are improving, but without breaking your habits. On the other hand, the technology we use is in total rupture with the previous one. What are the real technological developments that make the difference?

  • You will be able to work even more efficiently. In your use, Merlin Backoffice ® Flex will be a real revolution: all the mass management tools you know, MagicEdit, MagicFormula or import ... will be usable on data not native to PrestaShop (custom fields). It can be a simple HTML field that you have added in the product page or a collection of tables and fields created by a third party module. This will allow you to do mass management on any type of data needed to customize your store, with a user interface that is accessible to everyone, which no other tool can do at the moment.
    It is also the guarantee to make great savings. This feature will be able to complement many expensive PrestaShop modules and will allow you to do yourself, without any particular knowledge, operations that today require an expert to program complex MySQL queries. As the number of use cases is infinite, we are preparing a nice collection of tutorials for you to appreciate all the advantages of our tool. 
  • The second real breakthrough is the use of Windev version 28. It supports the HTTP2 protocol to offer an incomparable user experience and speed of execution.

    Other new features of Windev 28 will be implemented in Merlin Backoffice ® Flex, such as detachable tabs.

  • Is also now supporting Prestashop 8.x, PHP8 and latest versions of MySQL.

Comparison of Merlin Backoffice ® Standard and Flex offers

Comparison of offers Merlin Backoffice ® module


Merlin Backoffice ® standard

Merlin Backoffice ® Flex


lifetime license 

monthly or yearly



included in the subscription

PrestaShop Compatibility

up to 1.7.8.x

Up to PrestaShop 8 and more

Validity of the license

à vie

subscription lifetime


included until end of subscription 

included in the subscription

Free version


15 days free trial included with the annual subscription

Bulk edit of custom fields 



FAQ your most frequent questions about Merlin Backoffice ® Flex

If you have questions about the evolution of our offers, you have come to the right place!

No, to thank all the subscribers of the first version for their loyalty, we are pleased to offer you the new Merlin Backoffice ® Flex service until the end of your initial subscription.

I'm coming to the end of my classic subscription, what happens if I don't subscribe to the new offer?

2 possibilities are offered to you:

  • upgrade at any time and subscribe to Merlin Backoffice ® Flex and its updates.

  • continue to use the latest standard Merlin Backoffice ® version free of charge with no deadline. But you will have to do without our free support.

No, the entry price is even more accessible. The new price list includes many price reductions. The options are also concerned by these attractive prices, grouped in packages called "plans". The idea is to allow many PrestaShop e-traders to benefit from our services.

The types of subscription we offer are monthly and annual. You can manage your subscriptions with complete flexibility.

With the annual subscription you pre-pay for our services for 12 months and get a very nice discount at the same time plus a free trial period.

The monthly subscription is flexible, economical and without commitment. It is perfectly adapted to those who use our services punctually for the periods of sales for example. You carry out an important economy compared to the current tariff. Another advantage is that you always have an up-to-date version.

FAQ All the questions you have about the continuation of the standard version.
Here we answer all your questions about the standard Merlin Backoffice ® suite.

Of course, a transition period is planned to go from the standard version to the Flex version.

Yes, of course the current licenses are all valid for life and will remain so without charge. Only upgrades are charged.

If necessary, updates to the standard version will continue for about 1 year. During this period, we will continue to provide updates for critical bugs found. However, these updates will not include the new features.

Lifetime licenses will not be ported to future versions of PrestaShop beyond 1.7.8.x.

This will be possible until the start date of the marketing of Flex licenses. At that time, we will stop marketing the standard update subscription. Any standard updates will only be available to users who have already subscribed. These updates will be available until the end date of the subscription.

Yes, but only until the end of your standard subscription. Indeed, the free support and the use of the last available update are linked to the subscription.

Some very useful improvements for you:

the new inventory tool and column configurator, they are now much faster to save you even more time.

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